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You Stay Classy, Alan Colmes


Alan Colmes of Hannity and Colmes wrote a post so inappropriate and offensive the Kos Kiddies would be envious. He accused Governor Palin of not taking enough care of Trig when he was an unborn baby. A man who has no problem with a woman killing her unborn baby through an abortion actually has the nerve to ask if Governor Palin took too great a risk with her pregnancy:

Rogers Cadenhead gives the timeline associated with the birth of her newest child. She had a speech in Dallas and, even after the water broke, continued with her activities, and then boarded a plane for home. She did consult by phone with her doctor.

Still, a Sacramento, Calif., obstetrician who is active in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, said when a pregnant woman's water breaks, she should go right to the hospital because of the risk of infection. That's true even if the amniotic fluid simply leaks out, said Dr. Laurie Gregg.

In case he takes it down in an effort to hide his idiocy, I captured a screen shot for everyone to see. Click the image to enlarge.


Update By Jay Tea: Yup, as Kim predicted, it's gone down the memory hole. Apparently it was causing some "technical issues" for the site, so it got deleted. Congrats to Kim for having the foresight to get that screen capture. But if some more technically adept person than me can pull up a copy of the article in its entirety, we'll be more than proud to post it here at Wizbang.

In my career at Wizbang, I have unpublished exactly one article (not counting duplicates and other actual errors), and that was it was in incredibly poor taste. I didn't just disappear it, though; I posted another article stating it had been done, why, and apologized for it.

Publishing, then deleting, articles that later prove embarrassing is one of the most cowardly things that can be done in the blogosphere. It's also one of the dumbest, because the internet NEVER FORGETS ANYTHING. It only emphasizes the wrongness of the author who does it. In this case, Colmes gets to add "coward" to the list of epithets that people can toss at him over his initial article.

We don't do that here. It's not just a matter of principle for me, but sheer practicality -- as shown here, it doesn't work. It never works. I learned that when Kos issued his famous "screw them" piece on the American contractors murdered and left displayed in Iraq, then tried to Control-Z his way out of it. Several years later, it's still what he is best known for to a lot of people.

My apologies, Kim, for hijacking your article here. I probably should have made it a separate posting. But once I started, I just started going and going (as is my wont). I'll shut up now.


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Comments (103)

I'm impresssed. Alan is no... (Below threshold)

I'm impresssed. Alan is not only a political pundit and cheerleader of the left, he's also an accomplished OB/GYN practitioner. Who'd have ever guessed that. But then he's had his nose so far up Obama's ass, I guess it's just second nature for him.

Not certain how being carel... (Below threshold)

Not certain how being careless after your water breaks could cause Down's Syndrome, a genetic disease.

I am mildly surprised that I haven't been hearing a reprise of all of those remarks about the "extra chromosome wing of the Republican party" that were going around a while ago.

What a weasel. The post wa... (Below threshold)

What a weasel. The post was still up at the time of my clicking---and every single comment (at least 40 or so) except for 3 denounced him.

I really hope he says something this stupid on H&C--or that Hannity queries him on it....

If you click on the homepag... (Below threshold)

If you click on the homepage of Alan's site you get this:

"As some of you may (or may not) have noticed, Alan.com has been intermittently going up and down for the past couple of hours. We're working with our hosting provider to determine what the problem is-something, somewhere, is overloading our server, and we're waiting to hear back from the system administrator to see if they can help us determine what the issue is...."

I wonder what that "issue" could be? It seems many people are overloading their system and they can't even admit it!!

I hope this meme gets plent... (Below threshold)

I hope this meme gets plenty of airplay...and consequentially, plenty of shoutdowns by people who actually have a clue.

The site to which Colmes links questions her "judgement" and furthers the "not her baby" speculation as well.

Even if one didn't know that the genetic mutation that causes Downs happens soon after fertilization, how does Alan presume a test that Palin had during the pregnancy accurately predicted a condition that would arise from actions surrounding the delivery?

Furthermore, on the "judgement" angle, the big question is why she took her time and flew back to Alaska. Has anyone considered that the very same OB who conducted the tests for Downs would be the most qualified to care for the baby at delivery? Could it be that no risk existed in waiting a few hours that wasn't far outweighed by the risks associated with a team of doctors treating her and the baby who had none of the specifics of her pregnancy?

My wife and I just had our sixth child, and it was considered a "high risk" pregnancy. Still, the health of the mother is a good indicator of an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery, and things for us went without a hitch. We're not new to that classification; we had triplets eleven years ago. As a result, I am about as educated about pregnancy concerns as any lay person without a uterus can be. Palin made a decision, with her doctor's advice and direction, that resulted in the birth of a beautiful baby boy.

I'm more sure than ever that the "judgement" the libtards most resent is the call she made to actually carry, deliver, love and care for her baby, despite his handicap.

