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Majority of Americans think reporters are trying to hurt Palin

Yes, 51% of Americans polled by Rasmussen think reporters are trying to hurt Sarah Palin.

Over half of U.S. voters (51%) think reporters are trying to hurt Sarah Palin with their news coverage, and 24% say those stories make them more likely to vote for Republican presidential candidate John McCain in November.

Well, we have another attempt by the media to slant reporting in order to hurt Governor Palin. Michelle Malkin writes about the lie that the Washington Post and The New York Times are both writing, that Governor Sarah Palin slashed funding to teen pregnancy centers and children's organizations.


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You want some REAL f'd up r... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

You want some REAL f'd up repugnant sh*t?...

Check out this this post over at Jawa Report.

WARNING, if you click on the link Rusty posted, it's one of THE most vile things I've ever seen. (And I read hyperbolist and Brian's crap!)

I refer it only to show you that yes, "evil" is not some boogey-man made up by the GOP. It exists.

Wow. Hulk mad!

These people just don't see... (Below threshold)

These people just don't seem to learn...

It gets better:<a ... (Below threshold)

It gets better:


Brian Faughnan writes:

"So the Netroots and CNN allege that Palin cut special needs funding by 62 percent, by crediting her with the budget proposed by a political opponent. And the truth is that rather than a 62 percent cut, she's actually increasing special needs funding by 175 percent.

It's no wonder a majority of Americans think the media is trying to hurt Palin."

See the whole article at the link

What did you expect?<... (Below threshold)

What did you expect?

Oh, and Kim, only 1 H in hurt in your headline.

And it gets even bet... (Below threshold)

And it gets even better:


"Alaska is one of nine states that have met the requirements and purposes of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act for students in grades K-12, federal officials said this month."

One of nine states. Now that is interesting. I clicked down through to the US Gov site and glanced at a few states. Plowing past the bureaucratic language, it would appear that lots of states need "Help." Uh, like 41 of them.

I dunno, Mycroft, if 'hurth... (Below threshold)

I dunno, Mycroft, if 'hurthing' is something bad, then I bet they'd be doing that, too.

There are other bad things (for donkeys) in these findings, also:

The potential problem for Democrats is that Obama, the junior U.S. senator from Illinois and a former state legislator, is the party's standard-bearer, while Palin, an ex-mayor and now governor of Alaska, is number two on her party's ticket....

In the new survey, although 85% say they are following news stories about Palin at least somewhat closely, just five percent (5%) think reporters are trying to help her with their coverage, while 35% believe reporters are providing unbiased coverage.

As Obama desperately tries to convince America that he has more experience running things because of his experience as a CANDIDATE than a mayor/governor, he hasn't even begun to take on McCain's experience, which is going to look like a chasm during the debates, I suspect (anybody know if McCain's any good in a debate?). Can you imagine if he has to fight this Obama/Palin thing to November without being able to even address McCain? And Biden? Talk about an afterthought. The Dems can't try the Biden/McCain comparison because it damages their base (talking about Biden's insider status) and it just raises that ugly, ugly spectre of the 'upside down ticket', and the pachyderms can just keep saying, 'yeah, they're similar in experience, but we've got the more experienced one at the TOP of the ticket'. The pathetic excuses I am reading online and, today, hearing in person, that all that matters is that the president be someone to rally around and give good speeches because the cabinet does everything are quite telling (and painfully naive).

And how many people were following Biden closely after his naming? 85%? I don't think so.

Oh, and I accidentally glan... (Below threshold)

Oh, and I accidentally glanced over to the right and the recent posts, unfortunately catching sight of a Blue post...however, things like this that completely infest the left should be repeated over and over again by the right before the election to make sure undecided women know which party has their best interests in mind:

"She' (sic) a great little Teleprompter reader..."

Governor of our largest state that's home to an enormous percentage of our known energy resources...."she's a great little teleprompter reader..." How's that going for you, ladies?

Anyone going to the ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Anyone going to the doctor or dentist between now and November will see that US Weekly magazine not to mention the upcoming National Enquirer story.

Yeah Adrian... they will al... (Below threshold)

Yeah Adrian... they will also see a giant hypodermic headed for their ass or alternatively the gum-line.

So, what's your point?

Oh and BTW, in your case you would see both hypodermics simultaneously. If you get my drift.

Something hilarious today:<... (Below threshold)

Something hilarious today:

Obama was leaving his session with Bill O'Reilly, and had a short press conference. In his opening statement, he complained because people were focusing on his "community organizer" credentials, and not of the rest of his career - while not mentioning that HE was the one who made a 1:1 comparison between his CO credentials and Palin's mayoral experience (while ignoring the rest of her resume).

Adrian BrowneThe <... (Below threshold)

Adrian Browne

The National Enquirer is not in the offices of any of my family's physicians. If I find a copy of US there, rest assured the staff will be reprimanded...by the doctor, not me.

That's the beauty of our current health care system: I know our docs.






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