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Is Wednesday Night When the Backfire Begins?

The Obama camp (and his friends on the angry left) have been working overtime the past five days (actually just under five days, but it seems like months, doesn't it?) to paint Governor Sarah Palin as an inexperienced small town mayor, a bad mom, and in some extreme cases, a woman who faked a pregnancy (or who was really pregnant, but acted recklessly in the hopes of inducing a miscarriage). I am not going to bother to provide links above. They are easy enough to find.

Tuesday night, some of the anchors chose Palin-bashing over showing even just one full hour of speeches in support of the GOP. I think it might just backfire and if it does it will happen tonight. Here is one scenario for how things might unfold:

1. Obama spends almost a week talking about the issue of experience. Not something he generally likes to do considering he has none. In an attempt to downplay Palin's experience he bizarrely ignores the fact that she is a sitting governor and routinely refers to her experience as a "small town mayor" and even compares his legislative record to hers as mayor.

2. Those in the Obama fawning media spend five days talking about Palin's inexperience. The nutroots go insane (well, more insane than usual) and spin all kinds of rumors about faked pregnancy and incest and attempts at induced miscarriage, and eighth grade baby daddies. In an attempt to put to rest some of the rumors, Palin releases a statement saying her 17-year-old daughter Bristol is pregnant. The media spends part of the lone hour the GOP convention has received on network television talking Palin scandal.

3. Television viewers/voters who might otherwise have turned the channel to HGTV or Sci Fi channel or Spike when the convention airs tonight, will watch the Palin speech to see what all the fuss is about. Some will be curious to see America's hottest governor, others will watch to catch a glimpse of Bristol's baby bump in the crowd or a shot of her handsome young hockey player fiance. Others will watch to see if she is really the "Dan Quayle in a skirt" they have been hearing about. Some will even be interested in her take on the issues.

4. If Palin performs even half as well as she did in Ohio last week (without a teleprompter much less) they will find out that in addition to being a mayor she has (to paraphrase a friend of Christopher Orr) played tough with "Big Oil" as head of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission negotiating a proposed Alaska natural gas pipeline, exposed corruption in her own party, cut taxes and wasteful spending, slaughtered an incumbent governor in a primary with a 30 point margin of victory and won the general over a former Democratic governor. She will no doubt list many of her other life experiences, both personal and professional, that have prepared her for the vice presidency.

5. Those viewers might just wonder, especially if they find Palin to be warm and likable, why the Obama camp didn't seem to know that she is the sitting governor of Alaska and wonder why they discounted such accomplishments. From the Christopher Orr post linked above,

Listening to the Democratic leadership respond to John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate, one hears echoes of the Alaska Republican leadership from just a few years ago. Barack Obama's spokesman, Bill Burton, put it this way: "Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency." Former mayor? If you're going to skip over her job as governor and, before that, her job heading the commission that oversees production of the largest petroleum reserves in America, why not "former high school student"? Bah, what does it matter: She's just a small town mayor, just a hockey mom, just a beauty pageant queen.

6. Maybe after the viewers realize the Obama camp has been misleading them about her experience and that the caricature many Democrats have painted of her over the past week has been far from reality, they will question whether or not they can trust team Obama. Maybe they will even wonder why the media didn't seem to know any of this either. If the stars are aligned right they might even decide the media intentionally misled them.

I don't know if that will happen or if people will just tune in to see what she wears and whether or not she cries. Either way, the Obama team and the media have made sure the audience that tunes in to see Governor Sarah Palin speak will be substantially larger than it would otherwise have been. Unless she bombs spectacularly, that counts as advantage Team McCain.

Update: Thursday is the last day to contribute to McCain-Palin. If you are able, show them some love.

Update II: Ace has a great post about how the media is being forced to intrude on Bristol Palin's privacy and how it is all her mom's fault. He has some really good advice about how Bristol can make it all stop. Also, he reminds us how the media was just as intrusive into Chelsea's sex life. And John Edwards'. Read it all.

Update III: I was right about at least two voters. From the comments, "We cancelled a trip to see a ballgame tonight to watch her tonight -- and the Yankees are in town! This may be a defining moment in the election."

Update IV: More Trig trutherism.


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Comments (18)

You are very positive Lorie... (Below threshold)

You are very positive Lorie Byrd.

Thank you. The positiveness of people like you, Limbaugh, etc. is needed right now. W/O it, despair might seem reasonable.

I *love* your take on this.... (Below threshold)

I *love* your take on this.

I just hope you're right.

The news media are just working so hard to smear Governor Palin before she even gets the chance to introduce herself...

I can't help but worry that the campaign made a big mistake not getting the Governor's story out there more strongly over the last five days. They've given a hostile press a great deal of time to try to shape the narrative.

Hi, Lorie. I'm a diehard li... (Below threshold)

Hi, Lorie. I'm a diehard liberal....but I am totally ashamed at how the media is treating Palin. I think that while it looks bad that the McCain team isn't saying much, it will actually help. The more and more the media tries to make her look inept, the better she will look tonight when she speaks. I hope she slams it!

I think it is time to let t... (Below threshold)

I think it is time to let the Obama children know her daddy played with cocaine. A felony. Children seem to be fair game now. I think we should ask Michelle Obama if she knew at the time that her lover was a user of a controlled substance? These are things I would like to know now. Come on, let's do it. The liberals have proved there is no decency anymore in politics. ww

"Television viewers/voters ... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

"Television viewers/voters who might otherwise have turned the channel to HGTV or Sci Fi channel or Spike when the convention airs tomorrow night, will watch the Palin speech to see what all the fuss is about."

