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The unspeakable

I'm going to throw out two very Non PC questions. Hopefully Jay won't banish me to the sports blog for doing so.

It is said people are notorious for telling pollsters what they want to hear. Maybe that's a generalization or not. Remember all generalizations are false including this one.

Here's the point of my post-

1- How big a segment of the US public would never vote for Obama because he's black?

2- How big a segment of the US male public would vote for McCain, hoping he gets elected and then dies? This so there would be a attractive woman as President.

The first question has been posed in a roundabout way before by a blogger who I highly respect who does a online radio show.

I'll leave Wizbang readers to answer these questions. Feel free to tell me to lay down, take my meds, or say I'm a Knucklehead for posing the above questions if you wish.


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Comments (26)

I don't have a direct respo... (Below threshold)

I don't have a direct response to #1 so much as the question... what percentage of the population will vote for Obama because he is black.

The only ones that would make a difference in #1 are also those that otherwise would be willing to vote for a Democrat.

Of course, Palin is only in the VP slot, but how many would never vote for a woman for VP or President?

1 - less than the number of... (Below threshold)

1 - less than the number of people who will vote for him because he's black.

2 - next to none.

No, I think it's an interes... (Below threshold)

No, I think it's an interesting topic, personally.

1. Just because he's black? I think the polls done early last year or so pegged the number well under 10%, maybe more like 3-5%. Assuming they were honest, that's a reasonable number. Of course the Democratic primaries are interesting in and of themselves...how many voted for/against Obama/Clinton because of their race/sex?

2. I think very, very, very, very, very few. I think most men kind of like the idea of having an experienced, military background, foreign relations sorta guy making the big decisions right at this moment in time while the "attractive woman" just goes around doing the veep thing. No way she wouldn't be on TV and stuff, not if reporters are clamoring to cover her. And especially if she's grooming for the big chair, they'll get her out there a lot, which could serve her well in the future as she'll have a lot of experience to point to at that time.

Here are my answers:<... (Below threshold)

Here are my answers:

1. Don't know, don't care. They're idiots.

2. See number 1.

How big a segment ... (Below threshold)
How big a segment of the US public would never vote for Obama because he's black?

Probably more than we would like to think.

There is still a small perc... (Below threshold)

There is still a small percentage who would never vote for a black man, just as there is a small percentage who would never vote for a woman.

In talking with people in my county (84% Republican), I have found several who would never vote for a black man, or a women (black or white).

But, just as interesting is the few Democrats that I know from other areas of the country who say they "... would never vote for that n....." (their actual words). And these are from Democrats that pull the lever for anybody who has a D after their name.

Racism and sexism know no political boundaries.

I would peg the number at 3-5%

As for question #2, less than 0.01%.

Demographic of Respondent: ... (Below threshold)
Jack in TX:

Demographic of Respondent: 45yo, Anglo, Texas, Republican

A1) Not a factor. Not the color of his skin, but the content of his character. He just doesn't have any contents...

A2) Nope. If I want somebody just to look at, I'd vote for Cindy. That Sarah is not a screeching harridan (See any Code Pink member for contrast) makes her more telegenic, but back to a paraphrase of A1: "Not the format of her plumbing, but the content of her character..".

1. White Male 8% ... (Below threshold)
Mark Bishop:

1. White Male 8% 2. Republicans 10%
White Female 3% Democrats 10%
Hispanic Male 9% Independents 25%
Hispanic Female 2%
Black Male 5%
Black Female 2%
Asian Male 10%
Asian Female3%

Margin of error 10%

1. White Male 8% ... (Below threshold)
Mark Bishop:

1. White Male 8% 2. Republicans 10%
White Female 3% Democrats 10%
Hispanic Male 9% Independents 25%
Hispanic Female 2%
Black Male 5%
Black Female 2%
Asian Male 10%
Asian Female3%

Margin of error 10% Sorry

1. I would guess there is a... (Below threshold)

1. I would guess there is a significant portion of traditional democrats in fly-over coutry that won't vote for him in the general election because he is black. I think they are offset by the ones that will vote for him only because he is black.

2. McCain is easier to vote for knowing that he picked a competent VP that could fill the job if he, God forbid, should die in office. I think it is more likely he will live through the term and then let her run for Pres.

You mean how many wouldn't ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

You mean how many wouldn't vote for any black man for President, right? I wouldn't vote for Obama if he were my brother - based on his politics.

It's not that I wouldnt vot... (Below threshold)

It's not that I wouldnt vote for a black man,

I'd vote for Michael Steele in a second, its just I wont vote for this uberliberal terrorist loving corrupt lying empty suit moron.

Booooooo, go cover Badminto... (Below threshold)

Booooooo, go cover Badminton!!!!!!!!!

