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Republican National Convention - Night 2

Tonight, we look forward to hearing speeches from Joe Lieberman and Fred Thompson. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Fred who is expected to give a speech in which he supports his good friend John McCain and vigorously defends Sarah Palin and pushes back against the hatred that's coming from the radicals in the Left.

Not near a television? Then watch the RNC's live stream below.

Just watched the Gary Sinise narrated video about Michael Mansour. It was really powerful and inspirational.


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Dang. Someone get Thomson ... (Below threshold)

Dang. Someone get Thomson a throat lozenge.

Senator Fred Thompson has a... (Below threshold)

Senator Fred Thompson has a peculiar idea of what good character is. After saying proudly that John McCain was a major discipline problem (giving credit to his genetics, i.e. mother and father), and telling a story about his dating a girl who worked in a bar as an exotic dancer under the name of Marie, the Flame of Florida, he tells us that his behavior as a prisoner of war further proves his character. According to an article favorable to John McCain, called Prisoner of war by
Dan Nowicki, Bill Muller in The Arizona Republic on Mar. 1, 2007 10:32 AM, McCain says that after being beaten (note he was not water-boarded, just beaten) he signed a confession saying "I am a black criminal and I have performed the deeds of an air pirate. I almost died and the Vietnamese people saved my life, thanks to the doctors."

I am sure that John McCain like many others, including John Kerry, is a war hero, but details of John war stories seems to change to fit the Republican priorities of the moment.

The stories that seems to never change are that John was fifth from the bottom of his class and a disciplinary problem at the Navel Academy, leading other young men into undisciplined behavior, including undisciplined behavior involving women; and, believe it or not he and the Republicans are proud of all this. Furthermore, let's not forget that he committed a string of adulteries against his first wife who had waited for him during his time as a prisoner of war and then divorced her.

I don't get it. It is the Republican's who are always talking about setting examples for our youth. Here is yet another example of what they think is a good example.

Christ, is that the best sm... (Below threshold)

Christ, is that the best smear you can do? You've never heard of "sowing your oats?" You've never heard of having "wild younger years?"

Then he grew up. There is a world of difference between being undisciplined and dishonorable. And yeah, I think he has good character. I question his judgement at times, but never his character.

And yeah, I'm voting for him (for all the good it'll do here in MD).






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