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Obamedia Misses the Big Story

Here is the headline currently at MSNBC.com:

Bush to invoke 9/11, praise McCain

President to make case for John McCain from White House via satellite; Joe Lieberman, Fred Thompson to make appeal to independents.

Hey, MSNBC and all the other networks -- the big news is that the former Democrat VP nominee is speaking at the GOP convention and is endorsing the Republican candidate for President. That's your headline all you Obamedia journalists. It is not really all that difficult to grasp. Just think about it this way. Pretend that the former GOP Vice Presidential nominee was speaking at the DNC and endorsing Barack Obama and cover it that way. They are no longer even attempting to appear fair or objective. Sean Hannity keeps saying 2008 will b e known as the year journalism died. I think he might just be right.

Update: After watching President Bush's speech I wonder if his might be the big speech tonight. It was excellent. I liked the tribute to his wife and the portion of the speech about McCain speaking out for more troops. Also liked the reference to the "angry left." MSNBC ran the reference to 9/11 as the "news." Wouldn't it have been more unusual, therefore more newsworthy, if he hadn't mentioned it. It defined his presidency. It is the reason we must elect someone who remembers the threats posed by terrorism.

Update II: Fred Thompson's speech is about half over and is perfect so far. Funny, moving, informative. Wow -- lots of great lines.


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Comments (10)

Well, Joe *is* a heretic no... (Below threshold)

Well, Joe *is* a heretic now...according to Moulitsas.

uhm ... President Bush's sp... (Below threshold)

uhm ... President Bush's speech was "excellent"? Are you sure you weren't watching a movie or something?

maybe im wrong but the GOP ... (Below threshold)

maybe im wrong but the GOP or the DEMS talk about the economy in real life terms, we just had another bank to fail. That’s makes 10
its about my pocket - im sorry

Did we all love the comment... (Below threshold)
John Cincinnati:

Did we all love the comment that basically made this administration which referenced the "angry left?" MSNBC ran the reference to 9/11 as the "news."

Yep, we remember the last eight years of one side republicans stating they are the ones who have made it all better.
Who can forget the following?

~Wireless Wiretaps and surveillance without warrants...
~Starting a war with a country that had nothing to do with September eleventh...
~Everyone still is asking the question where Bin at these days????
~GW JR stating we don't torture, no really I swear we don't torture.... Oh yeah you caught me lying we did it but only once or twice. :-(
~Everyone remembers a paid down debt and now of course the largest debt ever in history with failing banks, stocks, mortgages and people unemployed. (This is from the last eight years not the small time congress change over)
~We remember nothing being done for oil and the statements similar to read my lips no new taxes that the US does not have energy or global warming..... The again well maybe we do.

Yes, folks the republicans have done us proud and they are willing to do it again the next four years and hopes everyone forgets about the last seven years of being a failure. Come on America give John a chance who voted 90% percent of the time with GW Jr. Just give him the keys and he wont raise taxes yep, almost everyone in the US makes over 400 thousand per month. Yep, these are the ones that may have to pay their fair share and they are really hurting at the gas pumps while the second class people starve and loose their homes. Yep, support the Grandpa Bush people he promises if he has to step down his VP who had been over 3000 people in small town Alaska with 3 electoral votes and no experience (No three years of Senate either) that it will be all okay.

Media??? My friend has a te... (Below threshold)

Media??? My friend has a term for these talking heads VIDKIDS! This is the first generation of reporters that did not get their news by reading and they break every rule of good reporting. Some examples- I can't wait to hear the word firestorm (or some other over the top adjative)over some inconsequncial event or remark, how about political bias? Campbell Brown asking if McCain would be the one to get in a foxhole with (subtle but let's keep the Dem war going). The beating Sarah Palin is taking (especially from women reporters) is beyond belief. The VP is about ability and is not about the soap opera being crafted by the media. Courage, caring, being an accomplished woman seems to be a bad thing (not if this were a man or his family). Like it or not woman & the media are swooning over Obama and are collaborating to keep woman under that glass . I sit there at night and grade these phonies as they become more important than the speakers at the conventions-they are at this point just noise!

What does it say about the ... (Below threshold)

What does it say about the Republican Party when they have a Democrat as the highlight at their own convention?? The party is in such disaray and confusion right now that they choose an outsider instead of one of their own.

It's Funny...
The Republicans slam Obama for his "Celebrity" status, but how did the convention look in prime time? A retrospective on "actor" Ronald Reagan and a speech by "actor" Fred Thompson. Is this the same Thompson who had to ask for appalause during the primaries...and now the Republicans love him?? Nothing like the Republicans looking hypocrtical again in slamming Obama. First experience and now the "Celebrity" excuse. They are handing Obama the presidency and don't seem to even care.

CNN had "No Idea" what "ang... (Below threshold)

CNN had "No Idea" what "angry left" meant.
Meanwhile "guys" are dropping 40lb. bags of cement on Republicans from bridge overpasses just outside their window.

That comment about having a... (Below threshold)

That comment about having a Dem at the Republican convention is really, really dim. Sorry, but that is as kind as I can put it. The fact that the GOP was able to get the Democrats' VP nominee from the election before last to endorse their candidate and speak prominently at their convention is probably the biggest "get" of any political convention EVER. Someone name me a bigger one if they can think of it. As Obama tries to be the man of all the people, McCain is making a real appeal to everyone, including a very high profile appeal to Democrats.

I give Lieberman an A for b... (Below threshold)

I give Lieberman an A for boldfacedly telling the Republicans at their convention that there are "corrupt Republican lobbyists, or big corporations that were cheating the American people, or powerful colleagues in Congress who were wasting taxpayer money." The emphasis here is on Republican lobbyists and powerful colleagues in congress. He spoke of Bill Clinton's excellent fiscal policy years, but Joe failed to connect dots, that it is the current Republican adminisration which eroded all the gains President Clinton achieved and plunge this country into financial cardiac distress. Joe, just doesn't get it.

BTW, why didn't the people at the convention cried at Thompson's story telling of McCain as a POW? Becaue it was lukewarm at best. No life to the story.

Obama's so called centrist ... (Below threshold)

Obama's so called centrist positions came about rather quickly, about a year ago, after 20 years of embracing the far left, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Father Phfleiger, Ayers, etc.. Everyone knows this disingenuous move to the center was to get votes ... not because Obama all of a sudden had a true change of heart, and abandoned 20 years of his true beliefs. So, why does a good portion of the American public buy into to this? What makes these gullible people think that if he gets elected, we won't be stuck with a bunch of far left extremist socialist policies? After all, Obama has been the most liberal senator in congress, and Joe Biden has been the third most liberal senator in congress. Most, and third most, out of 100 senators are bad odds. Wake up American ... keep America strong, elect McCain/Palin to the white house in November.






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