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Sarah Palin Biography Video

Last night, the RNC didn't have time to run this video introducing Sarah Palin because they had to make up for Monday, so it's been released by the convention committee. Her story is simply inspirational. She didn't ride in on anyone's coattails or have her career propelled by the Chicago political machine. She's accomplished what she has on her own:


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I'm actually glad they didn... (Below threshold)

I'm actually glad they didn't show this. Rudy had the audience revved up pretty good and the video would have sucked all the momentum away from her speech.

She didn't ride in on... (Below threshold)

She didn't ride in on anyone's coattails or have her career jettisoned by the Chicago political machine. She's accomplished what she has on her own:

Excellent point, Kim. That is what makes the condescending, arrogant remarks by liberal elitists like Sally Quinn (wealthy influential husband who was editor of the WaPo) so nauseating.

But the entertaining side note of this is that Sally Quinn and her sisters in the liberal hood are the ones who are truly sick about Palin's success. Sarah Palin did it on her own, and deep inside the left's psyche that fact alone is tormenting them.

Peggy Noonan was spot on yesterday in the WSJ. The left has to get rid of Sarah Palin fast or she (Palin) might bankrupt the entire feminist left in sixty days.

Dan Henninger makes some good points also:


Kim,I think you mean... (Below threshold)

I think you mean something different than jettison - perhaps boosted?
Dictionary definition of Jettison:
1.To cast overboard or off: a ship jettisoning wastes; a pilot jettisoning aircraft fuel.
2.Informal. To discard (something) as unwanted or burdensome: jettisoned the whole marketing plan.
Too bad Obama's career wasn't jettisoned.

Do you guys realize that Ob... (Below threshold)

Do you guys realize that Obama and all of his minions in the press have been completely and utterly unable to steer public interest since immediately after his sermon on the rockies? Oh, they've tried to ride the wave and guide it a bit, but it has been Palin (and McCain) for pretty much an entire week now. Keep it up.

Did you see the story on Yahoo today where they talk about what's buzzing by seeing what people are searching for? Today they were getting hit with searches for 'haberdasher' and 'hockey mom' and stuff like that. Go, Palin, go.

Grace, Propelled! ... (Below threshold)


Propelled! That was the word I was looking for. I changed the text. Thanks.

I bet all these previous po... (Below threshold)
Keeping it real:

I bet all these previous posters are feeling pretty stupid now. To get sucked in by this initial excitement, only to find out that there is absolutely nothing behind the pretty face. An insult to the electoral process.






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