Excellent point. We cancelled a trip to see a ballgame tonight to watch her tonight -- and the Yankees are in town! This may be a defining moment in the election.

Apologies if you've seen th... (Below threshold)

Apologies if you've seen this, but to get one look at how Sarah Palin may do tonight, this audio of an interview she did with CNBC a week before her name was announced is very telling. No one can say she doesn't know her stuff and how to get her point across.


Please help to educate me..... (Below threshold)

Please help to educate me...

Why is Thursday (September 4th) the "last day to contribute to McCain-Palin"?

Lori:You na... (Below threshold)


You nailed it. The Liberal media has raised the bar for Palin and if past performance is any indication, she can jump it. If you let fools talk enough, they will almost always reveal themselves and hubris comes to mind.

"There is nothing more dangerous to entrenched Washington power than a populist conservative who looks unlikely to buy into Washington's creature comforts. Take a close look at Governor Palin's record on ethics and energy in Alaska, and it becomes clear what this Beltway outburst is actually about. The irony is that while Senator Obama is running on change, his acceptance speech made explicit that he's promising only more power and money for Washington. Sarah Palin's history of taking on the career politicians of a corrupt Alaskan GOP machine -- her own party -- shows that she's the more authentic change agent."

This from the Wall Street Journal. Simply put, Sarah Palin scares the wee wee out of the intrenched media. Hannity was talking yesterday about this one femal "Journalist" in Washington who was bemoaning that, "I haven't even had lunch with her." *sigh*

Nuf said.

Because of the campaign fin... (Below threshold)

Because of the campaign finance rules -- accepting matching contributions, etc.

Lori, thanks for the remind... (Below threshold)

Lori, thanks for the reminder to contribute. So, been to the McCain/Palin webpage and done that.

Are we really </b... (Below threshold)

Are we really seeing the Obama camp go after Palin's experience by negatively comparing the size of her staff and budget as mayor to the size of his political campaign, while wholly ignoring the fact that she is a sitting governor?

America, if you didn't already realize it, the Democrats think that you are the dumbest creatures to ever walk the earth. And probably even dumber than that.

Obama, when comparing his e... (Below threshold)
John S:

Obama, when comparing his experience to Palin's, cites his executive experience of running a campaign with "2,500 employees." Now I know he doesn't write his pretty speeches, so I doubt he really runs his campaign. And I wonder why he has to defend his experience against the VP candidate.

But I will agree he is the spokesman for an organization that employees 2,500 people. But so is any Walmart greeter.

McCain is releasing an ad c... (Below threshold)

McCain is releasing an ad comparing Palin's experience to Obama's. By tonight I suspect Obama will regret going after Palin on the basis of experience.


There are more than enough ... (Below threshold)

There are more than enough recent statements from Obama to use against him. The speech she's going to make tonight will probably eclipse Obama's acceptance speech due to the publicity generated by his squealing like a stuck pig and the MSM smears.

Lorie, if you watch the vid... (Below threshold)

Lorie, if you watch the video of the Ohio speech, there *is* a teleprompter there; it's that pane of glass thing on a music stand. in fact, in most of the video I've seen, it obstructs McCain's face.

She even glances at it occasionally.

She sure as hell isn't reading her remarks from it.

Lori,Aren't you assu... (Below threshold)

Aren't you assuming the MSN will show the speech in its entirety, and not cut away to interview each other if it looks like it's too effective? As for the excerpts the MSN will be showing during their "analysis", I sure Michael Moore will be quite proud. "We will be the best judge of what the American people should know!"

Most of the media coverage ... (Below threshold)

Most of the media coverage is focused on the wrong aspects. I'm looking forward to more attention on policies and positions. Voters should be deciding which approach they think is best for our future and which candidate they think is best suited for that responsibility. There isn't any person that Senator McCain could have selected for VP that would have convinced me to vote for him, so I'm really bored by all the Palin hooplah which is just smoke and noise.

Reliable sources close to P... (Below threshold)

Reliable sources close to Palin have recently said that her decision to influence voters to vote against a return to state protection of its salmon fishery and the largest industry contributing to the state's economy was in part due to her desire to take advantage of the willingness of mining interests to support her further political aspirations "if you can give us what we need". Namely the financial benefit of continued relaxed regulation against pollution of salmon spawning waters and potential drinking water in Alaska initiated by the Murkowski administration. Governor Palin has been under consideration for some time as a potential candidate for Vice President on the Republican ticket, and mining money is interested in helping with the achievement of that goal, having little use for environmental regulation and protection and the related expense of compliance with such requirements. Understandably, the potential of a highly placed and able political ally in the White House is extremely attractive, especially one indebted to them. Her response was to "take off her Governor's hat" and utilize the media to encourage voters to vote against the repair of vital regulations for safeguarding salmon spawning and potential drinking water. Governor Palin's "stand against corruption" has been useful in producing other spinoffs which are potentially very beneficial to the mining industry, one of which has been enthusiastic and unhesitating cooperation in the corruption investigation of Senator Ted Stevens, who has been a very vocal opponent of the Pebble Project, and whose "removal from the process" would further pave the way for such projects in the future.
Coming forward was "a requirement of conscience, especially in light of the Governor's apparent betrayal of her highly visible stand against corruption and desire to promote clean political practices" these sources said, calling such actions "at the very least unethical, and possibly illegal". They went on to say that thousands of Alaskans economically dependent on the salmon fishery have expressed their concern and the belief that they have been "betrayed" and "sold out".






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