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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del.,points into the crowd as his running mate, Democratic presidential nominee, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., waves after Obama's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Thursday, Aug. 28, 2008. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

Winners will for this week and last week will be announced Monday morning.

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (182)

The circus ringmaster and t... (Below threshold)
retired military:

The circus ringmaster and the clown

Look buckwheat there's span... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Look buckwheat there's spanky!!!

bah messed up last one.... (Below threshold)
retired military:

bah messed up last one.

(pointing at Hillary) "Look Buckwheat, there's spanky!!!"

In best thunderdome voice <... (Below threshold)
retired military:

In best thunderdome voice

"Two men enter, one man leaves "

SOLD! To the people with th... (Below threshold)

SOLD! To the people with the little pointy heads.

The chimp and the chump... (Below threshold)
retired military:

The chimp and the chump

Senator Biden points out "B... (Below threshold)

Senator Biden points out "Bob Barr mustaches" to Senator Obama in a game of See What I See as they kill some time before the coronation.

Look! Look! I told you he w... (Below threshold)

Look! Look! I told you he was clean!

TV preacher voiceA... (Below threshold)
retired military:

TV preacher voice

And the Obamamessiah raised his hand and lo the dead were raised (given voter cards and bussed to the polls).

Come on Gore, pull my finge... (Below threshold)

Come on Gore, pull my finger. ww

And just in case someone mi... (Below threshold)
retired military:

And just in case someone misunderstands posting number 6 and wants to scream race The chimp is Biden and the chump is Obama.

Holy crap Barack look at th... (Below threshold)

Holy crap Barack look at the size of this booger I just picked...I mean...look at this thing it is huge...Ok your turn....just try and top that

Carnie voice"Step ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Carnie voice

"Step right up ladies and gentleman see the walking empty suit. That's right, no substance here at all. Pay your $10000 and you will see and hear the empty suit preach empty sermons on global warming, poverty and taxes. Pay and additional $5000 and you can let him use his gold tire guage to check the air in your tires. Bring the kiddies. Step right up. Show starts in just a few minutes. "

"Wasn't your chump on the o... (Below threshold)

"Wasn't your chump on the other side Joe?
"Chump? What Chump."

They see us rollin'...they ... (Below threshold)

They see us rollin'...they hatin'...

The Dark One's familiar, Jo... (Below threshold)

The Dark One's familiar, Jobiden, prepares to defend its master.

Senator Biden bets an audie... (Below threshold)

Senator Biden bets an audience member at the DNC that Barack Obama can in deed win the presidency without a clear platform.

Oh, THERE'S the tele... (Below threshold)

Oh, THERE'S the teleprompter. Thanks, Eagle Eye Joe! I knew I picked you for a reason.

Joe: (Speaking)Barry... (Below threshold)

Joe: (Speaking)
Barry, you got nothing to worry about.
It's all a circus, kid. A three ring circus.
These polls- the wholeworld- all show business.
But kid, you're working with a star, the biggest!

Joe: (Singing)

Give 'em the old razzle dazzle
Razzle Dazzle 'em
Give 'em an act with lots of flash in it
And the reaction will be passionate
Give 'em the old hocus pocus
Bead and feather 'em
How can they see with sequins in their eyes?

What if your hinges all are rusting?
What if, in fact, you're just disgusting?

Razzle dazzle 'em
And they'll never catch wise!

(Billy Flynn -- Chicago)

I saw where that spitwad ca... (Below threshold)

I saw where that spitwad came from Hillary.

That is the only valid poin... (Below threshold)

That is the only valid point made throughout the entire convention.

In a rare display of unity,... (Below threshold)

In a rare display of unity, the Obama/Biden campaign shows the convention crowd the moves that will hopefully get them on the 2009 version of "Dancing With The Stars".

I'm tellin you McCain--This... (Below threshold)

I'm tellin you McCain--This is "my boy" and Nobody calls my "clean articulate" boy anything but the Messiah! You hear me?!

