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"Governor, You're No Dan Quayle"


It's taken me this long to actually pull my head together after John McCain's selection of Alaska's governor, Sarah Palin, as his running mate.

I made no secret of saying that I was pulling for Mitt Romney. I thought he posed the best balance for McCain, with his strengths coinciding quite nicely with McCain's weaknesses. But I have a hard time finding fault with McCain's choice.

Governor Palin is, by pretty much any standard of measurement, a remarkable woman.

And you know she's got something right going on when you hear the Obamoids are already tearing her down -- and in the process, trying to sell the public a bunch of half-truths, slurs, and outright fabrications.

Let's take a look at a few of the ones already being tossed around:

Palin is inexperienced, has less experience than Senator Obama. That depends on your definition of "experience." On paper, purely by the calendar, it's true.

But what matters to me is not quantity of time, but quality. What Palin has achieved in her political career dwarfs Obama's accomplishments, as well as those of a lot of other politicians with a lot more time in office.

In 2002, she ran for lieutenant governor, and lost. As an apparent "consolation prize," she was appointed Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. There, she made an incredibly stupid rookie mistake -- she took her job seriously. She actually investigated and brought action against corrupt politicians of both parties. And when the corrupt faction of the Republicans blocked her from going after their cronies, she issued a scorching resignation that named names -- names that ended up paying very hefty fines for misconduct.

Palin then used that as a springboard to clean up the state overall, and ran for governor against the incumbent Republican. Frank Murkowski. Astonishingly, she beat him in the primary and won the right to take on the Democratic nominee, former governor Tony Knowles. Knowles had the experience and outspent her mightily, but she still beat him by over seven percentage points.

That's right. She took out a sitting governor AND a former governor.

So, what has she done since she took office two scant years ago? Well, for one, she promised to cut the state's budget and lower taxes. Some of the things she did was to put the state's airplane up for sale on EBay. She also looked at the 30-year-long fight over the Trans-Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline and blew her way through the last obstacles. She shaved almost a quarter of a billion dollars off the state's budget. She fought against a bunch of pork-barrel earmarks for the state.

One place she failed: she backed the Republican challenger for indicted Senator Ted Stevens. Stevens won that primary.

She also passed some significant ethics reforms, further burnishing her reputation as a fighter of corruption.

With her two years in the governorship, along with her prior four years of mayor of Wasilla, Palin has more executive experience than any of the other three people on the national ticket. She has more than all of them combined. All have spent their entire careers as legislators.

Oh and Senators Obama and Biden? Palin has also served as Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard for two years. Would you care to cite your own quasi-military records?

Palin is currently under investigation for ethics violations. True.

But as with the "inexperience" myth, a bit of digging uncovers that the investigation is actually showing Palin out to be the good guy, the "victim" here. And luckily for me, I don't have to do the digging -- others have done far, far better than I could have.

The investigation was initiated by the same faction of corrupt Republicans that Palin has been fighting -- and beating -- for years now. And thus far, the investigators have reported that Palin has cooperated fully in every aspect of their digging into a very sordid family affair -- one that involved what appears to be a power-drunk state trooper married to Palin's sister relying on cronyism and the old-boy network to stay on the job and out of trouble.

Palin has no foreign-policy experience, and no real experience outside her own state. True.

But that, while technically true, ignores that Alaska is a unique state. Like Hawaii, it shares no borders with any other states -- that's why they other states are often called "the contiguous 48." But unlike Hawaii, Alaska does have two borders.

One of them is with Canada, the United States' biggest trading partner. Further, Canada is Alaska's land lifeline to the rest of the United States. Dealing with Canadian officials is, I strongly suspect, one of the bigger duties of the Alaskan government.

As a state with a border with another nation (albeit a tiny one -- I think New Hampshire very well might have the distinction of "shortest foreign border" among the states, alongside our "shortest seacoast"), I know that relations between our state and Canada -- both the nation as a whole and the province of Quebec -- is something that is regularly discussed and carefully maintained.

