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The Media Cheer Obama's Speech

So many of us have discussed how the mainstream media are supporting and effectively campaigning for Obama while on air. Well, now we have more on the Obamamedia. From The Hill:

Several members of the media were seen cheering and clapping for Barack Obama as the Illinois senator accepted the Democratic nomination Thursday.

Standing on the periphery of the football field serving as the Democratic convention floor, dozens of men and women wearing green media floor passes chanted along with the crowd...

Several others nearby screamed "woo" during some of Obama's biggest applause lines.

I want names.

Hat tip: Sean Hackbarth and RedState.


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Just bring in the usual sus... (Below threshold)

Just bring in the usual suspects, anyone from the MSM and dead tree publishing will most like have been cheering, there or not.

In America, there are 2 kin... (Below threshold)

In America, there are 2 kinds of people: The kind who knows the drive-bys are in the tank for the DNC, and the kind what thinks "BUSH LIED - PEOPLE DIED!". Just look at their rating/stock value. Their influence is borne of inertia, and so it will die.

If anyone's familiar with w... (Below threshold)

If anyone's familiar with what I usually write about (the name of my blog is a dead giveaway), this may sound surprising...but I don't really have a problem with media people cheering for a candidate they like while he's speaking and while they're not actively on camera or doing their job.

If they could actually keep their opinions out of their work, then I don't see how we can have a problem with that. They're not robots.

That said...it is abundantly clear that they can't keep it out of their work. Still, they should be criticized for not keeping their political leanings out of their work, not for having them privately.






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