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A Sneak Peek

I really would love to be in St. Paul, but it is fun following events this week by television and internet, too. Bill Kristol just said on Fox that Fred Thompson will likely include a defense of Palin in his speech explaining that DC insiders and the media don't get it -- a woman who has accomplished a lot without the benefit of a Harvard education or the media or the blessing of the D.C. types. He also shared a story about a discussion between a McCain staffer and Sarah Palin. He said the young staffer warned Palin of the intense scrutiny she would be under and told her to expect them to really come after her. Palin responded by saying thanks for the advice, but then asked "Do you know the difference between a hocky mom and a pit bull?" the answer: Lipstick. I have a feeling that Sarah Palin is going to be the best person to defend Sarah Palin. I am really looking forward to her speech.

In the same segment, Juan Williams talked a bit about how reviled Joe Lieberman is by Democrats. Think about this, how much attention would it receive -- how much of a honking big deal would it be -- if the former GOP Vice Presidential nominee was speaking at the Democrat convention? This is a HUGE deal guys! It will not be played that way by the media. They will either downplay it or they will adopt the Keith Olbermann/Chris Matthews strategy of labeling Liberman a Tokyo Rose traitor.

Also on Fox News, Karl Rove went into some detail about how Palin was vetted months ago by A.B. Culvahouse. He said there was brief mention of Culvahouse being in Alaska then, but it was dismissed as a family vacation. Interesting stuff.


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Yes, this may be a kind of ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Yes, this may be a kind of `sneak peek` into the way McCain makes his `executive` decisions and reversals in the choices of his campaign personnel and running mate.

They didn't seriously consider her until four or five days from the time she was picked, before she was asked, maybe the Thursday or Friday before," said a Republican close to the campaign. "This was really kind of rushed at the end, because John didn't get what he wanted. He wanted to do Joe or Ridge."

McCain seems to fly by the seat of his pants, acting almost on the advice of the last person he talked to, as contrasted to Obama who is a `process` person and made a careful, conservative, choice in his choice for his veep.

Did you read what Lori wrot... (Below threshold)

Did you read what Lori wrote, Steve?

Also on Fox News, Karl Rove went into some detail about how Palin was vetted months ago by A.B. Culvahouse. He said there was brief mention of Culvahouse being in Alaska then, but it was dismissed as a family vacation.

Or did you break your knee as it hit the bottom of the desk while you wrote your ridiculous comment.

All,Please know th... (Below threshold)


Please know that this is an all-out war (not with weapons fired from a distance but one that resembles those that were fought hand to hand, with swords and bows/arrows).

Currently, we're using our shields so that we don't get hurt from this liberal assault from all fronts (but we are not attacking back with any intensity that resembles theirs -- ours is almost purely defense). They will carry this battle plan through election day, with the dead and illegals and homeless and nursing home people (with dementia) voting for the Dem candidate. I wish that we would stop being gentlemanly or even fair -- that'll be little consolation as our children will have to deal with the socialism and the evil that is handed down to them. Please get involved -- whether that is volunteering as poll workers, commenting on blogs, holding meetings, persuading whoever you can. Go to your local Republican headquarters -- you'll find it probably fairly empty and quiet (I visited one on Fri -- it was that way). Please know that you are in a war and that your enemy is out to destroy you whatever way they can.

Steve Crickmore, you are a ... (Below threshold)

Steve Crickmore, you are a turd. To think Obama is a "process" man? Kidding right. Ever hear him answer questions off the cuff? If it isn't written down for him, he does not have eloquence. Gov. Palin, an elected executive governement position where there are only 50, proves her experience and leadership. The main reason for your lament is McCain outplayed your party. ww

The Left have made a huge m... (Below threshold)

The Left have made a huge mistake in pushing the Palin pregnancy/non-pregnancy/daughter's pregnancy stories, rumors and other vile innuendos so hard.

The MSM have also damaged their push to elect Obama, by grabbing this story and going so far over the top with it, that voters will no longer respond to their future stories and Obama-lovefests.

I heard Karl this morning v... (Below threshold)

I heard Karl this morning via Fox on FM and I thought "Ah uh! Finally someone is saying it". There is no way in heck McCain didn't vet this women PERIOD!

The liberals, especially the NOW nags, can't stand a woman doing what they've been telling them to do for years. (snort)

Listen to nehemiah folks. T... (Below threshold)

Listen to nehemiah folks. The Left (and naturally that includes the MSM) has declared war because they are scared to death of Palin and what she can do to their tickets in fly-by American. We need to go after Obama and Biden, not just defend Palin. It has to be a three-front war.

While I'm thrilled with the... (Below threshold)

While I'm thrilled with the Palin selection, regardless of the speculation about vetting or non-vetting, I am NOT pleased with the dumping of Rudy (whom I and about 10-15% of other voters in the early primaries supported) in favor or Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman. Rudy did a great job speaking at the last convention and I was looking forward to hearing from him. While I had expected that Fred and Joe L. would speak (at least Lieberman isn't as lame as former RINO Congressman Leach who spoke to the Dems last week), I see no reason to have scratched Rudy.

McCain seems to f... (Below threshold)
McCain seems to fly by the seat of his pants, acting almost on the advice of the last person he talked to, as contrasted to Obama who is a`process` person and made a careful, conservative, choice in his choice for his veep.

Oh my, Obama and conservative in the same sentence. That has to be the understatement of the day!

Rudy will be much more valu... (Below threshold)

Rudy will be much more valuable on the road and in front of the cameras than being in front of a podium.

HughS, sure the candidate w... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

HughS, sure the candidate was vetted by a lawyer and law firm. Here is the Fox's link that Lorie talked about, but as James Baker says:

the best way to handle a proposed vice presidential nominee who has not been tested in national or big-state politics or high appointive office--and I have the obvious benefit of hindsight--is to float the name a few weeks before the convention and let the games begin.

Obama has gone through 18 months of intense scrutiny, and has been tested and survived largely because he is so able. After political philosophy and character, the central question should concern the candidate`s ability. And I just don`t know about her real ability? I don`t think McCain and company, quite anticipated the storm of controversy surrounding the nomination of this apparent neophyte. Let`s just say they didn't prepare the ground very well for releasing her candidacy.

And even though Hurricane Sarah, at the RNC, has now replaced Hurricane Gustav, it doesn`t appear, at this stage she will give McCain much of a campaign bounce and that is why presumably she was picked.

It is a pity in a way, she seems more likeable, more refreshing ( particularly to a conservative), and less predictable than a more experienced insider, normally a safe but boring pair of hands.

As far as describing Obama as a conservative, I meant that Obama is methodical and actually fairly conservative and traditional in his attitudes about the place of family, work, education, worship, language, appearance and so forth,... yes, not politics.






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