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Palin Does What Hillary Couldn't -- Scares Obama Silly

Hillary in her smart pantsuit, with her 18 million voters and whatever is left of the Clinton machine behind her, didn't scare Barack Obama. It took a small town former beauty queen in heels, skirt and chignon with a baby on her hip to do that. And there is no doubt that he is afraid of her considering how his supporters have thrown everything, including the kitchen sink, at her over the past week. Considering that in less than a week Sarah Palin achieved a higher approval rating than either McCain or Obama, drew an audience 10 million larger than that of Joe Biden (just 1 million less than Obama) and united and energized the Republican party like no one has since Ronald Reagan, Obama has reason to fear.

He announced yesterday though, that he is not going to be bullied.

"We're not going to be bullied, we're not going to be smeared, we're not going to be lied about," Obama said. "I don't believe in coming in second."

If anyone needs to worry about being smeared and lied about, it is not Barack Obama. The coming in second part though -- he should worry. Ace reacted with appropriate ridicule:

...call a waaahmbulance already, Buttercup.

How is this sissy going to stand up to someone a bit more menacing than Sarah Palin?

Don't worry, Princess. You'll be coming in third, Joe Biden in fourth.

He said this while attending a fundraiser hosted by long-haired ex-prettyboy Bon Jovi, incidentally. Then they went out shopping for "outfits."

He's smeared her in the most vile ways through his surrogates, and claimed she was a fluffybrained muffinheaded chillbilly bumpkin beauty queen from "Wasilly" Alaska, and now he's up there resolutely swearing he won't let a 110 pound woman "bully" him?

What are you afraid she's going to do to you, Stacy? Adorable you to death?

She won't adorable him to death, but what she is doing is shattering the myth of the invincible chosen one and exposing his many weaknesses.


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Comments (19)

"I don't believe in coming ... (Below threshold)

"I don't believe in coming in second."

Hot damn, Obama actually believes in something!

Quick, alert the press!


I didn't realize that you w... (Below threshold)

I didn't realize that you wingers were just bypassing McCain and anointing America"s most qualified hockey mom as president. Wonder what McBush thinks about that?

JFO, I suspect McCain is ju... (Below threshold)

JFO, I suspect McCain is just fine with that. He strikes me as someone secure enough that he isn't threatened by a strong woman at his side, ready to step up and take his place. It's a Mutt-and-Jeff thing, a yin and yang, a striking of balances, kind of like Obama and Biden.

But without the whole "two boring guys who've spent their whole lives on the public dole, shoveling BS at the people and never actually achieving anything." At least, that's how a lot of people see the Smug and Plugs ticket, the Empty Suit and Stuffed Shirt ticket.

You have to wonder how it feels to be Barack obama. "I've spent all this time telling people all the great things I am and will do, and McCain finds someone who's actually DONE THEM and puts her on the ticket! It's not fair!"

Before Palin, it was Style vs. Substance. Now it's Style vs. More Substance And Better Style.

And it just kills you, doesn't it?


JTNo it doesn't ki... (Below threshold)


No it doesn't kill me. I do find it interesting that you folks here rarely talk about McCain and I think that says a lot.

As to substance, I don't know whether you're referring to the person or the issues. It's pretty clear that as a campaign tactic the Republicans are trying to make it about personality rather than substantive issues. Who knows, that may work. They're never to underestimated when it comes to branding and running campaigns. The Repubs have no issues - the last 8 years isn't going to do it for them so it makes sense to try and make it about personalities.

I've always said it's a legit argument to talk about experience. It a factor amongst many factors. There is no doubt that McCain has more experience than Obama and is to be much admired for many of the things he has accomplished. (I had decided, until he veered right and sold himself out, that I would likely vote for him over Hillary). As to Palin's "substance" - I think she's tough, and that she's accomplished in some areas but the meme that she's ready for foreign policy because Alaska is near Russia or that she's the commander of a national guard that it about the size of a battalion is silly. Can she become ready? Sure.

