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Zogby: McCain/Palin - 47% Obama/Biden - 45%

Obama's post-convention bounce, which wasn't that great to begin with, has been completely erased by John McCain's pick of Sarah Palin as his Vice President. A new Zogby poll done Friday afternoon after McCain's announcement of Sarah Palin through this afternoon has John McCain/Sarah Palin at 47% and Obama/Biden at 45%. This is monumental. First, polls taken over a weekend tend to favor Democrats to begin with. Second, Zogby's polls generally favor Democrats as well. Third, the Republicans haven't even had their convention yet.

What I find especially encouraging from Zogby's poll is that McCain has solidified the Republican Party's support with his addition of Sarah Palin. McCain alone had the support of 89% of Republicans. After he announced Sarah Palin, it soared to 92%.

Also, note this from Zogby's analysis:

The interactive survey shows that 22% of those voters who supported Democrat Hillary Clinton in their primary elections or caucus earlier this year are now supporting John McCain.

Among those who said they shop regularly at Wal-Mart - a demographic group that Zogby has found to be both "value" and "values" voters - Obama is getting walloped by McCain. Winning 62% support from weekly Wal-Mart shoppers, McCain wins these voters at a rate similar to what President Bush won in 2004. Obama wins 24% support from these voters.

Other demographic details are fairly predictable, showing that the McCain/Palin ticket heads into its convention on Monday with numbers that may fuel an optimism they may not have expected, and that many would not have predicted, especially after Obama's speech Thursday night.

Hat tip: Lucianne.

John McCain and Sarah Palin are also heading to the Gulf Coast to offer their support to those dealing with possible catastrophe in the face of Gustav.


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Comments (15)

I was in New Orleans last m... (Below threshold)

I was in New Orleans last month and was amazed at the amount of building taking place. I wouldn't live there and I really don't like the government providing incentive money to move people back, but you have to admire their determination to make the place livable. The hotel staff was pretty amazing, almost everyone was over 50. I wish them the best of fortunes and hope Gustav blows itself out over the Gulf.

It's funny. The young, "hi... (Below threshold)
Jason Author Profile Page:

It's funny. The young, "hip," "progressive" Dem candidate picks the crusty old guy for a running mate and the crusty, old, stuffy Republican picks the hot chick attractive woman. I suppose it figures, though. The Obamessiah's ego wouldn't allow him to pick someone who had more charisma than he.

Jason, not to mention someo... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

Jason, not to mention someone who actually has more experience in almost everything than he has.

So McCain and Palin head to... (Below threshold)

So McCain and Palin head to the gulf to see what they can do to help while the leaders of the democrat party joke (in public) about the coming storm and hope/pray that is destroys the lives of thousands of people.

There is marked difference in who the republicans look after (the people), and the democrats who pander to (the super rich and anti-americans) while hoping/praying for the death of average working Americans.

The truth about democrats is leaking through the cracks.

There is marked differen... (Below threshold)

There is marked difference in who the republicans look after (the people), and the democrats who pander to (the super rich and anti-americans) while hoping/praying for the death of average working Americans.

No there isn't.

Palin certainly has executi... (Below threshold)

Palin certainly has executive experience. 18 months as governor of Alaska (pop. 650k). Heck, she has almost as much as experience as the mayor of Louisville (pop. 750k).

Furthermore, she spent a full 4 years a mayor of a small village (pop. 9k), where she oversaw a staff of 20 with a budget of $250k.

Ready on day one I say!

Polls shmolls, all that mat... (Below threshold)

Polls shmolls, all that matters is that the American people hear the undiluted truth. If that happens, "The_Edge" and Brian will be drinking hard come Nov. 5. I really think that this election could be a major tipping point when the American people, as a whole, finally realize that they have been bambozzled by the drive by media for far too long, and they up and say, "Screw this! We're voting pro-America, all you anti-American libs can just go to hell!"

Here's to the truth, for the truth shall surely set us free (from the bondage of creeping socialism).

All,hillaryclinton... (Below threshold)


hillaryclintonforum now has many former hillary supporters very angry at Obama and the Kos and DU kids that have been sexist and hateful. We must all take this energy to win this year in Pennsylvania. All those in Pennsylvania, please be ready to way outwork the socialist b hussein. If we win PA the election is done.

