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Democrats Laugh about Hurricane Hitting Gulf Coast During RNC

A RedState diarist has video of former Democratic National Committee Chairman Don Fowler laughing with South Carolina Congressman John Spratt about Hurricane Gustav hitting the Gulf Coast on the first day of the Republican National Convention. Thousands of people are currently evacuating their homes with little more than what's on their backs, and Don Fowler is giddy about it because he sees a political upside for his party.

Michael Moore is on the record having said the same thing, too. What the hell is wrong with these people?

And by the way, Mr. Fowler and Congressman Spratt not only let their callousness show but their sexism, too:

[T]hey made fun of Sarah Palin for several minutes, Fowler calling her "Dan Quayle" on steroids and Spratt creatively describing her as "just terrible." They both agreed that, "Other than the simple fact that she's a female," she has nothing to offer.

As someone once said about Palin as McCain's running mate, "The smart liberals are worried. The dumb ones think they've won.


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Damn. Fairly good quote th... (Below threshold)
Linoge Author Profile Page:

Damn. Fairly good quote that. *yoinks*

To make this political is j... (Below threshold)

To make this political is just sick. My prayers go out to those in the gulf coast.

"Other than the si... (Below threshold)
"Other than the simple fact that she's a female," she has nothing to offer.

Tell me again, feminists, why you're in lockstep with the Democratic party? To break it down even further from what Fowler/Spratt said:

"She's just a girl"

God does not want the Repub... (Below threshold)

God does not want the Republicans ignoring Labor Day. It angers Him.

Kanye West - 2008 ?: "The d... (Below threshold)

Kanye West - 2008 ?: "The democrat party hates black people!"

The contempt these people have for those they claim to have compassion for, it makes me want to puke. Knowing that the targets of their contempt will blindly follow them to their own destruction, just makes me want to weep.

Before the Democratic conve... (Below threshold)

Before the Democratic convention, I distinctly remember some right-wing preacher telling other like-minded right-wing folks to pray for rain on the night Barack Obama was to make his acceptance speech at the open-air INVESCO (Mile High) STADIUM. Now, I am not happy about this, but could it be that HURRICANE GUSTAV's disruption of the Republican convention is the answer to that wicked prayer for rain on the Democratic convention?

Paul,1) That was t... (Below threshold)


1) That was tongue in cheek
2) They were "praying" for people to get wet (I know, another horror from the evil Christians)
3) They weren't laughing and claining that God wanted people to die and suffer to prove how right they were
4) You are sick, but then, you're a demolib, same diff.

Mark,Typical escap... (Below threshold)


Typical escape hatch for those who get caught in hatespeak ... "we were only joking". Being so much in bed with the "holier than thou" folks, right-wingers should know better than "demolibs" the true power of prayer. Be careful what you pray for. You could bring damnation down on all of us when God wreaks a painful lesson on the hateful amongst us. Before you resort to the usual name-calling you people love so much, I am from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Believe me, I take no pleasure in HURRICANE GUSTAV. Excuse me because now I have to check to make sure my family evacuates.

What was it Ann Coulter say... (Below threshold)

What was it Ann Coulter says again? Oh yeah, cowards wrap themselves in (self) pity, or words to that affect. Does Paul explain the obvious flaws, in his argument, as pointed out by me? No, he simply cries -as all simpering liberals do-, "You're a meanie! And now, unburden me with your hateful, substantive arguments as I must go save (insert sympathetic victim group here)"

Gotta admit though, very nice twist there near the end where you assert that -ironically enough like the Falwells and Robertsons you now tie yourself to- us cwazy rightwing Christians will soon "bring damnation down on all of us when God wreaks a painful lesson on the hateful amongst us." Touche, genious.

Videotape everything they d... (Below threshold)

Videotape everything they do
by kos

Mon May 21, 2007 at 12:10:19 PM PDT

Every appearance by a top Republican official or candidate should be recorded. Every one of them.

