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Outraged Community Organizers

Many on the left howled about Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin's digs at Barack Obama's "community organizer" experience. Lefty cable news pundits and other Democrats howled about the attack on all those community organizers around the country laboring in America's neighborhoods. They said community organizers around the country would be angered. They conveniently forgot that the only reason anyone even mentioned "community organizers" is because of Obama's dissing of Palin as a "small town mayor." Obama ridiculed her small town mayor experience and got a bit of a surprise when he was asked in return exactly what executive experience he had running anything at all. His response was to cite his work as a "community organizer" and as the head of his current campaign. And he didn't expect to be ridiculed for that response?

I was not able to follow the campaign as closely earlier in the summer and missed Michelle Malkin's excellent work on Obama's ACORN connections and did not realize that when he referred to community organizing this week he was talking about ACORN. Michelle Malkin has a great column on the topic at Townhall today. ACORN is well known for their voter intimidation and fraud, but I didn't hear Obama asked about that by the media? The media had plenty of time to pursue BabyBumpGate, but maybe not so much for ACORN. But hey, now that Obama has brought it up, maybe someone in the MSM will take a closer look at his work with ACORN....Don't worry, I am not holding my breath.

Visit Gateway Pundit to see the blogging he has done tracking abuses of ACORN in Missouri and elsewhere.

It appears that "Jesus was a community organizer" is suddenly popping up everywhere.

Update: Michelle Malkin has more info and more links.


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Comments (22)

Jesus was a commun... (Below threshold)
rodney dill:
Jesus was a community organizer
...and he was crucified for it.
When it comes to Chicago, w... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

When it comes to Chicago, wasn't Al Capone a community organizer as well?

When are liberals not "outr... (Below threshold)

When are liberals not "outraged". They were outraged at Palin's hair, her voice, her "meaness". Liberals are perpetually outraged.

Jesus had no community. The dimwits don't even know that Jesus was thrown out of his community. ww

I think reasonable people w... (Below threshold)

I think reasonable people will see it as a tit-for-tat.

I don't mind if they're out... (Below threshold)

I don't mind if they're outraged if they think people are disparaging what they do. However, they should be asked whenever it is brought up if they are qualified to be President of the United States of America aka Leader of the Free World because of it.

Here is a good read about O... (Below threshold)

Here is a good read about Obama's role stating the importance of the community organizer commented on how it follows Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals". Oh and the main article was written by Obama.
"Obama: Community Organizing After Alinsky"

The really sad thing is there was no change after Obama's organizing efforts, much the same as when he became state senator. That might explain why he pitched his records as state senator.

Heh. Don Corleone was a com... (Below threshold)

Heh. Don Corleone was a community organizer.

Also, didn't 'community org... (Below threshold)

Also, didn't 'community organizers' used to be called 'ward heelers'?

Point One: Community organi... (Below threshold)

Point One: Community organizers work primarily in heavily populated, low income areas.

Point Two: These areas tend to vote heavily for Democrats.

Point Three: Community organizers organize get out the vote campaigns in these areas that vote heavily for Democrats.

That being said, is it wise to belittle them and motivate them to work extra hard against you? Was this the Republican version of the "clinging to guns and religion" gaffe?

No, Rance, no it isn't. No... (Below threshold)

No, Rance, no it isn't. No matter how you spin it, he's not being belittled for being a community organizer, but by saying that being a community organizer is a qualification for President of the United States of America. Many people have what we like to call 'common sense' and can tell the difference between your examples. Keep trying.

Right, Falze. Community or... (Below threshold)

Right, Falze. Community organizing requires great educational and motivational skills. It is not an executive leadership role. Further, Obama seemed to get bored with community organizing -- he quit and went back to law school after just three years. That being the case, his commitment and perseverance with respect to difficult tasks can certainly be questioned.

Falze,The party ma... (Below threshold)


The party may have a failure to communicate on it's hands, because there are a lot of community organizers who believe they are being belittled by the speakers at the convention.

When Palin cracked "I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a "community organizer," except that you have actual responsibilities", I make the inference that she thinks community organizers don't have any responsibilites. I call that "belittling".

Oops! Obama's organizing wa... (Below threshold)

Oops! Obama's organizing was for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Catholics are even more evil than community organizers! And there were probably some homos there too. And atheists and some of them there wiccans.