I'm also very disappointed in Colmes. Though he's bordered on flaky from time to time, I always counted him a little more intelligent than this.

I don't get it. Everyone ac... (Below threshold)

I don't get it. Everyone acts like Colmes is some kind of pussycat punching bag for Hannity. No sir my friends, I've seen the guy screaming at the top of his lungs that, just as jon f'ing kerry slandered, our troops do "terrorize" innocent women and kids.

The guy is a piece of feces molded in the shape of a human and it would be good if Hannity told him so. The only person I ever saw with the temerity to speak up to the gutless little pussbag was Steven Emerson, and Colmes about twisted off with outrage. No, I say get some lib with half a brain like Pat Caddell, or even Susan "Whatsherface". Colmes is a hate filled pile of excrement, and he needs to be challenged about all of that hate he spews on a daily basis.

Shape up or ship yourself back to your old training grounds, the commie gulag, you spineless, bedwetting bastard! And as far as what you are saying about a fine American like Gov. Palin goes, just remember, we will all have to answer for everything we do and even say here in this life, unless you accept Jesus Christ as your savior, so good luck with that Mr. Colmes.

And as for any of you fellow travelers, America haters, and otherwise whiny souls who want to call me a hypocrite for "not loving my 'brother' alan colmes", it is not hypocritical to call a spade a spade. More to the point, I'm standing up for Mrs. Palin and you can't do that without noting what a canker sore the enemies of truth really are, so stuff it.

So, does the baby belong to... (Below threshold)

So, does the baby belong to her teenage daughter and Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy to cover for her?

Or was it in fact Sarah Palin who was pregnant, but she was careless about her prenatal care?

Make up your minds, liberals, you can't have both smears.

You pegged it. It's 6am an... (Below threshold)

You pegged it. It's 6am and the page is gone. You get his page format, but a 404 NOT FOUND where the article should be. The rest of the site is completely available.

Heh - good one ClobberGirl.... (Below threshold)

Heh - good one ClobberGirl.

And really, just who the &%#k does Alan Colmes think he is, forcing his way into a woman's uterus and trying to make reproductive decisions for her? I mean, WOMEN have reproductive CHOICE don't they? How dare he!

Why am I not surprised that... (Below threshold)

Why am I not surprised that an ultra liberal man codescends to lecture a pregnant woman about pre natal health (and not just any woman)....a woman who had already carried four pregnancies to term.

For goodness sakes, Alan, she's done this before.

The header LIBERALAND says ... (Below threshold)

The header LIBERALAND says it all. They live in their own little world. And apparently make up the rules as they go along. This is truly nitpicking at any little thing because they don't want to take on issues that matter.

Such poor taste...again!

Colmes should know better. ... (Below threshold)

Colmes should know better. Down's Syndrome is a genetic condition and not a result of pre-natal care. What has liberals in a tizzy is that she didn't abort and still raises her child while doing her job. Nothing pisses them off more than not getting to practice their eugenics or minority who doesn't tow the party line.

Good gawd. Should I decide ... (Below threshold)

Good gawd. Should I decide to have babies, somebody be sure to get Alan on the line to be my birth coach, ok?


Hmmm, that entry was myster... (Below threshold)

Hmmm, that entry was mysteriously removed... AC must think that means it never happened. Hah! Good thing you got the screenshot.

Colmes is an ignorant dirtb... (Below threshold)

Colmes is an ignorant dirtbag. Down's syndrome is a genetic disorder that was determined shortly after fertilization. Whether she flew back to Alaska or not after her water broke had nothing to do with Trig's disability. Gov. Palin made a decision after consulting with her doctor... a doctor that knoew a heck of a lot more about the particulars of that pregnancy than whatever doctor would have treated her in the city she was in.

I have been dealing with a major illness for the last five years, and I can tell you that having a doctor that knows the particulars of your situation is very important. If you get a doctor that doesn't know your medical history they can treat you based on the fundementals of medicine, but not on the particulars of your situation. Sometimes -- when dealing with life and death issues -- those particulars can mean the difference between a funeral and a welcome home party... believe me, I'm speaking from experience.

Jim C

Colmes is an idiot, and thi... (Below threshold)
Hanko Author Profile Page:

Colmes is an idiot, and this just reinforces that notion.

Down's syndrome is caused b... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Down's syndrome is caused by an the baby having an extra chromosome. Remember when Gore got blasted for saying extra chromosome right wing and was told that he had equated republicans to folks with down's syndrome. There is nothing a mother can do during labor to prevent down's syndrome. Colmes commment is as ridiculous as the tripe that he spouts. He is one reason I dont watch Hannidy and Colmes. Hannidy's mouth is the other but I can deal with that to hear some of the quests respond to questions, when it is Colmes turn to speak I change the channel.

If Colmes were on the channels like ABC, NBC, and CBS, more folks would vote republican.