I tell we got trouble, rig... (Below threshold)

I tell we got trouble, right here in River City, with a capital T that rhymes with P and stands for pool....

Quick, come with me. I know... (Below threshold)

Quick, come with me. I know where we can steal a good speech!

Obama can't wait to show Mi... (Below threshold)

Obama can't wait to show Michelle what he got her. She's wanted a middle-aged, white guy pet since forever.

And, Obama did not have sex... (Below threshold)

And, Obama did not have sex with those terrorists...!

The bloviating leading the ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

The bloviating leading the bland...

So much for Biden bringing ... (Below threshold)

So much for Biden bringing some gravitas to the ticket.

Who's got two hands clappin... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Who's got two hands clapping and will vote for Obama? That guy!

"Niagara Falls! Slowly I tu... (Below threshold)
rodney dill:

"Niagara Falls! Slowly I turned...."

The Liberal Horror Picture ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

The Liberal Horror Picture Show - starring Joe Biden as Riff Raff and Barrack Obama as Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

You can't go to the UN any ... (Below threshold)

You can't go to the UN any more unless you have a slight Muslim accent. And you're, you know, clean.

(Jack Bennie voice)<p... (Below threshold)
retired military:

(Jack Bennie voice)

"Rochester, just look at Hillary over there. That's the shade of green I want in my office."

Biden to Hillary"M... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Biden to Hillary

"Mommy mommy look what I found out in the street, can I keep him huh huh huh, can I keep him? PLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSEEEEEE?"

"Where are the clowns? The... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"Where are the clowns? There ought to be clowns. Never mind, they're here"

"COME ON DOWN!!! and the ne... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"COME ON DOWN!!! and the next contestant on the price is right is .."

"They chose this collusseum... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"They chose this collusseum look for a reason, See over there is where the lions come out."

Not cheering loudly enough ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Not cheering loudly enough - racist, wearing a Hillary! button - racist, yawned during my speech - racist; gee Barrack, I guess racism is the only reason you might lose in November...

Obama's beginning to think ... (Below threshold)

Obama's beginning to think he may need to find another bus to throw this guy under.

I'm telling you - it take a... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I'm telling you - it take a clean, articulate black man to pass the Biden anal exam.

Since its OK to call W a ch... (Below threshold)

Since its OK to call W a chimp, why isnt it OK to call B Hussein a coon.

Black, white, sneaky and always looking to take others stuff! I say that describes him pretty damned well.

"Now Obama-wan's failure is... (Below threshold)

"Now Obama-wan's failure is complete!"

Marty McObamaFly: "Where ar... (Below threshold)

Marty McObamaFly: "Where are we going, Doc?"
Doc BidenBrown: "Back to the future!"

"Stand back Barack, I'll pr... (Below threshold)

"Stand back Barack, I'll protect you with my magic gravitas gun."

Obama's so clean I didn't e... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Obama's so clean I didn't even use a glove.

Guess who snuck the snuke u... (Below threshold)

Guess who snuck the snuke up her snizz?

Look buckwheat the... (Below threshold)
Look buckwheat there's spanky!!!
The Dark One's familiar, Jobiden, prepares to defend its master.

This is why republicans are becoming known as the Racist Right.

Dave, take a look at the ty... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Dave, take a look at the typical leftist commenter on Malkin's site. Then we'll talk. The difference is, they are not joking around.

"..And with that, The Ones'... (Below threshold)

"..And with that, The Ones' loyal hound, 'Bidey', marked another greedy corporate stooge to be processed in the new 'Tax Fairness Camp...', er, 'Reeducation Retreat'..."

How much am I offered for t... (Below threshold)

How much am I offered for this fine house negro? He's clean, articulate and can read! As fine a mandingo as this party has ever offered!
notiz=You're way out of line

"Wait, wait Joe! Well get S... (Below threshold)

"Wait, wait Joe! Well get Stanley Kurtz after the election."

