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Nielson Ratings for Palin Speech Night

Here are some highlights from Nielson's ratings for Day 3 of the GOP convention:

* The Sara Palin speech generated 37.2 million viewers, just a 1.1 million viewers short of Barak Obama's record-breaking speech on Day 4 of the Democratic Convention. The Palin speech was carried on only six networks while the Obama speech was carried on ten (including BET, TV One, Univision and Telemundo).

* Palin attracted a large female audience (19.5 million women, or 4.9 million more than Day 3 of the Democratic Convention).

* Ratings for viewers 55+ (25.2) continue to be about ten times higher than for teens (2.2)

* Day 3 for the GOP attracted more Hispanic viewers (1.4 million) than Day 3 of the Democratic Convention (1.2 million), even though Univision and Telemundo did not carry the speech.

More detailed information can be found here.

Wow! I wonder what Palin's audience would have been if the speech had been covered on all ten networks that covered Obama's.


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I think there's an Echo in ... (Below threshold)

I think there's an Echo in here. :)

Darby,I think your g... (Below threshold)

I think your gag is older than I am. But I am sure you will post it in every thread.

Anyway, that last point is interesting. I wonder why Univision and Telemundo did not carry the speech.

Um, my gag was just to poin... (Below threshold)

Um, my gag was just to point out that Lorie and Kim posted almost identical postings within minutes of each other.

I have no reason to post it anywhere else.

I think you're looking into my 2 posts far more then you need too.

Is there one person in the ... (Below threshold)

Is there one person in the country who gets any of these networks (BET, TV One, Univision and Telemundo) but doesn't get one of the six who carried the speech? If not, then I don't see why there should be a big difference in the ratings.

Oddly enough, the AP is say... (Below threshold)

Oddly enough, the AP is saying she got more than 40 million viewers:

An audience of 37.2 million people watched Palin on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News Channel and MSNBC, Nielsen Media Research said Thursday. PBS estimated its audience at 3.9 million, based on a less reliable sample of several big cities. Nielsen does not count the audience for C-SPAN, which also showed the speech.
I think it's totally obnoxious that those four stations are so biased. People need to see the whole story.

I hope the Chosen One conti... (Below threshold)

I hope the Chosen One continues to make remarks about McCains age.

OLD people VOTE. Young people sign up to vote, but somehow don't seem to make it to the polls on election day. Something to do about 'priorities'. Like Obama choosing shopping over going to a hospital to see wounded troops. Democratic nuance.

Palin drew more than Obama.... (Below threshold)

Palin drew more than Obama. PBS reported 2.3 million viewers which puts Palin's numbers at 40 million

Arthur,For BET, I ag... (Below threshold)

For BET, I agree with you. For the Spanish networks, there are people that do not speak much english, or speak it as a second (third, fourth) language. Many of these people get much to all of their news from these sources, so they can hear it in their native tongue.

OH, and for BET, I suspect ... (Below threshold)

OH, and for BET, I suspect there just wasn't enough badonkadonk shaking in MN for the network's taste.






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