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Republican National Convention - Night 3

Tonight's the night. Governor Sarah Palin speaks and I don't know about you, but I can't wait. I included the excerpts from her speech in the post below. And again I'm also linking to the live stream as well. I'll be Twittering the speech, too, so if you want to follow, I'm here.


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Sarah Palin is the most imp... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Sarah Palin is the most important Republican, man or woman. All eyes are on her.

My prediction: a well delivered speech and good reviews for her.

All eyes are definitely on ... (Below threshold)

All eyes are definitely on her. She's got much more mental strength than I. If I were in her shoes, I'd be a nervous wreck.

I'm watching C-Span right n... (Below threshold)

I'm watching C-Span right now and it's nice to not have a bunch of talking heads taking up the television.

Wow. WHat a difference. L... (Below threshold)

Wow. WHat a difference. LIke C-span better indeed.

Michael Steele is up. If I ... (Below threshold)

Michael Steele is up. If I were watching even Fox News, I'd miss him altogether. I love this guy. He had great commercials when he ran for the US Senate.

Really,are you kidding me? ... (Below threshold)

Really,are you kidding me? Okay, its alright that her daughter is having a child, and I think the support is great, but please, don't let us hear another word about morality, to each his own. Morality is a choice that should not be challenged, for anyone..... She is not ready to be three cancer scares and a heartbeat away from President. Let's be honest, no one replaces Hillary-every....Maybe Condi, but noone offered her. Sarah Palin is progressive but not ready. Come on....be real and think about it in the big picture, not in the immediate silly picture. Palin has a future, but not as a vice pres

Daaaaaaaaaimn. She's hitti... (Below threshold)

Daaaaaaaaaimn. She's hitting body blows to the Obama image with panache, elan, and humor. This ain't good for the Dims.

And I'm lovin' every minute of it. :)

Hey Kim,I wonder i... (Below threshold)

Hey Kim,

I wonder if Jon McCain has shown up early because this convention has been going so poorly? Think he is there to rally the troops?

Hey JMC. THe frigging troo... (Below threshold)

Hey JMC. THe frigging troops are ready to run through a brick wall.






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