That one! The sultry bitch ... (Below threshold)

That one! The sultry bitch with the fire in her eyes!

Jeff, whats the URL to Malk... (Below threshold)

Jeff, whats the URL to Malkins site? By the way racism, takes many forms. Humor is one. People who make racist jokes are racist. If you don't want your party to be known as the Racist Right you need to speak out against it.
notiz=Stay on topic

"I Bought A Ford From Floyd... (Below threshold)

"I Bought A Ford From Floyd Little And You Can Too!"

Obama shows off his new lap... (Below threshold)

Obama shows off his new lapdog who's a good pointer as well. This dawg can hunt!

How much am I offe... (Below threshold)
How much am I offered for this fine house negro? He's clean, articulate and can read! As fine a mandingo as this party has ever offered!

Another comment from the Racist Right.

♫ We shall get a clue... (Below threshold)

♫ We shall get a clue ♪
Some da-a-a-a-ay! ♫

"I'll get you taxpayer! ... (Below threshold)

"I'll get you taxpayer! And your little bank account too!!!"

"Look over there! It's an u... (Below threshold)

"Look over there! It's an unbeliever! Kill the unbeliever!"

(in best wicked witch vo... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

(in best wicked witch voice)

"I'll get you ... and I already have your little dog!"

"JOE WAIT! I can't see the ... (Below threshold)

"JOE WAIT! I can't see the telepromp...uh, um, uuuuuh..." (starts to drool)

The Senator from IL told hi... (Below threshold)

The Senator from IL told his hunting dog, "Down boy, DOWN!" as he eagerly started pointing at voters.

Together again for the firs... (Below threshold)

Together again for the first time, "Ashen and Scamson"

Pull my finger and watch hi... (Below threshold)

Pull my finger and watch him squeal.

"GUN!! Oh, daa-uummn Ayers... (Below threshold)

"GUN!! Oh, daa-uummn Ayers, you really punked me that time!"

Dave - Are you missing the ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Dave - Are you missing the irony of your judgment? Obama is the "first clean, articulate black man"? As though that is atypical of other black men and some crowning achievement. And this from one of your primary leaders. Sheesh.

Look Jill, he's MARRIED!! ... (Below threshold)

Look Jill, he's MARRIED!! Now get over that kiss already...

♫ 'Ba-lo-ney', and 'L... (Below threshold)

♫ 'Ba-lo-ney', and 'Low Profile'
They're together with frozen - plastic smiles!
Side by side between pill-ars, made-of, stuff-as

(appologies to Stevie and Paul)

"You've come with faith to ... (Below threshold)

"You've come with faith to the Obamessaiah, and you are a-HEE-UUUU-LLLLLLLL-DUH!!!!"

He's clean and I've got a g... (Below threshold)

He's clean and I've got a great smile, but I can get angry...and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry!

"YEAH-YEAH, SS AGENTS! That... (Below threshold)

"YEAH-YEAH, SS AGENTS! That's the one that wasn't clapping. No, no, the one with the flag pin, GET HER!"

Dumb and dumber.... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Dumb and dumber.

Look! A Republican! Tax h... (Below threshold)

Look! A Republican! Tax him! TAX HIM!!!

That's RIght!!A Bo... (Below threshold)

That's RIght!!

A Boy's Band!!

That's what we need right here!

Yes, we got Trouble, with a capital H little i double ll and that stands for...

You! Yes you! Get up here a... (Below threshold)

You! Yes you! Get up here and kiss the Obama's ring!

I avoided any Blazing Saddl... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

I avoided any Blazing Saddles references because I knew some simpering bed-wetter like Dave would get his panties in a wad about "racism"...

But since the cat's out of the bag -

Gabby: The frontrunner is a n[sound of church bell ringing]!

Harriett Van Johnson: What did he say?

Dr. Sam Johnson: He said the frontrunner is near.

