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Note to Peggy Noonan: It Most Certainly Is Not Over

And I suggest you take back your comments and apologize to Governor Sarah Palin.


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Note to Peggy "BS" Noonan:<... (Below threshold)

Note to Peggy "BS" Noonan:
Funny, I didn't think your size 10s would fit in your mouth.

She already did. Said it wa... (Below threshold)

She already did. Said it was completely out of context. On the WSJ opinion site now.

OH yeah and please don't as... (Below threshold)

OH yeah and please don't ask to help write Palin's speeches. You'll just ruin them.

Why are you heaping it all ... (Below threshold)

Why are you heaping it all on Noonan? I am flabbergasted at this little outburst of honesty. There were four of them sitting there, including I heard two other guys, I think Chuck Todd (don't know who he is) and Mike Murphy (I bet you all know who he is) besides Noonan calling Palin "gimmicky". All I can I say is wow. There's not enough popcorn in my county as this Republican train wreck rolls along. And her speech? She's running her mouth a little too hard, attacking people while not even having one leg to stand on. She wants to talk about pork and ethics? Again, WOW. As soon as your little Minnesota love fest is over, she's getting a few new holes ripped in her by the media and the Obama camp.

Cheers, and I hope you all don't go into sulking seclusion on Nov. 4th and stay away from the boards.

Update to the original arti... (Below threshold)

Update to the original article:

Noonan tries to explain her remarks, and says that what's "over" isn't, she meant, McCain's campaign, but that what's over is the truth to the belief that "whatever the base of the Republican party thinks is what America thinks."
Yeah keep spouting that obfuscatory BS, Peggy, now that you've been PWN3D.

about ryan's post ... (Below threshold)

about ryan's post
i can understand if you disagree with what palin said, but you lose all credability when you attack the delivery and content of the speech. I guarantee that obama and biden are not looking at the speech the way you are. If they are they are fools of the first order and deserve to lose the election

Yep. Out of context.... (Below threshold)

Yep. Out of context.

Wonder how MSNBC managed to get that truncated out of context open mic. tape out???? There's your USMagazine story idea which will never be pursued.

Dear Ms. Noonan:... (Below threshold)
Deanna S. Botts:

Dear Ms. Noonan:

You are so disappointing. You have always been someone that I have admired and have read most all of your books.

However, after your off-the-mic comments regarding Ms. Sarah Palin, you have certainly opened my eyes as to your character. I will NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, read or buy any of your books ever again, and I will not listen to your opinions ever again on the Hannity show or any other show you should happen to appear on. I have a feeling I am not alone.

Deanna Botts






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