And just across a few short miles of water and ice is Russia, Alaska's former owner and -- currently -- a rather unfriendly and acquisitive superpower. That can't be far from the mind of Alaska's leaders.

As far as national issues, Alaska has been at the center of discussion about our energy policy -- its oil reserves are stupendous, as is its energy production.

Oh, and remember the fighting over whether or not to tap the oil reserves in ANWR? That's the ALASKAN National Wildlife Refuge.

So, while I still think that Romney would have been a superb vice-president, I have to say that Palin brings some things to the table that would help a McCain administration succeed. She has staunch conservative credentials, so she could be counted on to counsel McCain on important matters. She has a solid history of sticking up for principles and integrity, even (or, perhaps, especially) against fellow Republicans, so she wouldn't be likely to be silenced. And she has shown that she will put principles and integrity above her own interests, when she resigned as Ethics Commissioner, so she's not very likely to back down when confronted with what she believes to be wrongdoings.

All in all, a very, very interesting choice for McCain -- who is showing considerable self-confidence in putting someone as strong-willed and determined in as his heir apparent. I think we just might have a winning ticket here.


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Comments (44)

Fantastic post, Jay.... (Below threshold)

Fantastic post, Jay.

As far as experience goes, ... (Below threshold)

As far as experience goes, die-hard liberals have no basis for understanding Sarah Palin.

After all, look at Barack Obama -- he was raised by a free-spirited agnostic mom, he went to Harvard, he studied community organizing, he studied civil rights law, he read John Dewey and Saul Alinsky and James Cone and Ghandi, he was mentored by some of the left's leading radicals, his potential as a leader was spotted by his mentors in the leftist academic establishment, he was given "guardian angels" by the Democratic party and fast-tracked through the Chicago and Illinois political machines -- he was groomed by the liberal establishment to be President. This is not a flattering metaphor but it is an accurate one: Obama is the top stud from the progressive leadership stud farm, and all his adult life he has been bred to sire the new Democratic Socialist States of America.

If you are a member of the far left, particularly a member of the academic elite, then Obama's resume contains all the relevant experience necessary to be a good leader. Things like accomplishments are mere trivialities compared to the proper schooling and mentoring.

But what does Sarah Palin have? Who has mentored her? Has she studied Alinsky? Cone? Gustavo Gutierrez? Pauol Freire? Chomsky? Cornel West? No Ivy Leage degree? No community organizing skills? No experience in civil rights advocacy? Her "accomplishments" as mayor and Energy Commission chairwoman and governor mean nothing next to the vast void of her obviously inferior intellect.

Unfortunately for liberal eggheads, Palin is the closest thing to a real person to ever grace a major party Presidential ticket, at least in my lifetime. Most of the rest of us real people will find that to be a very compelling quality.

Yes, excellent post indeed.... (Below threshold)

Yes, excellent post indeed. Initially, I was very worrried by this pick. But after your post, the most illuminating one on the character of Palin I've come across, I'm thrilled with McCain's choice.

I realize how similar my politics are with hers. I too am sick and tired of corruption in politics in both parties. And Palin goin' after the bad guys in her party ... man ... that's ballsy and says something about her as a leader.

It's time for trickle-down ethics.

I'm REALLY starting to like her and thanks again for a great post.


Palin is the ONLY person of... (Below threshold)

Palin is the ONLY person of the final 4 that has executive experience, and the only one that will hold onto her integrity and principles. B Hussein talks a good game,cept when he stutters and stammers like Mel Tillis, but, the man has ZERO integrity, and a rolling paper thin record of keeping to his word. Hell, even his VP selection contradicts many of his 'positions'.

What I have learned about e... (Below threshold)

What I have learned about experience in the last 48 hrs from the respective campaigns.

Palin - Governor, Mayor, Business Women, and Elected Head of Mayor organization in Alaska.

Obama - Editor of College Newspaper, Community organizer, State Senator and Senator.

Have to go with Palin as being better choice.

Personal Life

Obama - Married, 2 girls, went to Church but didn't listen, Worked/friendly with/lived near domestic terrorist but didn't realize it.