First off I write often aga... (Below threshold)

First off I write often against abortion on my blog, and am repulsed by the daily aborted babies in the us.

Secondly I am extremely conservative. I have a hard time even watching Hannity and Colmes.

Now I must take a stand here. I could not read the whole post by Colmes because it was gone, so I am commenting at the snippet you posted here. Regardless of Colmes opinion on abortion changes nothing on his snippet. As a mother of four that were high risk pregnancies he brings to light an important issue. One must be cautious. Oh and although Down's is a genetic disease, Palin is over 40, which places her pregnancy in the high risk category.

So here's the thing are we bashing Alan because he is for killing the baby in womb-and therefore can't make a statement on the other end?

Because this is a weak attack against Palin. For two of my kids I was on complete bedrest..and let me say this, I often walked to the fridge, the bathroom and just stood up...so I understand Palin continuing on...as doing nothing is hard. But Colmes in the part I read was only pointing out the dangers of water breaking(and why a high risk pregnancy person did not go in to a doctor?she isn't 25...)

Please do not jump all over me...I just about vomit at this mentality from the Left and rarely see this from the right that I was compelled to comment. And if Colmes wrote more that the snippet and questioned her motives than I would stand corrected...but in this post I haven't seen it.

Just by her actions, she ha... (Below threshold)

Just by her actions, she has, in my opinion, saved the lives of countless children. She isn't a theory or a catagory. She is an alive, thinking human being who makes well thought out decisions.

Keep in mind that throughout history, it's the left that kills their own.

It will be interesting to s... (Below threshold)

It will be interesting to see just how LOW the Cemocratic Ultra-liberal misguided cheerleaders will go! ! !

Gov. Palin hsa it all and they seem to be doing head spins trying to come-up with fabricated trash at attempts to hurt her but you know what she is strong and she will be just fine.

I think we should all send Foxnews some emails and comments about Alan's comments. Low is Low.

The fucking NERVE of this p... (Below threshold)

The fucking NERVE of this piece of garbage to write ANYTHING about Palin and her pregancy or her children! My God - this is infuriating! This is way, way out of line. I hope every woman in America is watching this and votes for Palin to send a strong/clear message to these vile men (and women). This is beyond the pale. I hope Hannity tears him a new one.

They took the comments sect... (Below threshold)

They took the comments section off the site.

Yes, and the chances of hav... (Below threshold)

Yes, and the chances of having a baby with a chromosomal defect skyrockets after about age 40.

I saw your screen cap and s... (Below threshold)

I saw your screen cap and said to myself, "self, that post is already gone", then followed the link and sure enough it was.

Can't believe they'd un-post a carefully thought-out and empathetically written piece by our sage Mr. Colmes. Talk about depriving their readership of his wisdom, harming society by keeping them ignorant of the genius of AC...

PUT IT BACK UP for all the world to see!

Oh, and thanks WB for the truth, the screencap.

Alan Colmes is lower than t... (Below threshold)

Alan Colmes is lower than the pond scum that sinks to the bottom and provides support for duck shit.

First he is ignorant that Down Syndrom is a genetic disorder. Second, he blames the mother for it.
Third, I hope that he pays for his remark. And pays heavy.

Claire said"Yes, and... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Claire said
"Yes, and the chances of having a baby with a chromosomal defect skyrockets after about age 40."

And your point is what? Are you saying that no woman should have children after 40 years of age? Just because the risk goes up doesnt mean that it will definitely happen. Nice try but not even close to getting a cigar.

This won't be the first tim... (Below threshold)

This won't be the first time the Obamamaniacs trot this out. They'll bring on their paid medical experts to smear Palin, all supposedly in the 'public interest' about Down's Syndrome.

What Combes and the other MSMers forget, that there are vocal and socially active parents of children with Down's who are also being smeared. A large group of these parents responding to these vile attacks is going to be the result.

Colmes is just showing his ... (Below threshold)

Colmes is just showing his true nature. i.e. he's a pretty ignorant and vile creep

Colmes is a shameless tool.... (Below threshold)

Colmes is a shameless tool. Like most black-hearted liberals they emote but don't feel. They think but don't reason. They act but without purpose. They self-serve and ignore others.

I saved the comments... the... (Below threshold)

I saved the comments... they're here:


Sorry Vince, you sav... (Below threshold)

Sorry Vince, you saved the link, not the content. I wish you HAD saved the content as I would like to see what Alan Combs said rather than what everyone here is speculating that he said.

Without question, when a woman's water breaks, she should seek medical attention right NOW. On the other hand, she consulted with her Physician and presumably did what he said she could do.


Isn't this just as classy?<... (Below threshold)
I recall the sixty-plus yea... (Below threshold)

I recall the sixty-plus year old woman in Spain I believe who sought medical assistance in getting pregnant.