By the way, the population of Alaska may be less than 1 million, but the governor governs not only the people that live there but the physical land, resources, borders, etc. Please keep in mind that if you divided Alaska in two, then Texas would be the 3rd largest state.

Given the propensity of pol... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Given the propensity of polls to bias towards the left I would say give McCain another 3 points.

Some words come to mind whe... (Below threshold)
The Old Sarge:

Some words come to mind when reading dems/libs comments.

Crude, Crass, Uncultured Slobs. A very low class, and ignorant bunch it seems. Ungrateful fits too when you look at their attitude toward their country. I could also add stupid, as their apparent unwillingness or inability to understand that there are a huge number of members of the "Religion of Peace" out there just waiting for a chance to slit their throats.And yet they attack relentlessly the very people who have been protecting them. I saw a bumper sticker that describes the situation very well recently, "George W. Bush - Saving your sorry ass whether you like it or not." I think Sarah Palin is a GREAT choice.

> McCain has solidified... (Below threshold)

> McCain has solidified the Republican Party's support with his addition of Sarah Palin.

Solidified? I just gave money to a campaign for the first time since 1980!

Im Clinton supporter but no... (Below threshold)

Im Clinton supporter but now I will vote for McCain Palin in Nov. Might not agree with other issue but I look at her profile, she unlike other female politician work very hard to achive where she is not. Hilary, Jo Emerson, Mary Bono, Elizabeth Dole got in Politics because of their husband. This woman is tough and reformer Im sure she will add new ideas and reform Washington. I will even donate for them to win. Please stop insulting her gender we Democrats should know better than that, also insulting her for being small town mayor so what? there are lots of good people from small town who given a chance will truly think indipendently. Palin made in top while balance her family and career all kids have a new role model.

Norfolk VA

WoW! I am a lifelong democ... (Below threshold)

WoW! I am a lifelong democrat that has been disgusted with the party since Hillary was so shamefully forced out so the media's prize pony could preform, but, I wasn't too happy with McCain. NOW!! I am estatic about McCain's VP pick and have much more faith that I now have a ticket to vote for. I shall go Republican this November. I just can't trust Obama. He was just a prancing pony at the Convention. His speech told us NOTHING new, it was the same old thing.

I believe that McCain's cho... (Below threshold)

I believe that McCain's choice of Palin is not the best choice he could have made when you consider all of the other options he had. Because of this, I believe it was a purely political decision and did not take into account who could BEST act as President if something should happen to him. He knowingly and willingly is placing someone that is not the best REPUBLICAN candidate for a potential role as President, with all of the issues that go along with it: Iraq, Iran, nuclear proliferation, etc. It doesn't matter who has more experience between Palin or Obama... the point is that McCain made this decision for the wrong reasons, being more concerned about the election result than our national security and so he is willing to gamble with our lives just to win the election. I don't see how anyone can support this.

I wasn't going to vote for McCain anyway, but I would've at least liked to feel confident that if my candidate lost that there would be someone like a Romney or someone leading the country. Of course I see the political appeal for Palin: religious conservative, historic female candidate, media appeal, candidate for change, etc. But I just don't feel that confident about the prospect of a 'soccer mom' President dealing with a Nuclear Iran. Was she really on the top of everyone's list before McCain announced it? If not,then why not? The
reason is that although she does have some political experience she was less experienced than some of the other REPUBLICAN candidates.

There was a reason that the world was shocked with this choice and the reason is that it was a poor decision.

"I really think that this e... (Below threshold)

"I really think that this election could be a major tipping point when the American people, as a whole, finally realize that they have been bambozzled by the drive by media for far too long, and they up and say, 'Screw this! We're voting pro-America, all you anti-American libs can just go to hell!'"

Ahahaahahah. This is exactly why politics in america is so F-ed up... because people on the far left are calling Republicans imperialistic fascists and people on the far right are calling Democrats anti-american commies. Get a clue buddy... everyone on both sides of the aisle is American and is pro-american... just because they might disagree with your viewpoint doesn't make that any less true. Do I think George Bush has completely screwed up our country for the last (nearly) 8 years... yeah (I think it's pretty objectively accepted at this point). Do I think he's anti-american. No. He just happened to use policies that did not pan out. You want to discuss economic or diplomatic policies... go right ahead... but leave the name calling in the 2nd grade.






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