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Dumbest Strategy Ever

In my column at Townhall today I take a look at the dumb strategy decisions the Democrats (and even the media) made over the past week.

Sarah Palin has a lot to thank Democrats for this week. As a result of relentless attacks from angry far left Democrats assisted by their friends in the media, her speech became the most widely viewed of any speech given by a Vice Presidential candidate in the history of the world and Republicans emerged more energized than anyone could have dreamed...

After stooping to pursuing a 17-year-old pregnant girl more vigorously than they had pursued connections between Barack Obama and domestic terrorist William Ayers, the media created public sympathy for Palin, something that became clear in her speech she did not seek nor require. Women from both sides of the political aisle expressed disgust over the sexist treatment of Palin by the media. A post-speech poll of U.S. voters showed that 51 % thought reporters were trying to hurt Palin with their news coverage, and 24% said that made them more likely to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket in November...

The attacks on Palin and her family were meant to bully her, belittle her and take her out of the equation. Instead they produced possibly the biggest blowback in political convention history, helping Sarah Palin pull an audience of over 37 million viewers (38 million watched Obama). The attacks also garnered sympathy for her - that is until voters saw her speak on Wednesday night and realized this was not a woman to pity, but to admire, and if you are her political opponent, to fear.

Read the rest at Townhall.

On the same topic: The Anchoress on Obama's decision to hide behind women, John Hawkins on why liberals hate and fear conservative women, and Betsy Newmark on the "speechwriter" attack on Palin


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Now Obama thinks Hiliary is... (Below threshold)

Now Obama thinks Hiliary is important.
She's off to Florida

The smear tactics almost wo... (Below threshold)

The smear tactics almost worked in 2000, with Bush's DUI, and '04 with the fake ANG memo. The big problem is that they're using all their ammo now, instead of waiting until it'll be tactically useful right before the election. And the stuff they're coming up with is so petty it's pathetic...

I'm supposed to get worked up about Todd's DUI, when it happened before he married Sarah? That's changing my opinion, all right - to thinking 'journalists' are so far in the tank for Obama they're having to pipe down air.






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