Now THAT was a case of irresponsible, selfish parenting. Yet, I read so women's lib types extolling her for making a brave decision to parent without a man. Dumbasses.

So, for liberals to even try to deride Palin for maternity shows just how hateful they are toward the traditional family unit.

Alan has made no such link ... (Below threshold)

Alan has made no such link to Down's in his post and the referenced article clearly states that Down's was a separate issue. Maybe if people discussed what was stated - a question on her judgment - instead of just assuming that any remark on the birthing process implies ignorance of disorders and complications, you wouldn't look like such lunatics.

Jennifer, there are several... (Below threshold)

Jennifer, there are several points to this issue. The point I prefer to make is that Palins' prenatal care for her baby is not any business of Alan Colmes or for anyone else for that matter, period. Did Colmes look into the prenatal care Michelle Obama provided her kids & spalsh it across the world to make it an issue? Secondly, to insinuate that Palin put her baby at risk by her actions is also absurd & out of bounds for a professional journalist to make such a claim.

Jennifer (#18),If ... (Below threshold)

Jennifer (#18),

If you'll refer to my comment #5 and Jim C's comment #15, you'll have my take on why she went back to HER doctor for care, rather than relying on whichever doctor she may have seen at her current location.

If her side of the story is true (and nobody has indicated it wasn't), she behaved with the consent and direction of her OB physician, and all went quite well.

Would you have been comfortable at the conclusion of any of your high-risk pregnancies to trust whatever doctor you could find handy to take care of your particular needs, or would you have greatly preferred to see the obstetrician with whom you've been dealing the entire pregnancy for your delivery? Having been there, you certainly must recognize the value of continuity in care for circumstances such as that.

As I stated initially, I hope this gets LOTS of sunlight on it. We're seeing the opening salvos in a smear campaign the likes of which have never been seen.

Larry, the comments are the... (Below threshold)

Larry, the comments are there. Try again.

The woman had gone through ... (Below threshold)

The woman had gone through 4 pregnancies...I think she was familiar enough with her body to know if she was in labor and amniotic fluid "leadkign" is not the same as "waters breaking." Moreover, show of hands, ladies, how many of you - after your water broke - were told to walk around the hospital to help bring on the labor.

And yes...we all want OUR doctors when we're close to giving birth. She did not travel iwth an anticipation of labor occuring.

Finally, excuse me, but since when do women on the left tolerate MEN talking about what their doing with their uterus?

I'm from Tennessee. Our own... (Below threshold)

I'm from Tennessee. Our own Pat Summitt (Go Lady Vols - eight national championships!!) was on a recruiting visit 17 years ago when she went into labor. She demanded to be flown back to Tennessee - said no way her son was going to be born in Virginia! She labored all through the flight, and Tyler was born in Tennessee.

Yo, liberals, I thought you were all about women controlling their own bodies. Where is that now???

I have emailed Fox that they have lost a H&C viewer (always muted Colmes anyway.) This is just despicable.

Where exactly in the articl... (Below threshold)

Where exactly in the article excerpt / screen shot does Colmes say that he thinks her negligence caused Down's syndrome in the baby?

Have any of you people passed the SCAT?

Bravo to Jennifer for recog... (Below threshold)

Bravo to Jennifer for recognizing what Alan was actually saying and not making stuff up like her rabid brethren. This wouldn't be such a big deal if these loonies weren't creating a false link to Down's from Alan's words. Heck, in the article Alan linked it was clearly stated that Down's was a separate issue identified much earlier.

Now that the *real* issue can actually be discussed correctly (oh I can dream can't I?) I would say that doing whatever you can for a child you are planning to have is much different from an abortion (As it is past the first trimester.) Being pro-choice doesn't mean you don't care about the condition of a child that WILL be born.

I'm so pissed at you libera... (Below threshold)

I'm so pissed at you liberal smear artists as an Independent McCain just got my vote.
Look at this proof from NORMAL people uploading their images

SHOWING pregnant April 08

compared to her earlier lean waistline

Trim tummy AUG 05

Trim Tummy AUG 07

keep up the smears - it will just push more independents McCains way

Okay I'm taking bets. Whic... (Below threshold)

Okay I'm taking bets. Which website will we read that Palin delayed flying home and to her doctor/hospital because she already knew the baby was "defective" and so was hoping she'd get an infection and possibly lose it. DU or Kos?

"Sorry Vince, you saved the... (Below threshold)

"Sorry Vince, you saved the link, not the content. I wish you HAD saved the content as I would like to see what Alan Combs said rather than what everyone here is speculating that he said."

Considering that I extracted the HTML from the XML of my RSS Feed Reader, created a new HTML file. Saved it. Uploaded it to my web server, and pasted the URL to the document , I can say quite confidently that I did indeed save the content.

Next time, use WebCite (web... (Below threshold)

Next time, use WebCite (webcitation.org) in order to save a copy of the page in its entirety. That way we'll be able to save a copy of the whole entire page and not just a screenshot.