Palin - Married, 5 children (1 of which was diagnosed with Down's syndrome before birth).
Goes to Church, tries and looks to succeed in following those beliefs.

Palin looks like the best choice.


Palin - Pro-Life - See children
Obama - Pro-Choice - Voted for letting life births die if botched abortion.(

Palin again as she errs on the side of life.

Fighting Corruption

Palin - Quite a State Job because of corruption and gave names, as Governor getting rid of corrupt officials no-matter the party.

Obama - Sorry can't provide any.

Palin again.

Working across the aisle.

Palin - Sorry, at this time can't provide any.

Obama - Worked with Republicans on 1 very popular bill.

At this time Obama.

Hmmmm. I calculate about a... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm. I calculate about a 50% probability that Joe Biden's health is about to take a turn for the worse. Oh, dear; can't continue as VP.

You watch. Obambi is going to panic and craaaaawl back to Hillary. If she's smart (and she is...) she'll publicly tell him to just fukk off.

Palin actually walks the wa... (Below threshold)

Palin actually walks the walk. I like that she's serious about corruption and wasteful spending. Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. And this is someone who may make things worse for Republicans AND Democrats. Isn't this what we wanted? Someone who is serious about cleaning up politics and the practitioners? So far, we've gotten a lot of lip service about it but the only actions we've seen is a game of gotcha between opposing parties with the ensuing, "See how corrupt the [insert party here] are?"

Really. What happened to Pelosi's "ethical government?" All both sides have done is point fingers at the other and pretend they're so chaste.

Oyster, I hate you.<p... (Below threshold)

Oyster, I hate you.

I JUST finshed my next piece and then see you've stolen my punchline.

If you're curious, check back around noon.


What an amazing pick by McC... (Below threshold)
James Downing:

What an amazing pick by McCain!! Gov. Palin brings in a distinguished record of executive experience, running a successful and popular Government in Alaska. An ideal ticket is one where 1 person brings in the Washington experience/foreign policy/national security experience and the other brings in executive/administrative experience. This can be seen from all winning tickets in the past few decades. The republican ticket is the perfect ticket now. She has a record of clean governance, bipartisanship and reducing wasteful spending and is an ideal choice for McCain's VP.

For all those who wish to raise the 'experience' question - do you honestly believe that Gov. Palin is too inexperienced to be President (a post for which, btw, she is NOT running for) despite being the Governor of Alaska for nearly 2 years and a mayor for many years before that, while Sen Obama is experienced enough to be President (a post he is running for)? If you honestly believe Palin is inexperienced, there is now way you could support Obama. Palin brings in executive experience, McCain and Biden bring Washington, foreign policy experience - what exactly does Obama bring in? Neither of the 2.

Also, it is incorrect to see the choice of Gov Palin as a gimmick to pander to the women voters. While that is a bonus, the most important point is that she would be an excellent person for the role of VP in McCain's administration, with the executive experience, to help him run the country effectively. None of us know too much about her, but whatever little Ive heard so far is immensely impressive. I request all voters to give her a fair chance, do some research and find out about her, and you will see that her candidacy is no gimmick.

From Dave Duval, an old Gol... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

From Dave Duval, an old Goldwaterite:

"And let me tell you something -- for the first time in my

adult lifetime during this campaign, I am really proud of my

presumptive nominee."

My feelings exactly.

Britain had Maggie Thatcher, The Iron Maiden.

America has been given Sarah Palin, The Iditarod Maiden.

I'm finally excited ...

Finally REALLY proud of my presumptive nominee.

I am very pleased for this ... (Below threshold)

I am very pleased for this pick. Not just the executive experience and conservatism, but her youth and strength. I am also very pleased that for the second day in a row, the news talks about McCain/Palin before Obama. After a convention, this has to hurt Obama's organizers in a big way. NOw next week all things republican. I am in a very good mood today. ww

Maggie Mama, my feelings ex... (Below threshold)

Maggie Mama, my feelings exactly!

