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Spinning the Lieberman speech

I tuned to CBS to hear how they would spin the speech by Joe Lieberman, former Democrat Vice Presidential candidate. Grrrr. Unbelievable. Evidently, the reason he endorsed John McCain is only because he is John McCain's close friend and if McCain wins he will get a cabinet post. Grrrrrr. Lieberman couldn't possibly think McCain was the right man for the job. He couldn't possibly think that McCain is best for the country at this time. Nope. Self interest and loyalty to a friend. That's the ticket. I thought the media line would be that Lieberman isn't really a Democrat, that he is an independent now. Lieberman went into detail about all the reasons he is supporting John McCain (war on terror, reform, history of service and delivering on what he says he will do, etc.) but the only reason Bob Schieffer could come up with is self interest. Lieberman must have done even better than I thought. The speech was very low key in contrast to Fred Thompson's, but it was very good and I suspect very effective. Hopefully Americans listened to the speech, rather than to the DemocratObaMedia spin.

Update: Just heard from another blogger via email that "at NBC, the floor reporter's toss to Brian Williams for the adios after Lieberman's speech was to wave her hand at the seemingly packed balconies of standing cheering people and say that 'while you may not be able to see them, there are many empty seats here tonight, though we wouldn't expect to see that tomorrow.'" For those who didn't see it the first time around, and to remind all those who did, this is how Democrats stage their events.


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Let's see, their VP nominee... (Below threshold)

Let's see, their VP nominee from 8 years ago is on our side now and their nominee from 4 years ago is on........never mind.

Yeah, that was Ann Curry wi... (Below threshold)

Yeah, that was Ann Curry with that little "dig." They are not even subtle in their bias.

Even as the complete underdog, I think we'll wipe the floor with them in November.

They brought up the same ar... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

They brought up the same argument on CNN, and someone said, why can't we take him at his word? Joe's always struck me as a stand-up guy. Like he said, we don't agree on everything (much) but he is an honorable man. He took a huge risk tonight - he will almost certainly be punished by the Senate leadership if they pick up seats and don't "need" his vote to maintain a majority.

My hat is off to Joe. Would that Obama had 1/10th his courage and conviction.

Somehow, with all he's been... (Below threshold)

Somehow, with all he's been through recently, I don't think Joe really cares if he ruffles the DNC's feathers. And I love him for it. :)

Joe did great. Joe backs th... (Below threshold)

Joe did great. Joe backs the war on terrorism. Joe is pro Israel. Obama is pro palestine. Obama knows Iran and Palestine want the jews dead. Who would you support? ww

The Demos have nothing bett... (Below threshold)

The Demos have nothing better to do?
Mark my words..the democraps will destroy the economy with the printing presses and manipulations of the various markets. My goodness...Osama Obama is a beginner and a loser. All pretty mouth and no substance.

L. fits in with the GOP now... (Below threshold)

L. fits in with the GOP now. He is a bitter old man angry that his party 'left' him. In fact, he sounds just like McCain of four years ago.

L. should lose all majority party chairs and be relegated to watercarrier for the GOP leadership.






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