Gabby Johnson: No, you gawddang mufflebuffle. The frontrunner is a n[sound of church bell ringing]!

"You folks sure have rhythm... (Below threshold)

"You folks sure have rhythm! Looky here son,check out my Elvis: 'HEYYYY!' Not bad, huh?"

Yes I've got change for a d... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Yes I've got change for a dollar.

"..And I'm smarter than ... (Below threshold)

"..And I'm smarter than YOU! And I've got more credits than YOU! And I graduated higher in my class than YOU!..."

You want real change, well ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

You want real change, well this guy has some in this pocket.

"Hey 'Plugs', you're scarin... (Below threshold)

"Hey 'Plugs', you're scarin' my kids man! Sit down!"

"Yeah, he said 'Air rading'... (Below threshold)

"Yeah, he said 'Air rading'! Now shut up before we 'air raid' you!"

Dave:Here is your ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:


Here is your Malkin link. Enjoy. Not to mention the death threats she routinely get from the "tolerant ones."

"NO-NO-NO! Not,'God bless t... (Below threshold)

"NO-NO-NO! Not,'God bless the taxpayer', 'Bend the taxpayer over and plunder his booty'!"

Obama: Chill out Joe... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Obama: Chill out Joe, she was just joking about running in 2012. I know you care, but you just don't get it.

Of course, the remake of Bl... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Of course, the remake of Blazing Saddles will be cast thusly:

Sheriff Bart - Barrack Obama
Waco Kid - Joe Biden
Gov. LePetomaine - GW Bush
Hedley Lamar - Dick Cheney
Taggart - Karl Rove
Lili Von Schtupp - Scarlett Johanson
Mongo - MSNBC

Sheriff Barrack saves America from the evil Cheney oerating under the witless Bush while teaching the bitter, racist, clinging-to-guns-and-religion proles a lesson in tolerance (including the Irish), hope, and change.

Joe Biden takes his role of... (Below threshold)

Joe Biden takes his role of enhancing Obama's manhood very seriously.

"Jeremiah was right,... (Below threshold)

"Jeremiah was right, Bill's 'ridin' dirty' right there in the third row!"

Please support, "Typical Wh... (Below threshold)

Please support, "Typical White People for Barry"

"Face it my white brothers ... (Below threshold)

"Face it my white brothers and sisters, we don't know what it's like to be a 'nigra, raised in a land run by me', er, um, 'rich white people'.

"Master Frodobama, sir, now... (Below threshold)

"Master Frodobama, sir, now begins our journey to destroy the evil John McSauron!"

"Lead on, Unwise Hamfist."

"Hey, 'Hair in a Can'! Don'... (Below threshold)

"Hey, 'Hair in a Can'! Don't you ever forget, your place is behind 'The One'.

AP - Dramatic tongues inter... (Below threshold)

AP - Dramatic tongues interpretation leads to several "infiltrators'" removal at Dem convention

This is for you, Chris and ... (Below threshold)

This is for you, Chris and Keith!

DNC: Stuck between Barack a... (Below threshold)

DNC: Stuck between Barack and a hard case...

Woke up, got outta bed, dra... (Below threshold)

Woke up, got outta bed, dragged a comb across my ... oh, wait.

"HA! Who's laughin' now!? N... (Below threshold)

"HA! Who's laughin' now!? Not you stupid Indians workin' at Winchells,HUH!? Am I right, am I right? And I mean that..."

Something messianic this wa... (Below threshold)

Something messianic this way comes.

"...And for my next trick, ... (Below threshold)

"...And for my next trick, I will erase the marxism...erase the marxism...ERASING THE MARXISM HERE!...Hey Barry, could ya help a Senator out?..."

Just touching the garment h... (Below threshold)

Just touching the garment healed me....You just need to believe.

Oh Blazing Saddles, ... (Below threshold)
Larry Summers:

Oh Blazing Saddles, where are you Mel Brooks:

"I thought you were hung." "I am." "ACK, you really are!"

