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In The Tank For Obama - US Weekly


The front page at US Weekly right now has ELEVEN Sarah Palin related items. All the rest of Hollywood, combined, merit a similar number...


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Comments (31)

And that's not all; now <a ... (Below threshold)
Wow, Kevin. It is so strik... (Below threshold)

Wow, Kevin. It is so striking when you see them side by side -- especially when you read the text. One is like a tribute to a saint. The other like I don't even know what it is so bad. That accusation of the trooper firing scandal is really ridiculous. If the media took about five seconds to explain the details of the "scandal" to their readers I'll bet 90 percent (excluding the Kos types) would side with Palin. All that info is out there but the media would prefer to speak generally about some mysterious scandal rather than lay out the entire case. They have no credibility whatsoever.

What lies are they referrin... (Below threshold)

What lies are they referring to on the title? It's my understanding there haven't been any, just the leftist bloggers thought there were.

Lorie - "If the media t... (Below threshold)

Lorie - "If the media took about five seconds to explain the details of the "scandal" to their readers I'll bet 90 percent (excluding the Kos types) would side with Palin."

Precisly, I saw Blitzer-buffoon about 12 hours ago talking up the Palin "scandal" but not one mention was made concerning the background of them.

Nothing about the investigation having been started by the person that was fired.

Not a single word about the trooper in question having tazered his son or that he had been threatening the Palin family etc.

I just love how you guys ar... (Below threshold)

I just love how you guys are boo-hooing your brains out over the last couple of days. In 2004, Karl Rove and the Bush campaign effectively swift-boated (don't you love how that has become a word) a true veteran, unlike either jerkwads on the Republican ticket.

It's kind of like in 2000 when the Dubya campaign called McCain a "traitor to his nation" in primary ads. I guess you guys selectively forget that mess.

What the Dems have finally discovered, in our current American culture, is that this shit works.

We're tired of losing presidential elections. If it takes crawling out from under a rock to match your party's disgusting, low-life tactics, then so be it. Taking the high road does not work with the American voter.

Barack Obama and his team (God bless the Davids Plouffe and Axelrod) realize what it takes to win and are carrying it out. So Republicans, G.F.Y. before you cry foul. What has carried the goose to 8 years of destroying everything this great nation has stood for is good for the gander to fix it.

If the Republicans were up ... (Below threshold)

If the Republicans were up to it, they should show that at the convention and force the shitty media to have to report the type of blatant dung that is being thrown at this woman..

I bet it would convert alot of fence sitters to vote for her.

Lowmal, they might try, but... (Below threshold)

Lowmal, they might try, but she is still currently under investigation by the Republican Alaska Legislature. (still not sure how the vetters missed that one) The fact is that the ethics committee of the Republican dominated Alaska legislature voted 12-0 to investigate her on this issue, and the full report is due in October, right before the general election. Oh, manna from Heaven, fellow Democrats!

You mean the very Republica... (Below threshold)

You mean the very Republicans she rubbed the wrong way when she did things like introduced her reforms and kill the bridge to nowhere, Ryan?

Not to mention they have go... (Below threshold)
just me:

Not to mention they have gone after the young man involved.


What's hilarious is that t... (Below threshold)

What's hilarious is that the dumbest of the dumb still believe 'swift boating' means slander, when to honest objective people, it means getting the facts out, even though the lib media does ALL it can to prevent their disclosure.

You know, I would have swor... (Below threshold)

You know, I would have sworn that corporate contributions to political campaigns were illegal.

If I had the slightest idea how, I would file a complaint with the FEC.

Bush calling McCain a trait... (Below threshold)

Bush calling McCain a traitor in 2000- A lie.

Swiftboat Vets For Truth explained how Kerry lied in his bio and did more harm to soilders by meeting with the enemy. -Ryan lied again.

Palin stopped corruption in Alaska on either side of the aisle.- Ryan lied.

Already I have enough evidence to say assuredly that Ryan is a liar.

Go to rock, lift up, crawl under. ww

I just love how yo... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
I just love how you guys are boo-hooing your brains out over the last couple of days.

Your confused again. It's the left that has been shitting bricks trying to find dirt on Palin and they have made it so obvious and gender based that women see it as the old boys club trying to keep the woman out. The dumb shits at US Weekly have given the right another tool to hammer Obama. It's so over the top with no factual basis that Obama is going to have to refute it and distance himself from the slimy left or appear to be the slimy left himself.

The fact is that the ethics committee of the Republican dominated Alaska legislature voted 12-0 to investigate her on this issue, and the full report is due in October, right before the general election. Oh, manna from Heaven, fellow Democrats!

I sure hope the left hangs their hat on that. Given preliminary results the report will exonerate Palin and make the left look like even bigger fools than they are.

Seriously, though - I think... (Below threshold)

Seriously, though - I think they should have him either edit or pull down the MySpace. JEEEEEEEEEZ.

I can see it now...biden at... (Below threshold)

I can see it now...biden at the vp debates takin a swig from a hip flask and then leaning over to Sarah Palin and saying...."I realy want to kiss you..."

