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Drill, Baby, Drill!

It is certainly no secret that I am a huge Michael Steele fan, but even if I weren't, his line "Drill, baby, drill and drill now!" would have made me one. Direct, succinct, to the point.

Update: That US Weekly cover Kevin posted last night has had quite a bit of fallout.

Update II: While Michael Steele says "drill, baby, drill," Joe Biden says "no, no, no."

Update III: Mitt's speech didn't do much for me, but Huckabee is killing. I already knew that he is one heck of a speaker, but he is exceeding my already high expectations.

Update IV:
Rudy is giving a great speech -- and is now following the lead of the crowd chanting "Drill, baby, drill."


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Comments (7)

Not that any of you would d... (Below threshold)

Not that any of you would do this, but try to refrain from any Bill Clinton/John Edwards takes on the Drill,baby, drill line.

"Drill, Baby, Drill"????? -... (Below threshold)

"Drill, Baby, Drill"????? -- Huh?


And you can't do both herma... (Below threshold)

And you can't do both herman?

I haven't watched Rudy, yet... (Below threshold)

I haven't watched Rudy, yet, but thought Mitt was pretty good - although it was like he had someone tell him before going on stage that he had to knock 5 minutes off his speech - there were clear applause breaks/audience responses that he plowed right through at breakneck speed. I thought it was a good speech though, myself.

Steele KILLED. I liked him before, now I hope he gets some more experience outside a party office in the next 4 years so he can run for veep in 2012. Comfortable, funny, completely in tune with the crowd.

I've got about 10 minutes left of the Palin speech to watch, so far, blown away. Amazed at the reaction of the women in the audience, yeah, they're partisan republicans if they're delegates, but those partisan republicans are going to go home and work their independent/undecided friends for her in a way I don't think they would have for McCain/anybody else.

OMG! How much of the koolai... (Below threshold)

OMG! How much of the koolaide have swallowed?

Brilliant commentary, Steph... (Below threshold)

Brilliant commentary, Stephen. Well done.

If the Republicans make "Dr... (Below threshold)

If the Republicans make "Drill, baby, drill!" their rallying cry we should respond with: "Spill, baby, spill!"






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