Dang, there are just so many Americans you're supposed to hate these days... How's a good Republican supposed to keep track of them all? Is there a handbook?

A new one:The Joke... (Below threshold)

A new one:

The Joker was a community organizer.

In her first campaign for m... (Below threshold)

In her first campaign for mayor Palin ran on the slogan "Wasilla's First Christian Mayor!" against a Lutheran who happened to be named Stein. Once she won the race in a landslide with 619 votes to 412 she was forced to hire an administrator to handle day to day operations of Wasilla or face a recall. Her constituents were outraged she fired all the dept heads and forced her to rehire the head librarian she fired for not agreeing to ban books Palin found objectionable.

When she got into office in 1996 the town had zero debt. By the time she was term limited out of office in 2002 she'd stuck the town with a $22 million debt, mostly from the white elephant hockey rink/sports complex she shoved down their throats. Instead of buying the land when it was offered she let a developer nab it and then paid 10 times the original asking price. Even then she declared it eminent domain, to this day it's still in litigation, and the town doesn't have clear title.

Maybe Mrs. Palin should have payed more attention to her responsibilities. Doesn't sound like she's any better at governing than McCain is at keeping planes in the air.

b hussein clings to his com... (Below threshold)

b hussein clings to his communtiy organizer past and his service to the poor...yet this piker spends 9 figures on his crappy convention...ain't he awesome?

Markg8 -- I don't know all ... (Below threshold)

Markg8 -- I don't know all that much about Palin, but was under the impression that she won re-election as mayor. If she was as hated as you claim there is no way she was re-elected. Maybe I have the wrong info? Also, I thought the arena, which she supported, was voted on by the citizens of the town. By shoved down their throats, I can only assume you are saying the citizens didn't vote it in. I must have been wrong to think it was something the community voted on. I have not written about that, and have not checked that fact, but will do so now. Hmm. I just realized this post was not about Palin at all, but about Obama and ACORN. What does the Wasilla arena and libary have to do with that?

As for McCain keeping planes in the air -- what the heck? I am guessing you wouldn't vote for him if he was the best pilot in the world and as far as I know he is not running for First Pilot. Snarky little irrelevant comments like that tend to undermine anything else you say, but I suspect you know that and just can't help yourself.

... He [Obama] <a ... (Below threshold)
... He [Obama] told Kellman that he feared community organizing would never allow him "to make major changes in poverty or discrimination." To do that, he said, "you either had to be an elected official or be influential with elected officials." In other words, Obama believed that his chosen profession was getting him nowhere, or at least not far enough. Personally, he might end up like his father; politically, he would fail to improve the lot of those he was trying to help.

And so, Obama told Kellman, he had decided to leave community organizing and go to law school. Kellman, who was already thinking of leaving organizing himself, found no reason to argue with him. "Organizing," Kellman tells me, as we sit in a Chicago restaurant down the street from the Catholic church where he now works as a lay minister, "is always a lost cause." Obama, circa late 1987, might or might not have put it quite that strongly. But he had clearly developed serious doubts about the career he was pursuing.

If having been a community ... (Below threshold)

If having been a community organizer qualifies one to be POTUS would not a boy scout who has a merit badge in first aide be qualified to be a doctor?

"Community organizing re... (Below threshold)

"Community organizing requires great educational and motivational skills."

OK, great, awesome.

Now, what is it, exactly? Seriously -- what is it? I have spent days reading up, trying to figure out the deal, and I have yet to encounter a precise definition of "community organizer."

Most of the explanations come in the form of maddeningly vague rhetoric: "A community organizer helps empower people," and so on. The closest nuts-and-bolts descriptions are along the lines of "meets with church leaders, union officials, etc. etc." But that's still no help in figuring out exactly what it is they DO. It's extraordinarily frustrating.

I think reasonable... (Below threshold)
I think reasonable people will see it as a tit-for-tat.

Not just that, but it was a canny attempt to get under his thin, thin skin. I think it worked, don't you? This lady knows what she's doing.

This lady is not as good as... (Below threshold)

This lady is not as good as Republicans wants us to believe, Mccain did a good job of licking her so she can hide under her gender and throw jabs out.






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