She's smart.
She has a degree from a NON-IVY.
She's passionate about doing her job well.
She's caring and sympathetic.
She knows the responsibilities of raising a family.
Her dad was a teacher.
She has a son in the military.
She's physically fit (and attractive) and LIVES where she lives.

I'm not voting for McCain; I'm voting for HER!

I personally pride myself o... (Below threshold)

I personally pride myself on being not just apoliticial, I am ignorant of the present politics. This is my choice due to my experience with how many times politicians change their opinions. To me, I have based my leanings to be not just democratic or republician. consider that a republic is to be a representation of the people, where people have an influnence in their goverment. Democratic says that political independence is retained by the people and exercised directly by citizens. thankyou wikipedia. With both parties named for almost an identical concept, that the goverment is of and for the people, Why is there so much negativity. For that matter, who would want the job, Jaytee summed it up in a bit of either you want the power or you want to make a difference. often somewhere in the middle.

For me, I am of the belief that service to the group begins by being aware of the group and supporting your self. The power of being able to block laws and appoint justices. And to have a "target" on your back and bodyguards monitor your life and family.

the appointment of a running mate, the declairations of what you will promise and then discover that you can promise the people anything but you have to get past congress and the overview of the courts.

Perhaps the desire to step above the average, or to be a part of american history, or just because you may want the chance to be called Mr or Madame President for the rush.

Honestly , I can respect someone who wants to help the country. I just wonder who wants to help and who is just in it for the ride

"Palin is the closest thing... (Below threshold)

"Palin is the closest thing to a real person to ever grace a major party Presidential ticket". I would place her second after Harry S. Truman.

Good post Jay. Thanks for e... (Below threshold)

Good post Jay. Thanks for emphsizing Palin's campaign successes.

I hope the Republicans will highlight the stark difference between Palin (who defeated an incumbent governor in a PRIMARY and then defeated a former governor in the general election) with Obama's cakewalk coutesy of the Jack Ryan and the Chicago Tribune.

Experience? Yeah, let's talk about it.

I guess I just don't get th... (Below threshold)

I guess I just don't get the lefty media's sudden, touching affinity for presidents with buttloads of "experience," particularly "foreign policy experience."

I mean, was anyone at the NY Times wringing their hands with concern when the lightweight governor of Arkansas was running against the president with arguably the most "foreign policy experience" in the history of the republic?

And when it was widely thought that McCain's pick could be Tim Pawlenty, was anyone at CBS News wetting herself that a mere *governor* could be a heartbeat away from the Oval Office?

Fer fukk's sake, people, how much "foreign policy experience" does the mayor of New York have? And yet, no one at Salon.Com was running around in a panic at the thought that Mikey Bloomberg or Rudy Giuliani might be on a national ticket.

Keep it up, MSM retards. Keep hammering on Sarah Palin as a lightweight. Every time that shite comes outta your mouth, people are going to be looking askance at Obambi the Chosen One and recalling that outside of four years in the senate - every one of them spent campaigning for president - he's got about as much "experience" as Elmer Fudd.

There's a meme going about ... (Below threshold)

There's a meme going about that Palin's nomination is insulting to women; best evidenced by this DKOS post.

So...we're to understand that Obama rejects Hillary (who got 18 million votes), McCain nominates Palin, ergo women should be insulted!?!

Good post, Jay.One q... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Good post, Jay.
One quibble, though:

"One place she failed: she backed the Republican challenger for indicted Senator Ted Stevens. Stevens won that primary."

Should that really be considered a 'failure'?

The choice of Palin is an i... (Below threshold)

The choice of Palin is an interesting one. There is much to be admired about her. But I also think it presents some major problems for McCain as well.

It does undercut what has been as effective argument that Obama lacks experience. As much as some of you herald her experience the reality is that it's pretty minimal. My only point here is that it undercuts the Obama lack of experience argument.