Actually, JFO, I think Alas... (Below threshold)

Actually, JFO, I think Alaska's National Guard is about the size of a brigade. I get battalions and brigades mixed up.

But then again, so does Joe Biden. At least I'm not running for vice-president.

Also, as usual, you're missing the point. Citing Palin's admittedly-thin military and foreign policy credentials (I note you don't mention the state's extensive dealings with Canada, only Russia being just across the Bering Strait) isn't an absolute comparison, but a relative one -- even those thin credentials are more substantial than Obama's.

Personally, I don't talk about McCain much because he's kinda boring. He's clearly established who and what he is, and the only thing new is that he's shown he's an old dog who's willing to learn a few new tricks -- like how to move closer to the mainstream of public opinion (relative to Obama).

And Palin is partly about personality, partly about issues. She brings extremely solid credentials to the race -- cleaning up political corruption, getting things done, and experience in such matters as balancing budgets and setting public policy -- something three Senators have never had to do on their own.

I'd even say that Palin has done more in two years as governor than Obama has in four as Senator, and in all the years he was a state senator. And while she didn't EXACTLY do it "backwards and in high heels," as the old saying goes, she did it while fighting the established powers of her own party AND having five children.

Toss in that she's actually younger than Obama, and she makes him look like the piker so many of us have been calling him all along.


Sarah Palin has been in ele... (Below threshold)

Sarah Palin has been in elected office since 1992, Barack Obama has been in elected office since 1997. She has 5 years more experience than he has. Most of that time has been in Executive roles, Mayor, State Commission Chair, and Governor. ALL of Obama's experience has been Legislative. The President is the head of the Executive branch of government.

Barack Obama has less than a year's worth of time in office as a Senator than Sarah Palin has as a Governor. But there are two substantial differences.

1) Being a Governor is a full time job. A Governor, like the President is on duty 24/7/365. Being a Senator is not truly a full time job. The Senate takes frequent recesses that last months.

2) Barack Obama has been campaigning for President for almost 2 of the 3 years he has been a U.S. Senator. He has missed 45.5% of the votes for this Congress.

How is being a part time Senator for 3 years a better qualification than being a full time Governor for 2 years?

Since we're going to throw ... (Below threshold)

Since we're going to throw the Alaska Guard into it, I have worked directly with the Alaska ANG in Afghanistan, and I can tell you they smoke their Active Duty counterparts from the lower 48 in experience, motivation and professionalism. I wouldn't discount them, lefties. They earn a premium every day.

To balance the argument out... (Below threshold)

To balance the argument out, I will site Obama's leadership accomplishments:

Couldn't find any. ww

JFO,Hi there and g... (Below threshold)
ed davis:


Hi there and good morning.

Senator Obama has been hammering away at senator Mccain's experience regarding the economy. I don't think Obama has a degree in economics. As far as on the job training goes, Palin has the lead. Mccain knew that. Picking Palin was brilliant. For the Obama camp to criticize her shows a critical thinking error. Talk about taking the bait. People think Obama and his team can handle diplomacy with terrorist regimes (wtf is that concept, by the way)? Look at it this way, Biden failed to see this simple rope-a-dope and allowed Obama's people to basically "smear" their own candidate with every criticism of Palin! Biden ends up not being such a great pick for adding foreign policy/diplomatic experience to the ticket. That simple subterfuge went unnoticed by the entire Obama team. I cannot fathom this country trusting them with making judgments regarding the intricate layers of modern covert and overt warfare. If you don't believe that a dangerous sector of islam is at war with the rest of the world, then, really, I need to know why you believe they are not. If my belief is so seriously flawed, it needs to be corrected. However, if my belief is correct, the opposing belief needs to be corrected before it is too late.

The most important issue in EVERY election is a candidate's ability to be Commander in Chief, especially this election. If we can't protect our Country, every other facet of our society which we try to improve simply doesn't matter, because they will not exist. Call me a Kool-Aid drinking fool if you like, but the POTENTIAL of an attack by people with one tenth of the military ability of say, Hannibal or Alexander using any improvised weapons available (airplanes?) dictates that we put country first. Mccain basically MAJORED in military studies and his pick of VP shows his flair for covert action as well. The mess in the media and in Obama's camp makes it look like Mccain is a puppeteer! He and his team have managed to use Obama's greatest assest, his media machine, against him.