Try try try... that's all t... (Below threshold)

Try try try... that's all they can do. Apparently, they have not yet figured out that we RESPECT grit and integrity. Deleting a whiny post second-guessing a woman's decision is ridiculous. I'm still waiting for the argument that she did the baby an injustice by not aborting him rather than to deliver him to a life with Downs. You know they're thinking it.

I'm going to make sure all the good stuff gets out there about this Lady. And I am so excited that I can mean it when I say "Lady."

[schratboy said: Colmes is ... (Below threshold)

[schratboy said: Colmes is a shameless tool. Like most black-hearted liberals they emote but don't feel. They think but don't reason. They act but without purpose. They self-serve and ignore others.]
Wow, someone must have brainwashed you growing up. That's a bit harsh... and out of touch.

More of you should follow after jennifer's post (#18); she only addresses what is written, without the conservative fabrications.

Holy crap! Now Alan is blam... (Below threshold)

Holy crap! Now Alan is blaming Conservatives for him taking the post down: http://www.alan.com/2008/08/31/its-about-judgment-stupid/

Alan Colmes is a ghoul.... (Below threshold)

Alan Colmes is a ghoul.

Jay Tea wrote:<block... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea wrote:

But if some more technically adept person than me can pull up a copy of the article in its entirety, we'll be more than proud to post it here at Wizbang.

Google's cache doesn't have it, but Yahoo's cache does. Searching for the phrase "gives the timeline associated with the birth of her newest child" on Yahoo yields a hit with a link to Yahoo's cached copy

Damn those Innertubes eh? Not friendly to that progressive thought at all.


I've met prokaryotes with m... (Below threshold)

I've met prokaryotes with more intelligence then Alan Colmes.

Damn that Yahoo cache! Now ... (Below threshold)

Damn that Yahoo cache! Now libs can't hide anything!

Colmes has put up a post ex... (Below threshold)

Colmes has put up a post explaining why he took down the original post, and also defending the original post. Here's the link to that piece of work (yeah, I'm trying really hard to keep my comments family friendly).

Basically, his response comes down to this; "I took the post down because those mean Republicans were saying mean things about me because of the post I put up. By the way, that post didn't say what everyone thought it said, but just in case it did... I should have been more clear about what I was trying to say". In other words, he first tries to weasel out of taking the post down by blaming the whole thing on mean republicans. Then he tries to weasel out of ever making the original post by claiming that it didn't say what everyone thought it said. Then he realizes that's not going to work, so he says "gee, I should have been more clear about what I was trying to say."

You know, it seems to me it would be much easier to just say something along the lines of I posted something really stupid and cold hearted and took it down out of embarassment. I apologize. Of course, then he wouldn't be the skelator we all know and love.

Jim C

Alan Colmes might be a piec... (Below threshold)

Alan Colmes might be a piece of human excrement, but what kind of judgment is shown when a woman endangers her unborn child by traveling across the length of the country after her water broke, then skipping past the big hospitals in the big city where they have NICUs to deliver her premature baby in her small town? It is *incredibly* bad judgment! And this woman could be one heartbeat away from the Presidency?

Having borne children of my... (Below threshold)

Having borne children of my own, I can attest to what can or cannot be done in the hours preceding birth (particularly when it isn't the first one). Is this man aware that Down's Syndrome is a defect of chromosomes and has nothing at all to do with the birth process itself? I'm guessing he is aware and simply chose to make a nasty, mean-spirited political point.

Google's cache is <a href="... (Below threshold)

Google's cache is here.

"what everyone thought it s... (Below threshold)

"what everyone thought it said"

Not everyone, just the conservatives that got directed there with the suggestion of a connection with Down syndrome... and some pessimists with an imagination that always assume the worst of others.

<a href="http://64.233.169.... (Below threshold)

OK, well here is the original post, since you asked. Easy enough. (I DL'd the whole shebang if it goes away and you still need it. I'll hold on to it for a few days, anyway.)

Here's Google's cached entr... (Below threshold) If a conservative made this... (Below threshold)

If a conservative made this statement, the libs would demand their head. I say we demand that Fox fire Colmes and that they do it yesterday.

... if some more technic... (Below threshold)
MDP Author Profile Page:

... if some more technically adept person than me can pull up a copy of the article in its entirety, we'll be more than proud to post it here at Wizbang.

Here you go:


(got it from the Google cache, then just stripped out the Google html to restore the page to its original state.)

But then he's had his nose ... (Below threshold)

But then he's had his nose so far up Obama's ass, I guess it's just second nature for him.

Wrong specialty.

He's a protologist specializing in intrarectocapitosis.


if some more technically... (Below threshold)

if some more technically adept person than me can pull up a copy of the article in its entirety, we'll be more than proud to post it here at Wizbang.