It does also accentuate McCain's age. It seems to be that by trying to ease concerns about his age this pick actually underscores it. Folks who are concerned about McCain's age (not conservatives) may not necessarily be reassured that a 44yo from a sparsely populated state in office for less than 3 years is competent to lead the country in war time or to manage our foreign affairs. With all due respect, the arguments about bordering Russia and Canada are pretty specious - as is JT's point about commanding the Alaska National Guard. The size is 1800 soldiers, roughly the size of a battalion.

McCain has said the war on terrorism is the central issue of our time. She's the best he could find to help him fight that war? There are loads of competent, experienced Republicans out there who could fit that bill. Tom Ridge comes to mind.

From a lot of folks perspective (particularly Hillary dems like my wife) it looks like an obvious pander. As much as many from the right can't stand Hillary or her policies you really can't doubt her qualifications. There certainly are legitimate ones about Palin's. If people assume that women will vote for Palin just because she's a woman I think you seriously underestimate women. Women vote on the issues. They will vote for whomever they believe will support the issues they are passionate about. Many of the women who voted for Hillary are pro-choice. It can even seem insulting to women that he picked Palin just because she's a woman.

I think McCain made a good choice - and an important one - for his base. I think he made a bad one for independents and Hillary supporters.

I can't help feeling like M... (Below threshold)

I can't help feeling like McCain really rolled the dice here in an electoral gambit (in 2000, when he was 64, I think he'd have played it safer), but I DO commend his watermelon-sized cojones. You gotta love it sometimes when people just swing for the fence and ignore the safe conventional wisdom, even if it has the chance of serious epic fail.

I don't like her politics - it seems to me she's more extreme than what the country needs right now. The experience issue doesn't bother me.

Jay,She's the curren... (Below threshold)

She's the current chair of the Interstate Oil and Gas Commission, which also has international affiliates including Canada, Egypt, and Venezuela. That looks like foreign policy experience, to say nothing of the fact that she's led a group of executives at a high level on an important issue (energy) - something Obama, Biden, or McCain could claim.

Ditto the Excellent Post, J... (Below threshold)

Ditto the Excellent Post, Jay. When I first heard about Sarah Palin back in May I thought whe was an exceptionally bright light in the GOP camp. As we waited for the VP pick from McCain, her name had not surfaced and I was disappointed, but resigned. When I realized it would be her, WOW!
Now to the issue of her sex. There is no way I would vote for a woman because I am a woman. I find it distressing that there are blacks who would vote for someone just because he is black.
I pray that someday both of these types of ideas are long dead and buried. I fear it will still be many more years for that to happen, but....
Let us each just vote for the best qualified or the most experienced person. Those criteria are different for the bases of each party, but we should all vote for the job we want accomplished, not to simply correct historical shortcomings of racism or sexism.

OK, #19, just who the hell ... (Below threshold)

OK, #19, just who the hell are you and what have you done with the real JFO?

Thanks Jay, great write up.... (Below threshold)

Thanks Jay, great write up.

One thing you could have said, Palin knows telling people to inflate their tires is just stupid.

Governator Palin is not run... (Below threshold)

Governator Palin is not running for Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Energy or Secretary of the Treasury.

She is running for VP.

As was the fourty-two year old Theodore Roosevelt who had served two years as Governor of New York when he was tapped by William McKinley to be his candidate for VP.

History teaches that Teddy was pretty effective as a campaigner and as a President.

No smirky, snarky comments ... (Below threshold)

No smirky, snarky comments from smirky, snarky Brian?

After seeing the reaction o... (Below threshold)

After seeing the reaction of some Democrats, I wonder what the official age is for "keeping the kids out of it" in this election.

Sarah Paulin's daughter is NOT over 18 - yet, some Democrats are talking about "reports from her high school classmates" suggest she missed a lot of school around when her brother was born.

Now, they claim a good reason - wanting to determine if Palin is a liar - but, they can't do that without also smearing her daughter.

So, is it OK now to go after 16 year olds if their Mom happens to be running for office?

