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Governor Sarah Palin Acceptance Speech Reaction - Open Thread


You know the drill... We'll have our thought posted over the next hours and into tomorrow (in addition to the already posted reactions), but this is your chance to sound off...


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A WAY BACK! - A WAY BACK... (Below threshold)

Touch 'em all Governor. All 4 years that is...

<a href="http://hennessysvi... (Below threshold)

Ponder this: The Republicans may win this election because we believe a woman can have both a career and a family, and the Democrats believe she cannot. Never would have dreamed it possible.

I thought the speech delive... (Below threshold)

I thought the speech delivery was very good. It was made stronger by Giuliani's less than top-notch performance (IMO). If Giuliani had given the speech of lifetime it would have been a hard act to follow. But he didn't. In comparison Palin appeared poised and her timing was much better. (More thoughts posted on my blog--just click my name.)

I plan to blog about this t... (Below threshold)

I plan to blog about this too, but I give it a B+, whereas I gave Saturday's speech an A. Great delivery, very solid performance, I loved the first 2/3 of it, only liked the last 1/3. I really liked the part where she said something like "special kids require special love." Though this wasn't part of the speech, it made me very happy to see Bristol and her boyfriend/fiance present and being included, and it was just adorable to see everyone (including Cindy McCain) taking turns holding Trig.

I have to dock a point for rehashing her bit about the bridge to nowhere, I predict leftists will be calling her on that. I'm glad she dropped tributes to Hillary and Ferraro from the docket. I think both sides will agree, she is no Hillary Clinton, and now that the homage has been paid it's time to move on. Loved it when she knocked Obama for the dorky Greek columns and made a quip about him parting the waters and healing the earth. Heh.

Overall, very solid speech delivered very well, it should settle some of the naysaying within the party. This is a woman who can handle heat.

Walk-off grand slam. No do... (Below threshold)

Walk-off grand slam. No doubt.

Joe Comb-over has to be VERY nervous.

Sarah Palin gave a wonderfu... (Below threshold)
Paul Duffau:

Sarah Palin gave a wonderful speech that is going to obscure the most important thing I saw tonight.

First, the speech. A bit of everything in the mix with lots of red meat and a touch of spice for seasoning. It's nice to see a Republican not act like a scared ninny. I get really tired of Republicans who try to suck up to the Washington culture. Get a clue- the media thinks every one else is a rube - except of course, the Chosen One. Her line about

Sarah Palin delivered her lines comfortably and well after a bit of a slow start and the speech hit the high points that I wanted to hear. Strong on defense (someone's been coaching her - good!), strong for the economy (drilling, alt.fuels, taking care of the rust belt, small businesses) and a reformers agenda for Washington. All great stuff.

But what struck me most is that Palin is a "happy warrior". I didn't see the pitbull/hockey mom line in the early release notes so she may have adlibbed that - but she relishes the battle and won't quit on us. she shows every sign of showing that she enjoys a good fight and, more so, enjoys being the one that finishes it.

And the contrast that she drew between McCain vs Obummer- Substance over Style, Leadership over Posturing - is devastating to the Democrats.

They have ever reason to fear her. She has energy, courage, intelligence, charisma...

She is the heir-apparent for Reagan mantle - only more conservative!

I'm happy. She still has to... (Below threshold)
Boyd Author Profile Page:

I'm happy. She still has to get her teleprompter skills down, but that's her biggest experience shortcoming (as opposed to a certain Presidential candidate).

A few baseball metaphors ha... (Below threshold)

A few baseball metaphors have surfaced here already but I must add to them because there was more than one moment when I felt that Sarah had hit a home run and taken the bases in a casual lope.

I could feel the fear of the dems building through every minute of her speech as they realized that all the slime that had been slung this week was rebounding in their direction. This was no shrinking violet unaware of the stakes and fearful of taking a stand. No, no, no.......Sarah Palin is a PLAYER !

