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A Funny Personal Story

Just a few minutes ago I was playing with our 5 month old Great Dane who's got quite a stubborn streak in her. Before we picked up our new addition we worked on a name for her. My son was into the movie Land Before Time, which had a girl dinosaur named Cera - pronounced Sarah. Like most kids who like to name pets after TV or movie characters they like, my son insisted we call our new puppy Sarah.

Julie, the breeder who sold Sarah to us, was going with a Nascar/Indy theme for the AKC registered names of all the puppies in the litter, so we decided on an AKC registered name that referenced Sarah Fisher, an Indy car driver. Little did we know, however, that the AKC registered name would be so perfect for Sarah Palin too: Diola's Takin' on the Boys.


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Good luck! I had a friend ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Good luck! I had a friend once who had a Great Dane. It wanted to be a lap dog!

By the way, congrats on the AKC reg. My Collie Bingo is also AKC, though I could not register my Lab Cody, because we found him as a stray (we know he's pure-breed because we did some tests, but the AKC still says 'uh-uh'). We don't do shows or stuff, but the org is a pretty cool one all the same.

Kim, I am jealous. We had o... (Below threshold)

Kim, I am jealous. We had our Great Dane (Malibu-after the rum) for 9 years. What a gentle, kind animal. I still think of getting another, but I dont' want to get into the comparing thing.

5 Months old, that means she is tripping on her own legs. She thinks she is smaller so she runs into walls and furniture. Enjoy. ww

I have Thelma (a Maine coon... (Below threshold)

I have Thelma (a Maine coon cat) and Louise (a Shepard/Rottie mix). What a pair. And what joy our animal family members bring us.

Themla's name was originally Smee (after Hook's second in command) then a few days later, as hubby and I walked to the car to go somewhere, I said nonchalantly, "We should have named her Thelma." I wish you could have seen his eyes light up. The rest is history.

Louise is nearly 14 years old. Almost unheard of for such a large dog.

May you have many years of happiness with your new addition.

Good luck with your girl. ... (Below threshold)

Good luck with your girl. We have a 2 year old papillon and a 6 month
old sheltie. Both of our girls are such a joy.
DJ, you can register your purebred rescue with UKC. We did that with
2 purebred sheltie rescues in the past. (Had to do it for agility).






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