Here you go:


(got it from the Google cache, then just stripped out the Google html to restore the page to its original state.)

Nice job.

Good grief will you look at those comments!

54. Posted by Lizzie </i... (Below threshold)

54. Posted by Lizzie

It oculd be, Lizzie that she knew about what to expect in terms of labor since this was her fifth child.

We have three and we knew pretty well what to expect by the third.

I absolutely agree with And... (Below threshold)
Will Cate:

I absolutely agree with Andrew and others above - we should insist that Fox News fire Colmes. This is simply beyond the pale.

Their main number in NYC is 212-301-3000.

Ask for the office of Bill Shine, head of Programming.

Probably no one there on Labor Day, but I'm calling when they reopen on Tuesday.

It is important to note tha... (Below threshold)

It is important to note that the same people who would have had Palin abort Trig for Down's Syndrome, would have aborted both Michelle Obama's children for the pigment of their skin.

Once you begin down the path of eugenics, you continue, until you have no morality left.

The outrage here is simply ... (Below threshold)
Yo, E rocks!:

The outrage here is simply laughable.

Most of the comments supporting this post are far worse than anything Colmes wrote, however bad taste his writing mgiht have been.

What exactly is wrong, though, in wondering hwy someone would put their own public profile abov ethe prescribed prenatal care fo the almost baby?

I do agree withy ou about scrubbing writings and other things, however -- why aren't you calling on Palin to restore the photos that were posted ont he governor's site and them omvoed several times beofre being dleeted? Have you calle don her to comment about the "Little Trigg" scrubbing of wikipedia?

I love the argument that go... (Below threshold)

I love the argument that goes "He didn't specificlly, explicit say Palin made her child have get Dow

actually i'm stopping .. i felt so rotten just typing that.

Something has to be done with the education in this country.. the Left is destroying people and their minds.

As noted, Alan Colmes <a hr... (Below threshold)
Paul in NJ:

As noted, Alan Colmes put up a new post in which he blames "vile comments made by a pletehora of conservatives" and "epithet-hurling" and such. However, as one commenter put it:

Of course, that works. Remove the post, remove the comments. And then blame the necessity of the removal on the comments. Which no one can now see! And then base your argument on 'evidence' that isn't available.

You could have frozen the comments, Alan. And then left up the original post and comments. But that isn't the liberal way. You could have left the post up, and deleted any posts using profanity. Nope, that isn't the liberal way. What you have done is destroyed the 'evidence' so you can make up anything you want.

Your actions speak much louder than your words.

I absolutely agree with ... (Below threshold)
Paul in NJ:

I absolutely agree with Andrew and others above - we should insist that Fox News fire Colmes. This is simply beyond the pale.

Yes, it is beyond the pale -- but insisting that Fox fire Colmes is wrong, wrong, wrong. A lot of consblogs jumped all over Obama's campaign, and rightly so, for demanding that WGN do something similar for hosting an Obama critic. The left does this too often because they do not brook dissent and criticism.

The right is better than that. Either the right believes in free speech, or we're no better than the left.

Hannity is the one who appe... (Below threshold)
Mrs. Davis:

Hannity is the one who appears in public with Colmes. He needs to get an on air apology that explains why the apology is necessary or explain why he associates with Colmes. Call the show tomorrow; 800.941.7326

looks like you struck a ner... (Below threshold)
When my waters broke two we... (Below threshold)

When my waters broke two weeks early, my doctor told me to wait till I had labor pains to go to the hospital. He said that if I had no pains by the next morning (this was late afternoon), I should call him. He also said it was OK to go to a baby shower that night. On his advice, I went to the hospital 17 hours after my water broke. I tried walking to start labor and finally had to be induced.

Gov. Palin followed her doctor's advice. He thought she had enough time to fly home and it turned out he was right.

She is a liar and a dope sm... (Below threshold)

She is a liar and a dope smoker. She is corrupt and should not be near the Whitehouse, McCain is really slipping and it shows he is not able to make good decisions.

Colmes is just wrong :... (Below threshold)

Colmes is just wrong :

When my wife was pregnant, she started having contractions on Saturday night and they stopped. She took a bath, and we went to bed. Sunday, we barely felt the baby moving around so we went to the hospital. They put on the baby heart monitor and all was well, except there was the odd drop in the heart rate a couple of times over the 4 hours we were there. Monday, my wife had an appointment with the doc anyway doing the non-stress test. They saw the heart rate drop a couple of times and decided to take a closer look. They moved her over to the hospital and the baby was on a pulse monitor when the pulse dropped. About 10 people rushed in, got the baby moving by pushing my wife around which trying to get her undressed. The pulse went back up and they decide to admit her. This was at 10am. They kept an eye on her all day and decided to induce labor. The baby didn't like the contractions so they decided to put her in for a C-Section. However, at this point the shifts changed and a new doctor came on. She decided to an ultrasound to see what was going on.