I will be perfectly happy to watch the dems continue slandering and falsely accusing for the rest of the election cycle for I have no feeling that there is much else that they thought they would have to do to deliver their "anointed one" to his throne. But tonight the game changed dramatically and my feeling is that they are wholly unprepared for what is coming.

Sarah did a magnificent job of shutting down the concept that she is some weak sister from a hick town unable to deal in a dog eat dog high stakes political scene. I think we have been blessed with her presence on the ticket.

I can hardly wait for the debates.

I was going to do a 1,000 w... (Below threshold)

I was going to do a 1,000 word post about how freaking awesome her speech was, but since a picture's worth 1,000 words...

Loved it! Great balance. ... (Below threshold)

Loved it! Great balance. Fine delivery. Great ad-lib.

Totally psyched to get involved now!

Palin's speech was a grand ... (Below threshold)

Palin's speech was a grand slam with her hoisting the Lombardi Trophy around the bases.

Chris Matthews has a new tingling feeling in his legs...cuz he just crapped himself.

She's a self described Hock... (Below threshold)

She's a self described Hockey Mom. There are no famous Alaskan baseball teams. This was a triple hat trick straight through the 5 hole! Obama better wear a kevlar cup, since Olbermann has proven that he can't skate backwards.

I used to be stationed in A... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

I used to be stationed in Alaska in while in the USAF. Alaska women are like women of the old west, but with more grit.

This chick is the friggin bomb!! She had my vote when they started attacking her family. Now, she will get my money. Sending Mav and the Barracuda some beer and pizza money.

Juan Williams, one of the more honest and respectable liberal journalist, said "it was like a knife fight, but she was the only one with the knife". Yep.

Red Meat? She opened up a friggin' steak buffet, cooked rare, on stage. I loved it.

Here is how the Dems and their surrogates in the media just lost the election. They overplayed their hand and "vetting" Palin by going after her family, particularly her kids. Tell a woman her work is inferior because she is a woman, and you will get a loud talking too, laced with profanities. Attack a woman's children, and you will get merced like some Black Ops target. Now it is all down hill. They are going to talk about her qualifications now, after talking about her daughter and parenting skills? Bad strategy. I also Brokaw laugh at Olbermann's hyperventilating at Troopergate, as small town politics. Once the facts come out on that, she will gain even more sympathy.

She will compare her experience to Obama's and McCain will compare his experience to Biden. But Plain will have gained some of the more moderate Hillary voters and independents, and the base will be more than energized.

Edge: McCain/Palin

Absolutely fantastic. She ... (Below threshold)

Absolutely fantastic. She will make a great vice president. Let's see what the media can find wrong with her tomorrow. HA!

And Obama's only reaction was to bring up how it's more of George Bush. The Dems are definitely worried.

Clobbergirl:I t... (Below threshold)


I think both sides will agree, she is no Hillary Clinton, and now that the homage has been paid it's time to move on.

She certainly isn't. After the merciless pounding the Palins have taken since Friday, she came out smiling and fighting, not a sniffle from her.

Hillary was bawling after her Iowa caucus loss about how "tough" it's been on her, how tired she is, yadda yadda

Oh, and one built her own career, the other piggybacked on her husband's.


one thing i noticed was tha... (Below threshold)

one thing i noticed was that the occasional twang came out in her voice. i was reminded of how Hilary occasionally affected a twang when speaking to different audiences and how it always seemed contrived, for Sarah it seemed natural.

Two and a half times I have... (Below threshold)

Two and a half times I have been this jazzed because of politics:
1: The night Reagan was elected in 1980.
2: The night the GOP took the House and Senate in 1994.
2.5: The night the hockey team beat the USSR in the Olympics in 1980.

I can't wait for November 4.

Boyd, actually her teleprom... (Below threshold)

Boyd, actually her teleprompter skills are supposed to be quite good. Kathryn Jean Lope at NRO was there and said she was trying to read along with Palin on the Teleprompter but the teleprompter operator was rolling over the applause lines and going into the next paragraph making it difficult to follow but that Palin had little difficulty because she really knew the speech.