"I am not a racist! ... (Below threshold)

"I am not a racist! Of course, everyone has their place like, Barrys' is in the WH; your average east Indians' is in the Winchells.."

"LOOK! An ABC reporter with... (Below threshold)

"LOOK! An ABC reporter with a camera! Let's cuff him!"

Obama: There's McCain, sic ... (Below threshold)
kbiel Author Profile Page:

Obama: There's McCain, sic 'em boy, sic 'em. Good dog!

Palin, I'm coming for you!<... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Palin, I'm coming for you!

When the democrats went dee... (Below threshold)

When the democrats went deep into their bench to find a seasoned veteran, an expert on foreign policy, and adult supervision for the neophyte Obama, all they could come up with was BIDEN.

The mind reels.

Ladies and Gents, The Heart... (Below threshold)

Ladies and Gents, The Heartbeats!
(one's a heartbeat from the presidency, the other's an HB from a cogent thought)
Well,not really.

"I'm VP for the Chosen One.... (Below threshold)

"I'm VP for the Chosen One...and YOU'RE NOT!"

"Exc...excu...EXCUSE ME ... (Below threshold)

"Exc...excu...EXCUSE ME Joe, I've yet to finish my waffle! Do you mind?!"

"I just wish I hadn't drunk... (Below threshold)

"I just wish I hadn't drunk all that cough syrup this morning."

In the blue blazer... yes y... (Below threshold)

In the blue blazer... yes you. You're next on the handroll express.

5) "While I am in the world... (Below threshold)

5) "While I am in the world, I am the Light of the world."

6) Having said this, He spit on the ground, made some mud with the saliva, and put it on the man's eyes.

Then the man's eyes were opened, and the man said, "Holy crap, you people are nothing but a bunch of pathetic losers. What in the world am I doing here?"

Pinko and the Brain, Pinko ... (Below threshold)

Pinko and the Brain, Pinko and the Brain...one is a genius and the other's insane.

Why is Obama trying to get ... (Below threshold)

Why is Obama trying to get Joe to put his hand on his crotch? Doesn't look like Joe is enjoying this side of Barack!

This is the man who'll be P... (Below threshold)

This is the man who'll be President if Obama dies in office? Good thing Obama will rise again in three days

Biden: Let me at 'em! I'l... (Below threshold)
John Schan:

Biden: Let me at 'em! I'll get you, you Rebublican son-of-a-bitch! Yeah you!

Obama: Whoa! Hold on now, Joe. We don't want to give anyone else rabies, OK.

"Palin? Did you say ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

"Palin? Did you say PALIN????"

"Look, Kemosabe! Indian tr... (Below threshold)

"Look, Kemosabe! Indian tracks lead from Casino straight to Dunkin' Donuts! Put on black mask & we whuppem!"

Duck and Cover... (Below threshold)
Lindy R. Dole:

Duck and Cover

Did you pick your toes in P... (Below threshold)

Did you pick your toes in Poughkeepsie?!

See?! I told you old, white... (Below threshold)

See?! I told you old, white, male Washington insiders were going to have their day, and I WAS RIGHT!

Don't give me that! My hand... (Below threshold)

Don't give me that! My hand is down there for a very good reason! I have a wide stance, that's all...

I'll get you, my pretty! ..... (Below threshold)

I'll get you, my pretty! ... OH, I'm melting! MELTING!!!

Never mind "the plane," Tat... (Below threshold)

Never mind "the plane," Tatoo. Just explain why you let me fall asleep in the tanning salon.

Third Base!... (Below threshold)

Third Base!

"Joe, maybe you misunderst... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"Joe, maybe you misunderstood me. A reach around means that you are behind me and.."

You're not going und... (Below threshold)

You're not going under the bus, Joe!

I won't let go!

I won't let the nutroots get you!


Now I'm gonna show you just... (Below threshold)

Now I'm gonna show you just WHY "you'll never go back!"