If you think the most important issue is "the economy, stupid", think really hard and decide which pair has the advantage.

The economy is not the most important issue. Our ability to protect our economy (whatever one chooses to think of it) is always the most important issue.

We aren't voting for a new CFO or CEO of the American economy. We are voting for the next Commander in Chief. If you agree with me there, the choice is simple. If you don't agree, your criteria are much different than mine.

There is one thing that no ... (Below threshold)

There is one thing that no one has posted here and other threads about Sarah Palin, is that the eastern establishment and to a degree the California establishment, has been in a war with the western part of the United States (flyover country) for quite some time. This has been evidenced by most of the eastern elites and the left coast elites (hollyweird in particular) have been doing the last 40 years or so in the way they have supported the eco-terrorists, by donating to their pet causes and keeping the eco-terrorists out of jail.

Then people, like George Bush, Dick Cheney, John McCain and Sarah Palin (especially Palin right now), come along and upsets the apple cart. This they (the so-called elites of both parties) can't stand at all. That is why they are so hot to grab at anything that would make Palin and others look not so attractive in the eyes of the general population of the US. They are scared shitless that the power base will shift to the west and leave them out in the cold.

ed davisThanks for... (Below threshold)

ed davis

Thanks for your comment. From your point of view the most important issue is CIC. And while it is as an important factor an any it certainly isn't the only one. If that were true I imagine that a lot of retired generals would run and would be elected.

I respectfully disagree about your view of the importance of the economy. When people are hurting it is the main issue. Lots of people are hurting and so I think it will be the issue.

If you're talking about a Republican CIC, the approval of the current one is dismal. McCain represents more of the same. So from your perspective it's the key - from mine and most dems it is not and is, in fact, a major negative for McCain.

JayI don't think I... (Below threshold)


I don't think I'm missing the point at all, just disagreeing with yours.


Way to go epador and Stan25... (Below threshold)

Way to go epador and Stan25!

Poor wittle Obami won't be ... (Below threshold)

Poor wittle Obami won't be bullied...such a poor wittle man...boo hoo.

Obama's feeling threatened ... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Obama's feeling threatened by a... what did that syphillitic troll, Bill Maher call her... a "stewardess"?!?

Yup, I want a CIC who can't handle the heat of a lil' ol' "hockey mom" from Alaska to be entrusted with the well-being of my country.

Is he going to pee his jammies if he ever gets that 3AM call? Will he cry "foul" to the media? Warrior!

She has not even started to... (Below threshold)

She has not even started to bully him. Wait until next week. Talk about attack dog, she is going to hammer the Senate of budget, economy, mortgages and all the other issues.

I didn't realize that yo... (Below threshold)

I didn't realize that you wingers were just bypassing McCain and anointing America"s most qualified hockey mom as president.
2. Posted by JFO | September 6, 2008 8:22 AM

Make you feel better?

Good. Keep it up. It helps us.

Barry Hussein doesn't belie... (Below threshold)
TS Alfabet:

Barry Hussein doesn't believe in coming second, but he does believe in his own second coming.

Ed Davis is absolutely CORR... (Below threshold)

Ed Davis is absolutely CORRECT! Iran has been testing a weapon for which the United States currently has little of no defenses against. At a recent hearing of the House Armed Services Committee, it was revealed that Iran has already successfully tested two major parts of this weapons system. It was also revealed that IF Iran were able to successfully pull off such an attack, that somewhere between 70% to 90% of the entire population of the United States would perish. Kinda makes the economy pale in comparison.

Read more about this threat at


Obama promises to kill the only defense we have for this threat.

Vote McCain - Palin

And the Main Stream Media this morning is not exactly willing to give the public a true view of the latest polls. A Gallup Poll released only this morning shows John McCain leading Obama by 10 points, 54 - 44.

Read more about this latest poll.






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