What I think she needs to do is work on controlling the crowd reaction. She let some applause lines go on too long and it tended to screw up the pacing. She got better as she went on but even so it was one of the two best speeches I've heard this year and the other was Barry's. She's a natural at this, the Dems should be afraid, very very afraid.

Palin Power, indeed. ... (Below threshold)

Palin Power, indeed.

With the nomination of McCain I had largely lost interest in this election cycle, figuring that by flicking off Fred, America was going to "get what it deserved" (a shameful attitude for a husband and father of two, I admit). Now I'm wondering: perhaps McCain was supposed to be the nominee just so that Gov Palin could enter the national stage at just this time in the unfolding of events...? That may be a bit much for you to swallow, but at least consider the possibilities now that she's arrived. She has the potential to reignite the conservative fire in the Republican party and help rally it, get it back on course. Lower taxes, domestic energy action, tort reform (especially WRT healthcare), a reawakening of true federalism, maybe even some currency reworkings...? (hey, a guy can dream, can't he?)

She's the real deal, baby: talent, poise, guts, convictions. And, not that it matters to the big picture, but she's easy on the eyes. After tonight's speech, I could hear the collective thoughts of the entire MSNBC staff right now:

Wait - she's smart, articulate, not fazed by all the smearing that's already gone on..? She's not from a big city, one of our cities, and she has all her teeth? And wears shoes? And she didn't go to an Ivy League school? And she would dare scorn and belittle US, the gatekeepers of TRUTH and REALITY?! And she thinks SHE can be VP!?! Of OUR country??!!
While it's possible that the Dhimmicrats and the MSM don't yet know what's coming for them, I'm pretty sure that they've perceived the tsunami and are already well into varying stages of Visceral Panic Mode. Look for nonsensical smear and redirect attempts of all persuasions and degrees tomorrow (Thurs) in the MSM.

What I think is really sending liberals' reason spiraling around the bowl is this: she's the anti-Hillary in all the right ways. Even at this admittedly-early-hour, it's very, very conceivable that Gov. Palin, not tag-a-long Hillary, will become the first female President of the United States. And when that happens, a large number of liberal heads will simultaneously explode -- it's ideological doctrine, after all: "Hillary is Supposed To Be The First Woman President", just like "Global Warming Climate Change Is A Real Threat".

It's invigorating to think that the Republicans -- conservatives, even -- may have finally found their kryptonite to the phenom-Obama-nonsense.

Blue skies!

ps: my link goes to my small contribution (if you can even call it that) to the festivities...

I'm a little concerned... A... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

I'm a little concerned... All the MSM talking heads looked as if they'd all contracted the flu simultaneously...

It may get a stiletto heel from the wife chucked at me but... I LOVE SARAH PALIN!

CAN she lead the country an... (Below threshold)

CAN she lead the country and still be a mom?


Do I somehow manage to run a household, five kids, homeschool, do web design from home, teach for 3 school districts day and night classes in both academic and enrichment? Get everyone to sports, dance, AWANA, church, volunteer at the last two.....I think I hit the high points, but there is much more. A lot of multitasking in there....

Ladies, how many of you have a story like Sarah's, or mine? We aren't the girls of the 50's - although some days it would be nice. We work hard and manage the rest as well. She has a strong support system behind her, and she'll do a great job.

She made one of the better ... (Below threshold)

She made one of the better speeches I have heard in my lifetime and that is saying alot. Wonderful, articulate and well thought out. ww

Sarah Palin for President 2... (Below threshold)
George Author Profile Page:

Sarah Palin for President 2012!

The trolls are busy trying ... (Below threshold)

The trolls are busy trying to understand the latest DNC talking points, but all they get is : "We're screwed!"