It's a BIRD! It's a PLANE!... (Below threshold)
retired military:

It's a BIRD! It's a PLANE!! It's the Obamamessiah. "Yes, it's the Obamamessiah, strange visitor from another country who came to America with powers and abilities far beyond those of the Clintons. Obamamessiah, who can change the course of the mighty dollar, bend liberals in his bare hands; and who, disguised as Barrack Obama, mild-mannered father of two for a great African American family, fights a never ending battle for socailism, wealth transfer, and the Socialist way.

Biden: Okay, which one of y... (Below threshold)
Son of a Pig and a Monkey:

Biden: Okay, which one of you hating racists said he's not clean and articulate?

"Relax Joe, they said it's ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"Relax Joe, they said it's Palin not it's the police"

"Always are there two"... (Below threshold)

"Always are there two"

But which is the master and which the apprentice?

The arrogant leading the ar... (Below threshold)

The arrogant leading the arrogant

"Hey look! It's RULA LENSKA... (Below threshold)

"Hey look! It's RULA LENSKA!"

(my apologies to Tolkien)</... (Below threshold)
retired military:

(my apologies to Tolkien)

Three Rings for the Greenpeacers under the sky,
Seven for the race baiters in their halls of hate,
Nine for the Abortion kings doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Chicago where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

Biden demonstrates his expe... (Below threshold)

Biden demonstrates his expert knowledge of where all the emergency exits are in the auditorium.

"But I can claim a B... (Below threshold)

"But I can claim a Bill Clinton, and say I never inhaled!"

"For the people all said si... (Below threshold)

"For the people all said sit down, sit down you're rockin' the boat!"

Come see "The Amazing Barry... (Below threshold)

Come see "The Amazing Barry" and his trained honky, "Jo-Jo Bites"!

"..And then I slew the 'Abo... (Below threshold)

"..And then I slew the 'Abominable Clarence', thusly, earning a spot on the ticket. Albeit, 17 years later."

"SECURITY! The black guy to... (Below threshold)

"SECURITY! The black guy took my watch! What? You're who?"

"Look everyone! It's Car... (Below threshold)

"Look everyone! It's Carl Cameron, let's eat his brains!!!"

Hey isn't that the Philapin... (Below threshold)
Vegas Vic:

Hey isn't that the Philapina firecracker, Michelle Malkin? I thought we dispatched your
keister kisser, Alex Jones to take care of that little problem?

Again my apologies to Tolki... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Again my apologies to Tolkien

Wormtongue meets the Dark Lord

Munchkin speaking to the st... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Munchkin speaking to the strawman

"Follow the yellow brick road"

Oh SNAP B.O.! Even Palin ha... (Below threshold)

Oh SNAP B.O.! Even Palin has more experience than you!

Biden tries the "Sarah Conn... (Below threshold)

Biden tries the "Sarah Connor" line on Sarah Palin

Senator Biden shows off Sen... (Below threshold)

Senator Biden shows off Senator Obama's strong pimp hand and points to the Hildebeast it had most recently struck down.

"Hey, Barack, you look like... (Below threshold)

"Hey, Barack, you look like a Sammy Davis fan. Let me plagiarize one of his greatest moves for you".

$25.00 and the articulate, ... (Below threshold)
Son of a Pig and a Monkey:

$25.00 and the articulate, clean Negro is sold, sold, sold!

Joe, er, Joe. Your pulling... (Below threshold)
Barry O:

Joe, er, Joe. Your pulling my spine out through my belly-button is a divisive distraction and is definitely not helping Michelle's kids.

A $5 million ear-mark for t... (Below threshold)
Bid'em'up Biden:

A $5 million ear-mark for the South-side hospital where Michelle is a $300,000 per year "community organizer", and this United States Senator's vote is sold, sold, sold!

VP selection team member Ca... (Below threshold)

VP selection team member Caroline Kennedy reportedly told Obama, "Ask not what Senator Biden can do for you; ask what you can do for Senator Biden."

