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Rigor mortis

Police in Japan come across a different type of stiff.

TOKYO -Police were trying to determine Tuesday whether they were the victim of a hoax after the body they thought they found at a seaside resort was actually a life-sized doll. Investigators found what seemed like a body wrapped in a sleeping bag in a forest in Izu City, a seaside resort in central Japan, after an anonymous caller reported seeing it, a Shizuoka prefecture spokeswoman said on condition of anonymity, citing department policy.

Investigators never actually looked inside the sleeping bag and brought it back to the city police station for a post-mortem examination, the spokeswoman said. Apparently no one doubted a human body was inside until a medical examiner unwrapped it and found the doll, she said.

The Asahi newspaper said the doll was sophisticated and life-sized and wore a brown wig, a blouse and a skirt.

LOL. Didn't any member of police notice either note the body for being too light or having too low a body temperature even for someone dead? You almost think this has to be an urban legend, but it was reported in the Japanese press.

Hat tip- Japundit


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I hate the fact that I know... (Below threshold)

I hate the fact that I know this, but there are companies that specialize in making realistic life-sized dolls. These dolls are manufactured with rigid skeletons, flexible joints, and high grade silicon so they weigh about as much as a real person also they really do look quite lifelike so it's no surprise someone would mistake one of them for a real dead human being.

Oh and as a side note Japanese are becoming known as afficianados of the realistic sex-doll complete with sex-doll owners magazines (like cat fancy I guess only, you know, not) and even a rental service for folks that want one but can't afford one.

"having too low a body temp... (Below threshold)

"having too low a body temperature even for someone dead? "

Surely you jest?

The body still has a temper... (Below threshold)

The body still has a temperature, but it is just not maintained anymore after death by all the metabolism/catabolism that heats it up in the first place;and muscles too etc. However, there is still a body temperature after death and it depreciates at a rate that can be surmised based on atmospheric conditions etc. An assay of the liver temp. is usually the source and then compared to teh normal temperature and the proposed decay of the body temperature, which in turn will give you hours after death...Hell, a quick overlay is even in a CSI movie i think.

Wait-- was her mouth open, ... (Below threshold)

Wait-- was her mouth open, in the shape of a permanent O? Betsy has been bad, hasn't she. Very, very bad.






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