I am no longer undecided. ... (Below threshold)
linda graycar:

I am no longer undecided. Sara put me in the Republican column. She is great! Cut the pork......cut the crap and vote for Sara!

Walk softly and carry a big... (Below threshold)

Walk softly and carry a big hockey stick!

I'm looking forward to the ... (Below threshold)

I'm looking forward to the VP debate. Joe's best strategy? Call in sick!

I couldn't help thinking ab... (Below threshold)

I couldn't help thinking about Levi Johnston and his feelings. I can just hear the pre-speech instructions: "Look fool, you have knocked up my daughter. Now, I am going to drag your sorry butt on stage and the entire English-speaking world will know that you can't keep it in your pants." That action probably did more for teen-age birth control than all the sex education in schools for the last ten years.

Yep, I'm gonna vote for Sarah, even if she does insist on dragging McCain along with her.

BEST speech I've heard in a... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

BEST speech I've heard in a long, long time.

In fairness to the Obama supporters, they probably feel the same way listening to their guy speak.

Palin speaks our language, shares our concerns and, most importantly, FIGHTS.

Her motto could be: "I have come here to eat moose and kick some ass. And I'm all out of moose."

This is a bright, tough, ac... (Below threshold)

This is a bright, tough, accomplished lady. Unlike Hillary, she felt no overwhelming need to cry about the "unfair" media treatment, even though in Palin's case unfair is not only legitimate, it is gross understatement! Imagine the pressure on her! And no luxury of knowing that a thoroughly biased MSM will happily bail her out should she fail. The left has attacked her quite mercilessly for 5 days and now we know why.

It's all over libtards. It... (Below threshold)
Piso Mojado:

It's all over libtards. It's so over.

I was not going to vote for McCain and I'm still not voting for him. I'm voting for Sarahcuda. She'll be President in 4 years, the first Female president.

We have our own Maggie Thatcher +100!

It's so over for the libtards.


Juan Williams makes Liberal... (Below threshold)

Juan Williams makes Liberals look better than they really are. And his initial reaction was spot on. He might have said that she brought a gun to a knife fight and been equally apt.

The last time the teleprompter broke on Obama, he stuttered and stopped until it was fixed. Not so with Palin, or for that matter, Rudy.

Palin was given her biggest... (Below threshold)

Palin was given her biggest early opportunity for a positive impression, and she smashed the ball out of the park. She was tough as nails without being cruel - and she had to be tough, or she would've been chewed up and spit out. She was funny without being overbearing about it. She spoke clearly and made good points.

I watched her speech live with my roommate (a young black female Republican, go figure!). When we saw Piper lick her hand and smooth down Trig's hair, we both about died. That was so funny and so precious!

To sum up my feelings as concisely as possible, I have a girl crush on Palin now.

a fantastic speech! This is... (Below threshold)

a fantastic speech! This is a straight talking woman who won't back down. Something the liberals fear, that's why they are having a "foaming at the mouth" frenzy. Go Saracuda!!!

sarah palin is very likable... (Below threshold)
nikko mahor:

sarah palin is very likable, she says things from her heart and that sincerity shows through and its what's revitalizing and electrifying the republican party AND IT IS THAT ENERGY THAT WILL PROPEL McCAIN AND PALIN TO POWER COME NOVEMBER.


Governor Palin's speech was... (Below threshold)

Governor Palin's speech was one of the best I've ever heard. She said it like it is, unlike the mindless sheep who adore Obama, even though he's just an empty suit. Most of the negative blogs on this site appear to have been written before the speech was even given. Comments by brain washed Obamabots, who infect the blog sites with the same sarcastic partisan posts, no matter what the story is about. Keep America strong, elect McCain / Palin in November. No Wright, no Farrakahn, no Ayers, no Rezko, no mean Michelle, NOBAMA

You people are wacko! Sara... (Below threshold)

You people are wacko! Sarah Palin was a terrible choice for McCain to make! I don't care how well she can read a speech that she didn't write. Her choice was cynical and pandered to the very base of the party that McCain claimed to oppose when he ran against Bush for the nomination. John Adams called the vice-presidency the most "insignificant office" every created by the minds of men. Apparently, McCain believes that to be true as well.