Hey, Barak, there's that 7 ... (Below threshold)

Hey, Barak, there's that 7 Eleven guy!

The Greatest among us and t... (Below threshold)

The Greatest among us and the Least among us.

"Barak! There's Zacheus! T... (Below threshold)

"Barak! There's Zacheus! Tell him to 'Come down. We're going to his house to stay!'"

Loose lips, sink ships.... (Below threshold)

Loose lips, sink ships.

Auctioneer and Action Ears<... (Below threshold)

Auctioneer and Action Ears

"Look, Barak! Is that Geor... (Below threshold)

"Look, Barak! Is that George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis all sitting together? WOW!"

"I know it's impossible, bu... (Below threshold)

"I know it's impossible, but THERE is a tax increase I don't like. 'With you, Barak, all things ARE possible!'"

Hope and Change, and Hopele... (Below threshold)

Hope and Change, and Hopeless and Changeless

Darth Vader (Without his ma... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Darth Vader (Without his mask) unsuccesfully uses a Jedi mind trick on the American public to try to introduce the emperor as a centrist politician.

".....but you can't take th... (Below threshold)

".....but you can't take the idiot out of Biden."

It's apparent that its abov... (Below threshold)

It's apparent that its above BOTH your pay grades.

Is that a pubic hair on the... (Below threshold)

Is that a pubic hair on the teleprompter stand?

When a fool holds his peace... (Below threshold)

When a fool holds his peace, you can rest assured it's not Biden.

One hand clapping and two h... (Below threshold)

One hand clapping and two hands paddy-caking.

Obama's attack dog turns ou... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

Obama's attack dog turns out to be a Pointer.

Oh, no! Sarah Palin's comi... (Below threshold)

Oh, no! Sarah Palin's coming!

"We'd like "Small Town Mayo... (Below threshold)
rodney dill:

"We'd like "Small Town Mayors" for $200 Alex."

Biden: "Walk this way."<br ... (Below threshold)
rodney dill:

Biden: "Walk this way."
Obama: "If I could walk that way I wouldn't need talcum power."

Don't believe me? Just sme... (Below threshold)

Don't believe me? Just smell my finder!

Don't believe me? Just smel... (Below threshold)

Don't believe me? Just smell my finger!

[late Shaterday evening... what can I say?]

Hey, you, the boy with the ... (Below threshold)

Hey, you, the boy with the five rolls and two fish. Hand 'em over so Obama can feed this crowd

MSDNC TVs Olby: "The select... (Below threshold)

MSDNC TVs Olby: "The selection of Biden as the VP nominee brings real balance to the ticket. Both the extreme Marxist left and the extreme kook-fringe leftist wings are represented. Biden brings experience of no real value and Obama has no experience at all. What perfect symmetry!"

"$5 million going once, $5 ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"$5 million going once, $5 million going twice... $5 million going 3 times.... SOLd to Chris Matthews for $5 million. ANd ladies and gentlemen that concludes the Date your favorite democratic politician auction for this year. Remember all donations are tax deductible."

"Have you been saved today?... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"Have you been saved today? If not then send us $10,000 and you will be HEALED I TELL YOU. Healed of Tax cuts for the rich, HEALED of drilling for oil, Healed of No child left behind. GLOOOOORYYYYY And you will receive this complimentary prayer cloth which the Obamamessian has touche"

We do, too, wear underwear ... (Below threshold)

We do, too, wear underwear and I'll prove it to you!

Obama grinds on his invisib... (Below threshold)
Son of a Pig and a Monkey:

Obama grinds on his invisible, Unicorn-brand organ, while his monkey dances and Hopes for some Change.

"...And we're going to Sout... (Below threshold)

"...And we're going to South Dakota and Oregon and Washington and Michigan, and then we're going to Washington, D.C., to take back the White House! YEAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!"

Update: <... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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