(Exeunt b hussein....)

US owned by Jann Wenner, a ... (Below threshold)
At least it's a good pictur... (Below threshold)

At least it's a good picture of her.

Ok, that's about as far as I can even pretend to play devil's advocate on this one.

It looks to me like someone... (Below threshold)

It looks to me like someone in the McCain campaign screwed up royally.

Either they didn't vet Palin sufficiently to uncover all the things that would have to be explained to the public,


They did uncover all the potential problems and failed to recognize what the fallout would be. The result is that the message of the convention will be remembered as "Palin is qualified for the job", not what the party had intended.

By the way, is there an official theme to this convention, the GOP equivalent of "Change you can believe in"? If there is, they are doing a good job of hiding it on both the convention and RNC web site.

Nice dance moves Rance, but... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Nice dance moves Rance, but your basic stance is dishonesty and smear tactics.

You lose.


Ryan: "We're tired of losing presidential elections"

I imagine you are. Have you considered that the problem for you includes these thug tactics you keep using? For all your bitterness and false claims, it is actually the Democrats who depend on lies and attack-dog tactics, and it always blows up in their face.

First off the RNC Conventio... (Below threshold)

First off the RNC Convention theme is Country First, not politics. I also see the KOS diciples received their meme to say "McCain did not vet Palin." I heard Colmes say it, Matthews, all democratic talking heads. You silly liberals can say it all you want. It does not make it true. Let's go on and talk about experience, starting tonight. I wonder who is the one lacking? ww

Yeah, that's it liberal med... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Yeah, that's it liberal media. Keep tap dancing in the minefield.

I swear to Christ I'm getting my credit card and donating another $300 right now. Let's quit our squawking and put our money where our mouths and and send this down to the abyss.


DJ,Are you saying,... (Below threshold)


Are you saying, except for the distraction of Gustav, everything is going according to plan?

The comments are up to 3000... (Below threshold)

The comments are up to 3000 at the US magazine site from a review of about 10 pages they a running 9/10 outraged!

We need to keep it up...

DJDo you really be... (Below threshold)


Do you really believe the sh*** you post here? If you do I feel sorry for you. I mean I can understand the dummies and the goofballs like WildWille but I thought you had a bit of critical thinking in you. I guess not.
notiz=Short shrift, short list

It's a subtle, but impactfu... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

It's a subtle, but impactful difference in case no one noticed:

On the Palin cover, she's the only one smiling. Everyone else is a grumpy-faced celeb.

On the Barry cover, it's all smiles and rainbows. The world is a perfect place with the Obamassiah.

This is just tooooo ... (Below threshold)

This is just tooooo funny. The liberal, elitist, socalled main stream media and the hysterical left wing assassins have all taken the bait. What neither seems to realize is that this is about winning elections, not screaming outrage and calling people "Trailer Trash." The more garbage they try to throw, the better Palin looks to the people who count, uh, the ones whose vote counts in November.

Obama is going to finally go on O'Reilly because he isn't stupid. He knows that the Pallin choice is going to have a very large effect on his ability to carry Ohio and PA, where real people will be able to relate to Palin and her family. Just like it was with the caucus states for his win in the nomination, Obama knows it is the electoral college and real people who will decide who will be the next President.

And whoever the guy was who said, "People vote for someone they can relate to," was absolutely right.

Look, if you're going to to... (Below threshold)
Peregrine John:

Look, if you're going to to use the neologistic verb "swiftboat," at least try to remember what it means:

To damage someone's reputation by telling the truth about them.

Glen Beck, a conservative, ... (Below threshold)

Glen Beck, a conservative, used the expression "trailer trash". Which liberal used it, Larry?

Whoops. Gianid got to it be... (Below threshold)
Peregrine John:

Whoops. Gianid got to it before I did. Carry on...

The following was also writ... (Below threshold)

The following was also written by me on Michelle Malkin's blog with regard to this:

I'd like to add to this that Obama's existance is a result of scandal. His mother (Ann Dunham) was not married when he was conceieved, and her circumstances are very similar to Palin's daughter.

The difference is that Federally subsidized abortions and its availability and legality were 180 degrees different in the early 1960's and today. What are the chances that Ann Dunham aborts her "mistake" rather than having to marry a man who would abandon her a few years later?

When you see how the left treat Sarah Palin's daughter's situation, you'd have to think that if they had been able to get ahold of Ann Dunham in 1961, they would have tried to pursuade her to abort their own SAVIOR. Ann Dunham was a posterchild for Planned Parenthood, and Barack Obama should thank his lucky stars (or whatever it is that he prays to) that abortion was not nearly as available as it is today.

Meanwhile, Obama touts Planned Parenthood and it's active destruction of tens of millions of his African-American brothers and sisters. The man has no soul.

For a number to give Wenner... (Below threshold)

For a number to give Wenner Media, the
US Weekly publisher, it's a good number, I called it


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