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News Execs Summon Baghdad Bob: Pale On Palin

Oh, the humanity! The outrage! Charges against cavalier media attacks on Sarah Palin and her family are apparently - get this - "cavalier." The upstanding Los Angeles Times has the story. I nearly spewed a mouthful of coffee when I read the first direct quote, from NBC News President Steve Capus.

(Warning: Hot coffee entering sinus cavity hurts. Don't drink and read. Proceed at own risk.)

News executives Thursday tried to shake off the excoriations of the media emanating from the Republican National Convention, defending their coverage of GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin as responsible and evenhanded.

While top television network officials and newspaper editors largely dismissed the critiques as partisan rhetoric, some fretted that charges of media bias had reached a new and disturbing level.

"I really do take exception to it," NBC News President Steve Capus said. "These terms get thrown around in an awfully cavalier way, and they're incredibly damaging. We're in the business where words matter, and those are awfully, awfully strong accusations."

"We're in the business where words matter, and those are awfully, awfully strong accusations." Funny, I thought he was talking about the plethora of accusations and insinuations made by NBC (in all its wondrous forms) and the rest of the Obama Campaign Communications Department - errrr, I mean media.

Silly rabbit. Trix are for kids. He was defending himself and his fellow DNC Communications Directors and affiliated Character Assassins.

Yes, Mr. Capus. Words mean things. And journalists (and those who play one on TV) choose them meticulously. We heard them and read them as spoken and written. Check the polls, sir. The collective media cannot be so blatantly in the bag for one candidate and out for blood for another and expect to be taken at face value or even seriously. Olbermann doesn't have that many viewers.

And as a result, we are extremely angry at the collective smear campaign afoot on one hand. And on the other hand, we are laughing so hard at the entertaining self-defense above that hot coffee drips painfully from our nostrils.

In my experience studying terrorism and terrorist groups, I've learned one undeniable truth while observing through my conservative lens. Liberals are like terrorists in one regard: You can rage, you can scream at them, you can cry, you can denounce them, you can even fight them - but don't ever, ever laugh at them. Man, do they both hate that.

Read his quote again, and laugh. Go check the polls this morning, and laugh. Capus & Company are to me like Wile E. Coyote (Super Genius) who still can't catch up to the Road Runner. Today, he's like Wile E.'s wide eyes after running off the cliff, his body already falling to the desert floor and his head suspended, looking right at you in stunned disbelief awaiting inevitable impact.

I picture video of the above LAT interview to look and sound a lot like Baghdad Bob, proclaiming that there are no US troops in Baghdad, none! Meanwhile, the distinct sounds of rattling, squeaking tracks of M1A1 Abrams tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles echo from just over his shoulder.

Who knew Baghdad Bob had taken on a lucrative career in consulting and mentoring?

I liked Baghdad Bob. He had a tough job, selling fiction for a psychopath. But, unlike the American media, he would have been shot at sunrise for deviating anywhere near the truth.

Wile E. Capus, Super Genius.


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The Obama press will rue th... (Below threshold)
John S:

The Obama press will rue the day they went after Sarah's 17-year old daughter. All they did is piss off the momma bear. And after 40 million curious people tuned into her speech, they accidently created the next Ronald Reagan. Dumb libs.

You know, I never really th... (Below threshold)

You know, I never really thought of that John, but you're right. After the smear job of the past 5 days or so a lot of us have been crossing our fingers that this tough lady is tough enough for this slog through the mud. We hoped she was, but you never know. Newt wasn't and he seems pretty tough. But you're right, attacking her family - husband, infant son, daughter - is sure to jam a steel rod thoroughly into her spine for the next couple of months. And the best part is that the media and the "populist, progressive, sensitive" dems thought that attacking a baby, a spouse, a minor daughter would actually drive her away. That's not how to deal with a bear, MSM...better learn to play dead...because that's how you're starting to look.

NBC News? News? News? Ho... (Below threshold)

NBC News? News? News? Holy S! They are running that turdship into the ground and I will loff and loff as it triggers other liberal msm outlets to fail.

Appropriate advice to the M... (Below threshold)

Appropriate advice to the MSM, courtesy of Red Green (and Falze's momma bear analogy): "Quando omni flunkus moritati" *

* "When all else fails, play dead"

I vaguely remember, once up... (Below threshold)
Amy S.:

I vaguely remember, once upon a time, when candidates were weighed for experience, decision making abilities, and judgement. That values and morals actually stood for something is becoming a hazy dream. I'm ashamed to live in a world where people need to lie and smear not only the candidates themselves, but their children, to attempt to further their own interests. These people truly disgust me and if I weren't already set on voting for Palin-McCain, this would have swayed my decision to do just that!

Fixed comment from 'now' to... (Below threshold)
Steve Schippert:

Fixed comment from 'now' to 'not' for you, Falze.

And Amy S., may there be many like you who are as yet undecided.

Truth matters. And when Americans begin to read *through* the news in greater numbers rather than simply ingest it and accept as in the past, the monopoly on the flow of information begins to crumble.

Walter Cronkite owned that flow in covering VietNam and defining the narrative. But those days are over. No mas.

The greatest weapon against a monopoly on the flow of information is the collective competing streams.

It is far more fulfilling (and challenging) to take ownership of a stream and contribute (and compete) than to lay around like a catfish and simply consume what falls.

It's like my characterization of 'Hope' in an earlier post. Hope hell! DO something.

As a kid growing up I had a... (Below threshold)

As a kid growing up I had always assumed that if they said it on the news that was how it was. I had no idea. Then the internet came around and I started seeing something different. Fox news also showed something different. When it dawned on me that all that time I was being told half truth and lies,I was pissed. I still am today. I might still get tricked,but it is no way near as easy for the MSM as it used to be.

"The devil cannot abide bei... (Below threshold)

"The devil cannot abide being mocked."

Capus - "We're in the b... (Below threshold)

Capus - "We're in the business where words matter, and those are awfully, awfully strong accusations."

They're strong because they are true you dipshit.

But alas, this A-Hole only got it half right, images along with words matter.

Images like paid journalists wearing ObamaMessiah buttons while applauding his his convention speech.

Images like his own MSNBC showing a "breaking news" banner for the Palin announcement asking the question: "How many houses will she add to the McCain campaign?"

I've become so inured to th... (Below threshold)

I've become so inured to the media's blathering and subsequent pathetic defense of said blathering that I didn't even bat an eye.

But THIS at least put a big grin on my face:

"You can rage, you can scream at them, you can cry, you can denounce them, you can even fight them - but don't ever, ever laugh at them. Man, do they both hate that."

(And how dare you malign Comical Ali like that? Comparing him to the media....you ought to be ashamed of yourself!)

Liberals and terrorists "do... (Below threshold)

Liberals and terrorists "don't ever, ever laugh at them. Man, do they both hate that."

LMAO!!! haha. so true!! probably because they have so much in common..

As for MSM...haha.. YA because I care about some hairdoo with a liberal opinion..

We ALL know what they say about OPINIONS.....everybody has one, etc. etc.

As I've discovered through ... (Below threshold)

As I've discovered through Triessentialism, emotionally intuitive people cannot at all stand being made to feel silly.

This is why emotions hide behind defense mechanisms: they don't want to be invalidated. Humor is the best way to invalidate a "serious" emotion.






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