You guys really should vote... (Below threshold)

You guys really should vote for Palin because that's all us folks have left. I hate to sound like the glass is half full, but the reality is most of the nation isn't going to be focused on family values because we've been down that road before and it's not the government job to tell people how to run their own living rooms. Also, it's pretty bad when a hack like Obomination is managing to pull ahead of an old warhorse like McCain, so better get it together. Sincerely, Republican Not Voting This Year Except Locally

When Governor Dean ran for ... (Below threshold)

When Governor Dean ran for president, he was governor of a state of about 800,000 people (JT please correct me if I am wrong). All the lefty loons loved him. What I am enjoying more then anything is watching all the lefty nut jobs go crazy over this. So far it seems the democrats are the sexists. ww

I strongly suggest that the... (Below threshold)

I strongly suggest that the person writing this article get some facts. I quote...... "Further, Canada is Alaska's land lifeline to the rest of the United States. Dealing with Canadian officials is, I strongly suspect, one of the bigger duties of the Alaskan government."
You strongly suspect? This is an arguement for her foreign policy experience? I strongly suggest you do some research before suggesting anything.
Sorry again, but this will not help us with our dependency on foreign oil. We keep putting this one off in favor of politics as usual instead of supporting new jobs at home that could make America more self sufficient. How much oil stock do all of you own here?
By the way I am a registered Independent and believe in researching things before I cast an emotional vote.

By the way I am a reg... (Below threshold)

By the way I am a registered Independent and believe in researching things before I cast an emotional vote.

Another troll with no point.

MC, there was plenty of research in the post, yet you chose not to refute any specifics. Get an informed opinion and then come back, Mr. (I don't own oil stocks) Independent.

This is the first time I ha... (Below threshold)

This is the first time I have read this blog and I have one question; Why do so many of the comments have so much anger toward the democrates. Before anyone label me as a "soft liberal" I'll give you some background. I proudly servered in the United States Marine Corp for 6 years earning the rank of sergent. I voted for Ronald Regan because he was the better choice. I own or have owned many guns. I take my daughter to church every sunday. Although I didn't vote for either Bush, I respected the voice of the majority. I was called unpatriotic by a 19 year old because I opposed the war in Iraq because Bin Laden (remember him) wasn't there. Does anyone remember 2000 when this country had a projected purplus of over 2 trillion dollars? When you could get gasoline for under or near a dollar a gallon? How about when jobs were so plentiful that you could quit one and have another one in less than an hour? When anyone with a job could afford and buy a house. That was before Mr Bush took over the white house and the republicans took over both houses of congress. Don't be angry at the democrates, because they were not in power. Your anger should be toward the republicans that have put this country in the mess that it is in. They lied to america about Iraq and they are lieing again during this election. We need changes in this country and it will not come by rewarding the GOP with a victory in November. Our country can't take another 4 years of Neo Con rule. Remeber, you are an American, not a republican or democrate.

Sorry, woody, but all of of... (Below threshold)

Sorry, woody, but all of of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children I know can spell democrat, capitalize America and most of all, they would never, ever leave the "s" off of CORPS.

Can we get some spray down hear for the bloody fucking Mobys?!?

They also know not to put t... (Below threshold)

They also know not to put two "of" when only one is needed. Sorry if my spelling is not up to your standards, but before you critique me, make sure your own comment is grammar correct.

The basic premise is this: ... (Below threshold)

The basic premise is this: McCain views the American people more willing to vote for an inexperienced WHITE woman over an EXPERIENCED BLACK MAN...and to those who will set her on par with Barack- there is no comparison, because he is not running against Sarah Palin, he's running against John McCain. Her great byline is she fights corruption, but she's under investigation herself for using her office and position to further a personal matter- go figure. If John McCain had been serious about having a woman (or as the drug using Rush Limbaugh states "a babe")on the ticket, he had excellent choices in Condoleeza Rice (who is head and shoulders above McCain in fact, and Palin can't light a candle to in any forum or Kay Bailey-Hutchinson or the young Congresswoman from New York)...this is not a serious choice, because for all the "country first" BS he wants Americans to buy into, this is a trophy for him, not a serious situation. People need to wake up and decide do you want to continue on the path we're on- McCain isn't worrying about his job, money, paying for gas, sending kids to college, any of that stuff. It's great Sarah Palin decided months ago to have her baby with Downs, months ago, but that's just it people, she decided, her choice...but yet you want to take the choice away from every other woman because she thinks differently...and oh by the way, God will judge women for their choices, and last I checked, the Republican party is not GOD. So deal with the basic Republican strategy and thinking here: Americans will vote for any White woman over a Black man (even a Black man with a White mother)

