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LOL! Quote of the Day

I almost sprayed Diet Coke all over my keyboard when I read this:

This small act of generosity and support for the group's message -- come on, if you invite CODEPINK somewhere they will eventually be escorted out -- has inserted some sanity into the discussion of the McCain Palin ticket.

Code Pink and sanity in the same sentence? Seriously, I laughed out loud.

The message, of course, was obvious. "Palin is not a woman's choice" was printed on the t-shirts, and the Code Pinkos yelled stuff like, "Women say no to war!"

Well, I support the Iraq war. Does that mean I'm not a woman?

Here we see again the blithering condescension by feminists. How do they figure that all women are "against" war? Here's how I see it. No one likes war. No one likes seeing the best and brightest among us die. I personally hate it. I cried watching the Michael Monsoor video, and I cry every time I visit the Duval County Veteran's Memorial Wall downtown. It breaks my heart. But unlike liberals, feminists, and leftists, I believe that there are some things worth fighting for. Some things are worth going to war over. Freedom is worth it. America is worth it. I'm not in the military, but I proudly support our troops here on the homefront and will do so for as long as it takes. We aren't all soldiers, but we should all be supporting our military and their mission.

But, again, since "women say no to war", I guess this makes me a guy now. Or brainwashed. Or a whore for the right-wing patriarchy. Or some other memorized liberal-feminist talking point.

And as for the whining about being kicked out of the convention center? Well, perhaps rushing the stage towards Sarah Palin yelling and stripping off your clothes would not be the most sane thing to do. If Medea Benjamin (a picture of "sanity" if I ever saw one) and Jodie Evans hadn't done that, they wouldn't have been kicked out. It's not as if security went around checking every person in attendance to make sure they weren't members of Code Pink. Liberals don't seem to understand that actions have consequences. Rushing the stage towards a vice presidential candidate will get the attention of the Secret Service, and they likely won't appreciate it, and will kick you out. Period and end of story.

Yet somehow, the actions of the Code Pinkos were the picture of sanity.

Thinking about that makes me start snickering again.


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Comments (7)

Code Pink is sane in the sa... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Code Pink is sane in the same way DKos is centrist.

DKos is NOT centrist. He's... (Below threshold)

DKos is NOT centrist. He's "mainstream". You dolt :)

Ok this may NOT be appropri... (Below threshold)

Ok this may NOT be appropriate...

but....If YOU Cassy are NOT a women, then I just became a homosexual.....

Give me a break, Code Pink freaks....

Code Pink's trying hard to ... (Below threshold)

Code Pink's trying hard to interrupt McCain's speech. What idiots.

Yeah, THAT sort of garbage will get my support for Obama.

Oyster,Oops!! My ... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Oops!! My bad!

Code Pink relies on others ... (Below threshold)

Code Pink relies on others to defend their rights. After all, being of the "elite", they have better use for their time.

Ugly (acting) women crying ... (Below threshold)

Ugly (acting) women crying out for attention. Like a small child. Any
attention, even anger at you is attention.
Send them back to Pelosi's front lawn where they belong.






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