StTickleMeElmo's apparently... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

StTickleMeElmo's apparently feeling the flames. heh

"I don't care how well she ... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

"I don't care how well she can read a speech that she didn't write. "

But some ice on it and walk it off sugar-britches. Be smart enough than the lib media not to attack a woman's parenting skills or her children... even if you disagree with her politics.

The smell of the fear comin... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

The smell of the fear coming from the left keeps making me think it's time to change the cat litter.

John Adams called the vi... (Below threshold)

John Adams called the vice-presidency the most "insignificant office"

StElmo, it's interesting you make this assertion of fact, which I happen to share.

The critical thinker in me brings up the natural follow up question, though. Why spend so much time huffing, puffing, hyperventilating, foaming at the mouth and just generally making an ass of oneself... for an "insignificant office"? Why, unless it's such a perfect foil for Obama? She's light years more qualified for the top job than Barry O... and she's running for the #2 job. What does that say about "The Chosen One"?

Or maybe that really is the point. To be fair, if I were a card carrying member of The Tinfoil Hat Brigade, I'd probably be worried too. But I'm not.

Go Saraccuda!!!!

I bet tickle-me-elmo 'used ... (Below threshold)

I bet tickle-me-elmo 'used to be a staunch republican but now is voting for Obama!' too.

"Can you tell what ... (Below threshold)

"Can you tell what the vice presidents office does" the words of Sarah Palin before she become the McCain's little side kick. Her speech lacked true depth. I was looking forward to a call beyond parties and lines and in place was only given the same old red trash talk.
She spoke of those who dare to be involved in their communities as worthless. She needed to spend a lot less time fighting and more time telling us her vision. Her speech was lame to say the least.
She comments that Obama had no true leading skills and sites her being governor and mayor has proof (not to mention a 10 billion dollar budget. She failed to realize that Obama more from building his own local community to helping not only his state but the nation (on a federal level) to greater and more affective change.
Sorry, just because you can keep the glaciers of Alaska from falling in the ocean doesn't mean you can save the nation. This especially in the face of the face that she was not able to keep her own child from running out and getting pregnant at 17 years old.
While, I must admit, that maybe she is more effective in the office then the home. When pause to question the effectiveness of any person in line for the office of the president. ESPECIALLY WHEN MCCAIN IS 72 YEARS OLD AND SHE MAY VERY WELL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE USA.

Or we can look at through t... (Below threshold)

Or we can look at through the boring, antiquated, aristocratic vision of the republican party...."she's like a CEO"...Thank you...Thank you...Thank you for letting me know that greatness in your eyes eye not only is parallel to the capitalist take over of every inch democracy, but in fact our very presidential office is in fact the office of a CEO.

Down with Democracy...Hail Capitalism...



I'm sorry. I couldn't find... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry. I couldn't find a single coherent thought in that whole comment. What was your point, aside from the one atop your head...?

SO BACK TO YOUR SM... (Below threshold)

Privileged to live in a small town. As if that's a bad thing. That's a good one. So, what I gather from this comment is democracy has nothing to do with leadership. You don't know much about the backgrounds of some of our greatest presidents, do you?

I especially like the whole... (Below threshold)

I especially like the whole... "President isn't like a CEO" meme going there.

CEO = Chief Executive Officer

President = Head of the Executive Branch

Nope, no similiarity there. None at all... (dumbass).

I'm one of those ambivalent... (Below threshold)

I'm one of those ambivalent conservatives, who, like many, were about as excited for McCain as one might be about getting a root canal.

I haven't considered myself a "Republican" for several years now but after that speech last night I'm once again energized and excited, I've even volunteered for the campaign! My wife, a big Hillary supporter, is now on board with the McCain/Palin ticket and is also really excited.

