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Oh It's Time...

. . . For Some Campaignin'.

Don't forget to laugh.


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Is it me, or does it seem l... (Below threshold)
Steve Schippert:

Is it me, or does it seem like the marketing staff for the Obama campaign worked overtime to come up with a campaign logo that resembles Pepsi so closely?

Subliminal message: Barack is as American as Pepsi.

He just can't wait to tax their windfall profits and distribute $143 checks to citizens for soft drink subsidization.

I mean, do you realize how much soda Americans drink? It's our right, and these companies profit on our backs, off of our right.

It's time for Change(TM).

Jib Jab has some odd stuff,... (Below threshold)

Jib Jab has some odd stuff, but I've enjoyed all of the election ones they've done.

Dammit. PeteyAndPetunia.co... (Below threshold)

Dammit. PeteyAndPetunia.com keeps crashing my browser.

That is just too fun... (Below threshold)

That is just too funny. Politicians, journalists and just "ordinary" citizens have a long tradition of throwing insults, lies, half truths and distortions at each other in the name of "winning" and holding power.

They take credit where credit isn't due like Emil Jones taking bills away from those more deserving and giving them to Obama for credit. They help appoint the sons of the powerful, who then go on to destroy business and innovation, like McCain did with Colin Powell's son.

The American sometimes elect someone for good and sometimes for stupid; Carter and Nixon are prime examples. My personal view is that we don't need the jackasses in charge of both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Ah yes. The one good thing... (Below threshold)

Ah yes. The one good thing about the election cycle is the Jib Jab songs about the campaigns. Brightens up my heart every 4 years. :)

Fixed link to original JibJ... (Below threshold)
Steve Schippert:

Fixed link to original JibJab. Sorry 'bout that, oyster.

Oh! So THAT'S where Obama ... (Below threshold)

Oh! So THAT'S where Obama got the Greek columns!

This was first released in ... (Below threshold)

This was first released in July. Note who's on the bus next to Mitt (25 seconds). That would be the surprise of the century to the media, Gov. Sarah Palin.


Yeah, it looked very dated.... (Below threshold)
Steve Schippert:

Yeah, it looked very dated. But I had not seen it and it made me laugh. Caught Palin's pic and thought the same thing...haha.

Oh, thanx! Heading there n... (Below threshold)

Oh, thanx! Heading there now....

Interesting about the whole... (Below threshold)

Interesting about the whole "was Sarah Palin vetted?" meme. This was made in mid-July, and Sarah Palin is there on McCain's bus, with the other potential VP candidates....






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