I wouldnt have voted for Ob... (Below threshold)

I wouldnt have voted for Obama just because he is Black, I wouldnt vote for him because he lacks the experience needed to do the Job. I would have voted for Condeleze Rice, she has experience and intellegence and the ability to do the Job.
McCain has the experience and Palin appears to have the intestinal fortitude to take on the Washington political climate and win. The fact that she is deadly accurate with high powered weapons is just and added bonus.

1. of the total number of ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

1. of the total number of voters about 5% (split evenly among those who call themselves republicans and those whom call themselves democrats).

2. About 1 tenth of the 1 percent of the total voters.

What you should have asked,... (Below threshold)

What you should have asked, Where are the Feminists of Yesteryear? Check out the 'ideals' set forth by the Feminist Types of the 60's and 70's. It's curious how well they succeeded in describing Sarah Palin, almost exactly, even before she was 6 years old. That is the column we need to have posted.


Depending on my mood of the... (Below threshold)

Depending on my mood of the moment, I will either lie to pollsters or tell them it's none of their business. I thought I was unique in this until I started researching my family tree. In the 1910 census, my grandfather told the census taker that my father was a baby girl named Emma. I found my father's cousin listed in two homes in Wyoming and one home in California.

A couple of months ago, a man with a Department of Interior badge showed up at my door and said he had a few questions about my household. I told him, " you bastards are already tapping my phone, reading my mail, monitoring my bank and credit card accounts and checking my reading list at the library. You can get my blood pressure from my doctor and you can find out what I'm eating from Safeway. Anything else is none of your business."

It's quite alright. Truthfu... (Below threshold)

It's quite alright. Truthful language and thoughtful questions are only banned at leftist sites and in the MSM.
1. One in ten voters will not vote for Obama due to race. But then, 9 in 10 blacks WILL vote for him due to race. Naturally, that doesn't count as racism.
2. Like to have Palin get a year under her belt before McCain cashes in. Just to get the lay of the land. I only hope she's wise enough to avoid the cocktail circuits, the RINO's and realize that every time a dems lips are moving, he is lying.

I am not voting for Obama ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

I am not voting for Obama because I absoulutely disagree with his politics.
That being said,...
The only reason I would possibly vote for Obama is because he is black. Maybe it would help race relations in this country after we've elected our first black President.
No, that's not a very good way to choose a Prez but it's the only silver lining I see if he actually is elected.
( I still find it kind of funny that he is considered 'black' since he is actually half-white and raised by a white family...and isn't he supposed to be the 'post-racial' candidate anyway? Dems and Reps and everyone else refer to him as 'black' and nobody objects, so who am I to question it, I guess. Oh well, OT I suppose.)

If you are questioning the ... (Below threshold)

If you are questioning the accuracy of polls based on hidden "racists", I think that it is more likely that there are a substantail group of people who don't want to say they won't vote for Obama because they know they will be called racist for that reason. They will say nothing or lie for fear of being labled as such. After all we already know that if Obama loses it will because of race, don't we?

I agree with Falze on both ... (Below threshold)

I agree with Falze on both counts especially pt.2 regarding Sarah. It's the IDEAL situation for her AND the GOP. Getting her out there, having a big say with domestic policy issues (energy...Duh!), getting her feet wet in foreign policy, etc....in 4 years, her popularity could be lethal for the opposition.

1. I have no idea. There d... (Below threshold)

1. I have no idea. There definitely are people out there. You see the surveys but who knows how truthful people are. I have heard more people talking about voting for Obama BECAUSE he is black, than not voting for him for that reason.

2. I think that number would be miniscule.

To keep Obama/Biden out of ... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

To keep Obama/Biden out of the whitehouse, I'd vote for the GOP candidate if it were a black, female, lesbian koala bear.

Son Of The Godfather,... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Son Of The Godfather,

...with Down's Syndrome and Turrets.

1 - Vote against him just b... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

1 - Vote against him just because he's Black: 3% (of total population)
Vote for him just because he's black: 90% of blacks if he's a Dem. 10-15% of blacks if he's a Rep.

2 - 0.01%

My beef with Obama has neve... (Below threshold)

My beef with Obama has never been about his color. His arrogance totally turned me off from day one and would continue to do so even if I agreed with some of what he said, which I don't. I was never in love with McCain and I'm still not, but I don't dislike him either. He and I don't see eye to eye on every issue either, but I do plan to vote for him and I wish him to stay in the best of health. I will say that the more I hear from him, despite any conflicting views I might have, the more I like him.

My beliefs tell me to respect my nation's leaders whether they deserve it or not, and in keeping with that, I pray for their goodwill and the decisions they might choose to make because whatever they do will have an impact on my life. For instance, I didn't like Bill Clinton at all, but if I met him even today, I would not show him any disrespect because he was at one time leader of this nation.






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