I may be one of those guys who clings to my guns and religion but I also put in 40+ hours of work each week, most of which goes to the government both state and federal, it seems, try to do the best for my kids and love this country. When Biden said in his response "She didn't even talk about the middle class" A brave commentator said "But Senator she IS the middle class" That was such a subtle, but hard kick right to the groin!

I really feel, for the first time in my life, that there is a politician that is actually going to look out for the welfare of Americans and their families. I for one am a huge fan and pray that they can pull it out.

P.S. As a side note, one thing to also remember is we have a census in 2 years, something not talked about a whole lot, the reason for this is simple, The liberal strongholds of the N.E. and left coast have lost large numbers of their population base, the solid red states of the south and west have gained huge! The Dem's I feel, understand they have 2 years to put in place their power base in order to whether the coming conservative tide and are desperate and will pull out all the stops to get that bastion together.

I liked hearing a great spe... (Below threshold)

I liked hearing a great speech with zingers delivered with a smile on her face. She entered national politics last night and she has a future there.

The second best thing was Olberman's apoplectic reaction. Priceless!

A letter from someone who h... (Below threshold)

A letter from someone who has known Sarah Palin since 1992

From: http://my2bucks.wordpress.com/2008/09/02/a-letter-from-someone-who-has-known-sarah-palin-since-1992/



This is a balanced and fascinating chronicle of Palin's public service. I would strongly recommend that both conservatives and liberals read this. If fiscal conservatives think that she will help McCain get the economy because of her 'executive' experience you really NEED to read this. She left Wasila, a town with zero debt prior to her tenure as mayor, 22 million dollars in debt. Yikes. A McCain/Palin administration would truly be third term of Bush when it comes to a tanking economy.

The veep selection process demonstrates that a McCain vote in November is a vote for Captain Chaos. From Cowboy Bush to Chaos McCain. Run in the opposite direction America.

If this is what passes for ... (Below threshold)

If this is what passes for good with everyone, I finally get it. I get why it is OK for Bush to have hired "Brownie" for FIMA, Chertoff for...well, he's had so many jobs, I forget what he's doing now. I finally get Condi Rice! Come on! Let's be honest, if Palin was a guy, every blog would be asking why "he" just gave a Jay Leno monologue.
Speech, this wouldn't have gotten me a "C" in my High School speech class.
It was like watching a skinny (and better looking) Rosanne Barr deadpan rant about her trip to the doctor. I was actually waiting for someone to say "go girl."
I want to be inspired! I'm not even interested!

Again, ever see a skater go... (Below threshold)

Again, ever see a skater go down hard; legs akimbo, that look of disbelief. We're seeing it big-time from Sarah Palin's detractors. Bet you can't watch just once: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX7X4FovYRA&NR=1 And how 'bout them Dems, they done yet: http://theseedsof9-11.com

She said it with a smile on... (Below threshold)

She said it with a smile on her lips as she decimated the opposition with their own words. That was probably one of the best political speeches I've had the pleasure to listen to. In one speech she did more to energize the conservative base of the Republican party than any of their leaders in over a decade.

I don't care how highly touted Biden is as a debater, when he gets flustered he starts to embellish and flat out lie. In a debate with Palin she'll wipe the floor with him.

Maverick & Cougar
Vote Top Gun '08

jaycee,TWI and its p... (Below threshold)

TWI and its parent group are about as balanced as Pravda

Its fellows include, each line a seperate individual (the IA stuff keyed me to them some time ago; it's a flatstater thing). I've left out names and used their own bios to let people play "Guess that Leftist"

a former press secretary for U.S. Rep. Pat Danner of Missouri, a "Blue Dog" Democrat

a campaign field work for the Democrats during the 1992 general election. Also ran "less than successfully" for the Iowa House

A scion of the Judge family, powerful players in IA democrat politics (Patty Judge is the current Lt. Gov of IA)

Kos diarist and founder of Unbossed, a successful national group blog to help bridge the ever-widening gap between the media and the progressive blogosphere. Unbossed focuses primarily on investigative and original reporting which is pitched to the media to promote more progressive perspectives in news coverage.