All it takes is one "Macaca" incident to transform a race or create one where one didn't exist. As the Montana incident blogged earlier today showed, a video can knock out prospective candidates before they even enter.

And this is no longer about finding one big blunder to put on a campaign commercial. It's about using video and (free) technologies like YouTube to build narratives about opponents, using their own words, at their own events.

It's never too early to start.

We've got a long, difficult slog ahead of us next year. The more material we amass today, the better we'll able to use that video to support our efforts next year.

"...and Don Fowler is gi... (Below threshold)

"...and Don Fowler is giddy about it because he sees a political upside for his party."

That pretty much sums it all up.

Marvin, let me guess. You're really Kanye West, right?

Actually I'd like to see Bu... (Below threshold)

Actually I'd like to see Bush and McCain both travel to Louisiana first of next week. Bush can openly discuss with McCain what went wrong the first time. Bobby Jindal can be right there explaining how his (R) administration has fixed the sorry mess that he inherited from Kathleen Blanco. McCain and Palin (hubba hubba!) can be on top of things, asking questions and observing how the federal, state, and local government will be handling the crisis. This would be prime TV time for Palin, since she already has a reputation for hands-on action.

Then Republicans can ask, why haven't the Congressional Democrats done SQUAT for the tens of thousands suffering the after-effects of Hurricane Fay? Why hasn't Obama or Pelosi visited the flood-ravaged area, which President Bush declared a disaster area? It would also be a choice opportunity to bring up the embarrassing story of Dem congresswoman Corrine Brown, who ordered sandbags to be placed around her house at the expense of the rest of her neighborhood. Repubs could also ask, does the loss of a Democrat governor in Louisiana mean that Democrats don't care about Louisiana any more?

If McCain stays as smart as he has been during the last few weeks, this could be a big boost for the Republicans.

I also remember Dobson gett... (Below threshold)
just me:

I also remember Dobson getting slammed for his stupid suggestion.

So your defense is "hey Dobson did it, so we can too."

That generally doesn't work with my kids as an excuse for bad behavior, and it shouldn't work here.

Especially since doing it second and in a much worse way (given the choice between rain/ie getting wet and losing my home in a hurricane-I will take getting wet any day).

There is no excuse.

How stupid can conservative... (Below threshold)
Jimmy Stewart:

How stupid can conservatives be? Just ask the preacher who prayed for rain on the DNC. So I didn't hear any of these offended conservatives pointing their lame finger at that Christian nitwit. Now, when two Democrats joke about the coincidence of the weather/hurricane and the Republican convention, they flare up like the fake hypocrites they are. So they're making a joke, so what, I'm sure they realize that the hurricane is no laughing matter for the southern residents, but the joke is about the coincidence, not the people. And when Katrina hit, they were there to point out the ineptitude of the Bush administration and to push for better levy protection in New Orleans. Where was Bush? Where the hell where you? I was helping the residents, while you were looking for excuses for that joke of president you call Bush, and that joke of a (once noble) party that you let a bunch of greedy neocons destroy.

Jimmy,Thanks for e... (Below threshold)


Thanks for exposing the deceptive title of this thread. Democrats were not laughing about the hurricane. They were laughing about how that dirty little right-wing prayer for rain on the Democratic Convention boomeranged on that self-righteous, holier-than-thou, zealot Republican preacher and his kool-aid drinking followers. The distinction between laughing at the preacher and laughing at the crisis is significant. But then, whatever success Republicans have had the last 40 years has come about largely by blurring distinctions, twisting facts, and glorifying trivial issues over the real issues affecting the true national interests (as opposed to special interests).

How about Mark's post above? He patted himself on the back and declared that he destroyed my post point-by-point. As one of Rush's "ditto-heads" he mimmicks the Rush habit of self-satisfied self-congratulations (sort of like auto-erotica?) This is the same sick mindset that gave birth to the "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" banner on the aircraft carrier. Read his post again. Compared to my observations, Mark's so-called rebuttal sounds a lot like the 2003 Republican lie of "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED".






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