How about when jobs w... (Below threshold)

How about when jobs were so plentiful that you could quit one and have another one in less than an hour?

And which jobs were those, Woody?

When anyone with a job could afford and buy a house.

Do you mean afford to buy a house or get a mortgage. That's an important distinction today, Woody.

When you could get gasoline for under or near a dollar a gallon?

Why has the price of gasoline increased, Woody? Do tell.

Our country can't take another 4 years of Neo Con rule.

Whoops, there goes that Jew hating language sergent(sic), be careful.

But why do I bother, SCSIwuzzy has figured this guy out already.

Wecome to Wizbang woody!

"McCain views the American ... (Below threshold)

"McCain views the American people more willing to vote for an inexperienced WHITE woman over an EXPERIENCED BLACK MAN"

My god Bogeth your are so deluded...Obama experienced? Yeah right...why is the left so delusional?

"McCain views the American ... (Below threshold)

"McCain views the American people more willing to vote for an inexperienced WHITE woman over an EXPERIENCED BLACK MAN"

My god Bogeth you are so deluded...Obama experienced? Yeah right...why is the left so delusional?

BogethYou're a day... (Below threshold)


You're a day late and a dollar short on the Palin ethics issue. Figure it out for yourself.

The remainder of your points have already been discussed and debated here. A suggestion: if you want to show up on this blog and immediately start demagoguing issues then forget it. No one will take you seriously until you demonstrate that you have done some reading here, which you haven't.

Great post on the accomplis... (Below threshold)

Great post on the accomplishments, Jay. I believe she also had City Council experience prior to her Mayor position, but don't hold me to it.

Personally, I've been sweating having only Senators to choose from. They are not my favorite bank of POTUS potentials. She is a breath of fresh air.

Woody, do you know what a M... (Below threshold)

Woody, do you know what a Moby is? It's a term coined after the singer, Moby. In 2004 Moby told Liberals to log onto Conservative websites, pretend to be former Republicans and lie in order to sow dissent. So your claims may or may not be true, there is no way for us to know. I kind of doubt it since a Marine Corps Sergeant would neither leave the "s" off of Corps, would not misspell Sergeant and would know to capitalize Sergeant.

But we have seen plenty of Moby's so don't expect us to believe your bona fides when you comment just like a Moby. So if you are a Moby, you are a Dick.

Great article Jay. What yo... (Below threshold)
Dean L.:

Great article Jay. What you forgot to mention is that Sarah Palin lacks international experience because she, as far as we know, hasn't taken a European vacation (yet) like Senator Obama. Heck, maybe she can take some sled dogs with her and travel around Northern Europe AFTER she and McCain win the election.

FYI, when the National Guar... (Below threshold)

FYI, when the National Guard is federalized they work for the President, not the governor.
She has never personally ordered the state guard to do anything. Some executive power there!

The Bush Doctrine is Pre-em... (Below threshold)
M A:

The Bush Doctrine is Pre-emptive war. Meaning we will wage war against any country for any reason at anytime.
What happened to conservatism that meant no entanglements in foreign affairs? What happened to conservatism in fiscal responsibility? What happened to no "nation building?" Palin is less than Bush in this, who has not been a conservative. Look at the fiscal policy, ideology, and action.... you will see the truth.
The Bush Doctrine has brought us to oil wars,
social insecurity, and increased national and personal debt.
Our troops and citizens deserve better.
What aspect of the Bush Doctrine do you need explained to you?
You can argue for the Bush Doctrine or a pleasant misunderstanding will do.






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