Turns out my wife's water had broken while she was in the bath, our baby had spent another 2 days without water, and it was only in the evening did someone think to do an ultrasound.

So remember this, water breaking doesn't mean that much and doctors can often miss the simplest of things, and the more I deal with them, the more I feel they aren't sure what they are doing when obvious logical steps aren't taken. For this reason, it's probably quite easy to find a doctor to backup your politically biased assertion.

Oh, and as for the baby, he's fine, and turning 3 next month. In honor of the events surrounding his birth we don't give him anything to drink for the 2 days before his birthday (j/k).

heh. Bowers and Joel F's po... (Below threshold)

heh. Bowers and Joel F's posts show a couple of things: 1)it's laughable the left consider themselves intellectuals, and 2) this pick has them shaking...really shaking.

Now she's a dope smoker and would have had an abortion. ROFL. Really, keeping going. I haven't laughed so hard and felt so much pity for someone in so long.....

Tom Bowers said:<i... (Below threshold)

Tom Bowers said:

She is a liar and a dope smoker.

She used pot once and didn't lie about it, (unlike Biden) when it was legal in Alaska, unlike Obama who used marijuana and cocaine on multiple occasions when it was illegal. And by the way, you claimed she is a liar and corrupt. Care to elaborate? Apparently you have stumbled on to a deep dark secret that nobody other than you knows. Maybe you just really hate women? Have mommy issues, do we?

Kevin -Don't you u... (Below threshold)

Kevin -

Don't you understand? Simply making the accusation of corruption is supposed to be sufficient to cause everyone to start screaming and running away from her. Whether it's true or not should have NO bearing whatsoever on the situation.

Man, I hate those drive-by shit-slingers.

Actually, according to my O... (Below threshold)

Actually, according to my OBY/GYN you have 24 hours before you need to report to the hospital. Someone who says "right away" is afraid of law suits.

And, for the record, I can speak from personal experience that you can have a healthy baby if you do wait. My mom waited 12 hours after her water broke to go in for me, and I gave my son 24 hours (didn't want to be on Pit if I didn't need it).

She had four babies before Trig...she KNEW she wasn't in labor.

What an a$$.

I'll have to agree with Pau... (Below threshold)
Mike H.:

I'll have to agree with Paul in NJ.

Paul in NJ said, <blockquot... (Below threshold)

Paul in NJ said,

A lot of consblogs jumped all over Obama's campaign, and rightly so, for demanding that WGN do something similar for hosting an Obama critic.

Senator McCain, would you please stop with this silly equivocation between Stanley Kurtz having his civil rights violated, and alan "Look Ma, No Scruples!" colmes. One is a victim of intimidation by the Obamessiahs' crime family, and the other is a professional charecter assassin.

Please to explain sir, why do so many of "us" find it necessary to legitimate these scumsuckers by aligning them with people acting heroically in the face of thugs and criminals? I just don't get it. Why would you want to get along with vermin like that?

"Something similar"!?! What in the frick is wrong with us!?!

Interesting, but this is no... (Below threshold)

Interesting, but this is nothing new. Most has been reported on the website guthriesguitar.blogspot.com

Last evening I see the "Sar... (Below threshold)

Last evening I see the "Sarah Palin isn't the mother emails" and now I see the left is questioning if she had proper care (as if they were there see every single test, doctor visit and vitamin she put into her body to even ask the question)

Let me just say this - we all knew this race was going to get dirty, and Sarah was aware of what she was getting into but if someone questions Obama on, say, ties to Crime in Chicago it's totally and 100% off limit. Not only that, the person who asked it is evil!

Talk about a double standard!

Interestingly enough, when ... (Below threshold)

Interestingly enough, when I was pregnant with my first son in 1989 - my water broke, but I wasn't having any contractions. The doc advised me to hang out at home and don't bother coming in to the hospital until my contractions were 5-7 minutes apart.

So, I hung out..and didn't go to the hospital until 12 hours later. I delivered a healthy baby boy - - and, in retrospect, could have taken a flight - - or two, in the time I waited.

Where did Alan Colmes get his medical degree, I wonder?

I used to have some respect... (Below threshold)

I used to have some respect for you, Alan, but after this little piece, it's out the window.
Shame on you for stooping this low. We may as slap your pic on the Koskiddies website.

Where did Alan Col... (Below threshold)
Where did Alan Colmes get his medical degree, I wonder?

Cracker Jsck stopped handing out the cool toy surprises a long time ago, with good reason. I'm sure he would've choked on it.

Perhaps your site crashing ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps your site crashing is the sign that there is a God?

FYI: Alan Colmes, like many... (Below threshold)

FYI: Alan Colmes, like many other liberals, has NO children and is NOT a licensed child care provider of any sort.

For him to be advising Gov. Palin like this is ridiculous and arrogant.