Former blogger for Howard Dean's official blog, Blog for America

Founder of Iowa Progress in 2006, and he currently blogs here. He has done paid (and unpaid) political work for the Iowa Democratic Party and progressive candidates across the state.

publicity chair for Women for Peace Iowa and, in 2006, was elected to represent Iowa's 2nd Congressional District on the Democratic State Central Committee.

A Michigan progressive activist and citizen journalist

A gentleman with a long history in journalism, advocacy politics, public relations, politics and even a stint as an elected official, he currently is the Capitol correspondent for the GLBT publication Between the Lines

A lovely lass, Michigan-born and bred, was well on the path to becoming a professor of ancient Iraqi religions and culture when George Bush blew up Iraq, making that seem a less logical career choice. An educational consultant, blogger, activist and writer, she has lived and worked in Chicago, Ann Arbor and Washington, D.C., and currently resides outside Lansing. Her latest passions include radical environmentalism and two recently adopted homeless kittens.

Sole operator of the blog The Conservative Media (which last I checked was still pushing the myth that Palin was a member of a breakaway political party)

The founder of The Power Liberal, which she currently runs with her husband, and is the Minneapolis city coordinator for Drinking Liberally, a progressive group with more than 160 chapters. In her spare time she also blogs on DFLSenate, which tracks the 2006 Senate race from the left side of the aisle.

A political junkie and accidental activist who became involved in politics during the early days of the Dean campaign, is also a weekend front-page writer on MyDD.com

A national security correspondent for The Washington Independent. He has reported for Talking Points Memo, The American Prospect and The New Republic.

A nice midwest gent who covers the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform for The Washington Independent. He has done investigative reporting on social justice and government accountability issues for The Nation and Chicago Reporter magazines.

A lad who directs the liberty and national security project at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law. He clerked for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and for Judge Robert D. Sack of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. He is of counsel in several cases concerning detention of citizens and non-citizens without due process and has written numerous amicus briefs on national security issues.

a former reporter-blogger at Talking Points Memo

a former editor at The New York Times "Week in Review" section. She was the editor of The Los Angeles Times Sunday "Opinion" section from 1991 to 2000. She was Politics Producer for "Charlie Rose."

Now, the point is not that these are bad people, but when this many people with obvious bias get together to create 'independent media', you should to expect that their enterprise is riddled with obvious bias.
And it is.

Yeah, I know. Waiting for a meeting to end so I can call it quits for the day with nothing else to do gives me too much time to use CTRL-C and CTRL-V from one window to another.

Ouch. Looking at my post..... (Below threshold)

Ouch. Looking at my post... that's almost Hoosonian in length and jaypeetwoite in off topicness. Sorry Kevin.

Speech, this would... (Below threshold)
Speech, this wouldn't have gotten me a "C" in my High School speech class.

Liar. Phony. The Roseanne Barr and Jay Leno remarks make absolutely no sense, whatsoever. But then again, you have no clue about speeches, either.

I want to be inspired! I'm not even interested!

Then go where you are interested and see if you can inspire with your senseless bather.

I think I'm missing somethi... (Below threshold)

I think I'm missing something here. How can we have "victory" in Iraq when they're not the people who attacked us? That's like getting punched by someone who runs away before you can punch back, so you turn around and beat up the guy behind you and yell "Victory!" We're spending so much of our money and resources and troops on Iraq, in a war that our President misdirected us into, that we don't have enough left to actually fight against the people who threaten our country. That's not victory, that's being a sitting duck. And McCain/Palin want to stay the course, while the real threat has time to regroup, grow, and try again, just so we can shout "victory?"

Victory is fighting against the people who actually attacked us, and winning, and making our country and families safer. And we can't do that if we keep on this same course.






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