Colmes is such a chickensh*... (Below threshold)
Ann J.:

Colmes is such a chickensh*t. Always the one to have a snarky remark as his guests are cut off the air. Always the one with the innuendos and lefty talking points. Now, writes something on his blog, only to take it down when the heat comes on. What a wuss. Time for Fox to give him a map, a moped and a shove.

I was able to pull Colmes' ... (Below threshold)

I was able to pull Colmes' original article from Google's cache and make a PDF of it. Let me know who needs a copy.

Oh, and if Alan thinks that... (Below threshold)

Oh, and if Alan thinks that I'm the only one who understands that he can't change history, have him review the half-dozen other commenters here that grabbed a copy as well. :-)

The thing is, the Left loves to think that everyone they preach TO, and ABOUT, are more stupid than they are. After decades of this, they believe their own propaganda.

I have always disliked Alan... (Below threshold)

I have always disliked Alan Colmes, but today he has reached a new low. I am so disgusted by his and other left winger's attempts to destroy a 17 year old girl and now her mother over the birth of a child. Just goes to show you that nothing is sacred. Not even the birth of a child..but then again we are talking about the left here. I just hope that Alan Colmes never ever creates life (doubt he has the b*!!$ for it)- Imagine the shame his child would have to face -- oh that's right Alan Colme's isn't a prolifer......Nevermind..

O'Reilly had a segment toni... (Below threshold)

O'Reilly had a segment tonight talking about the hate rhetoric coming from the Daily Kos. I sent him the link to this article and hope it gets his attention. This crap is totally uncalled for!!

I can't believe that the le... (Below threshold)

I can't believe that the left wingers are talking about Palin's daughter's pregnancy but fail to mention that Biden's daughter was a coke addict and has already been to rehab.

Besides Alan Colmes being i... (Below threshold)

Besides Alan Colmes being ignorant and crass, has it been forgotten that our 'Most Honored One', Barrack Obama, was conceived out of wedlock? Or maybe that doesn't matter.... His mother didn't eat moose stew. :o)

The best part is that Alan ... (Below threshold)

The best part is that Alan Colmes didn't bother to rename the screen capture. So even on alan.com, the screen cap filename is "alancolmes-sick.png"

That Alan Colmes is not just another pretty face...

I said:"Okay I'm t... (Below threshold)

I said:

"Okay I'm taking bets. Which website will we read that Palin delayed flying home and to her doctor/hospital because she already knew the baby was "defective" and so was hoping she'd get an infection and possibly lose it. DU or Kos?"

DAMN! I knew it was coming I just didn't know from where! It wasn't kos or DU it was some nutjob lefty from elsewhere....


"I DO think she [Palin] flew at a dangerous time in her pregnancy and then took her time getting to a hospital in an attempt to force a miscarriage, however. Or I suspect that's the case, and there's no way to prove that."

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! And it frightens me because they are all so effing crazy and they VOTE!!!!!!!!!

You know, the internet is f... (Below threshold)
John D. Turner:

You know, the internet is forever. Once something is posted, it is hard to eradicate. Here is the cached URL for Coombs article from Google:
Of course, someone else may have already posted it.

To find it, type in the title of his "article" in quotes in Google, and when it comes up, clicked the "Cached" link.

Read these two new articles... (Below threshold)

Read these two new articles from Alaskan newspapers and if you can accept human nature, it is pretty much a slam dumK that Salin is a LIAR and committed a huge HOAX on the

Alaskan people and made a huge error in judgement by trying to do the same on the american public.

Secret's out: Palin pregnant (03/06/08)

Palin says she felt safe flying to Alaska to have baby


Linked to your post from <a... (Below threshold)

Linked to your post from Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Tom Brokaw and others twinge

where I have a quotes from Brokaw and Norah O'Donnell

"There is one important thing to point out. The media is not attacking Sarah Palin. The media has done investigative pieces, in their job, about the way Sarah Palin was chosen."

You idiots back off Alan. H... (Below threshold)

You idiots back off Alan. He is a voice of reason and I hope all of you can be half as human. Back off Alan!!!!

Colms Radio show recieved a... (Below threshold)

Colms Radio show recieved a call from a conservative stating he voted against Obama BUT
stands behind the new president in unity for America. Colms brushed him off and then does a tirate against conservatives and Republicians.
Can Colms be considered an American for America or is Colmes showing his stripes as one against Americans and unity? A trador to united America? Well, if Colms posts his comment you will have a answer. As for me - I consider Colms as one who is against America with zero pride in the American system. There is no trust in colms at any level.

Hmmmm we are talking about ... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm we are talking about down syndrome here. I don't see a problem with the abortion. His action has prevented a lot of potential suffering and thanks to our medical advancement, his decision was able to manifest. It sucks to kill an unborn but it sucks even more if the unborn was introduced into society.






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