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Sarah Palin Wows 'Em Everywhere She Goes

Take a look at this video from a stop in Colorado Springs. You can hear and feel the electricity emanate from the crowd. They love her as we do. You can tell from McCain's demeanor how proud he his, and he should be. He took the chance and pulled her out of relative obscurity because he saw her talent and potential. She's got that something that even Michael Reagan said reminds him of his father.

Hat tip: Hot Air.


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Impressive delivery of what... (Below threshold)

Impressive delivery of what was essentially excerpts of the convention speech.

I would hope there would be more "new stuff" (aside from the surge and fanny mae items).

Then again, maybe it seems like old hat to me because I've been paying attention. If this is the first time people have heard Palin, then she did pretty good... again.

Colorado Springs and the US... (Below threshold)

Colorado Springs and the USAF Academy - that's friendly territory. Lets see her in San Francisco or even Chicago.

I thank God for Sarah. How... (Below threshold)

I thank God for Sarah. However, I agree with ExSub. These people in Colorado Springs are ecstatic because they watched her in the convention -- she doesn't need to do any convincing to this crowd -- she just needs to fire'em up and get them to work their butts off -- we cannot be losing Colorado -- she needs to emphasize what they need to do, thank God, make fun of Obama some more -- anyone with any communication access to the McCain campaign -- Sarah needs to give pep talks to this type of crowd, not a repeat of the convention speech.

epador: great idea! let it ... (Below threshold)

epador: great idea! let it happen!

I'm with the others: she ne... (Below threshold)

I'm with the others: she needs to have something new to say. A little gravitas would go a long way when speaking in that conversational, Reaganesque manner.

She obviously can't change her high pitched voice, but she can give us something new to chew on. Otherwise, it's going to seem like she can't do it, like she's a one trick pony, and I don't think that's what she is -- so change it up, Sarah.

We're counting on you.

She obviously can't chan... (Below threshold)

She obviously can't change her high pitched voice, but she can give us something new to chew on.
A gun barrel, perhaps?

Aimed at you - perhaps?... (Below threshold)

Aimed at you - perhaps?

epador: "Lets see her in Sa... (Below threshold)

epador: "Lets see her in San Francisco or even Chicago."

hmmmm, epador, can you direct me to your posts where you suggested that Obama should campaign in say, oh Dallas or even Charlotte?

I think epador's suggestion... (Below threshold)

I think epador's suggestion is spot on. Why should any candidate ignore those who support him just because there "aren't enough of them"? That's how candidates lose support and a chance to ever effect change; by acting like these people aren't important enough. I know there are constraints in any campaign such as time and money, but they could devote part of their resources to this endeavor.

I live in Jacksonville, Florida and up until recent years Republicans acted like we didn't even exist. It seems we were relegated to the dust bin and a visit to the polls was an exercise in futility. Things have changed and we feel like we matter now and people got energized and things started changing. We have competition now in the marketplace of ideas and future direction.

I can't tell you how many conservatives and republicans I know who had Democrat listed as their party affiliation just so they could vote in significant primaries in the hopes of lessening the impact of what they felt were bad ideas vs bad-but-not-as-bad ideas.

"...that's friendly terr... (Below threshold)
John S:

"...that's friendly territory. Lets see her in San Francisco or even Chicago."

We don't need the support of Bay Area moonbats or the Chicago mob to win. Those are Bambi's constituents. So I don't see the need to campaign there.

But beware Libs, California is in play this year. Obama bin Biden is starting to look less like the Black Jesus and more like the Black Dukakis.

MyPetGloat-<blockquot... (Below threshold)


A gun barrel, perhaps?

Wow, did you destroy your last brain cell with that?

I am a Hillary Clinton supp... (Below threshold)

I am a Hillary Clinton supporter who is going to vote for McCain/Palin for the main reason that I want someone who knows what to do as President. Obama has NO talent, skills, knowledge or experience in the White House.

Obama made his biggest mistake by choosing Biden instead of Hillary Clinton as his VP choice. Obama himself has started his own down fall.

The Democrat "Super Delegates" are now probably seeing that they made huge mistake by voting for Obama instead of Hillary Clinton. Now they WILL NOT win back the White House.

McCain/Palin 2008

Hillary Clinton 2012

I've come to the conclusion... (Below threshold)

I've come to the conclusion that folks like MyPetGloat are actually Republicans trying to make Democrats look bad through hyperbole.

I mean, they CAN'T be so stupid as to expect their commentary will engender POSITIVE feelings towards the left... can they?

epador: "Lets see her in Sa... (Below threshold)
retired military:

epador: "Lets see her in San Francisco or even Chicago."

How about Obama go to Fairbanks or even Wasilly and see what happens?

Oh wait. He has to visit the 57 other states first.

She will be fine tuning the... (Below threshold)

She will be fine tuning the speech little by litte, she is a natural...great discourse, a VP is supposed to give out red meat, rev the crowd.

The New Mexico speech late last night was even BETTER, with a Robert Duvall intro...plus she hit back at the 1 Million Dollar thug from Chicago & mentioned Fannie Mae...her speech was taut, she was on fire!!!

I just hope Barry keeps talking about Wasilla earmarks, so we can blow him away...he is a coward who is scared of Sarah!!!

Forget Biden, I want to see a Sarah vs. Barack debate...(no telemprompters or ear pieces)

BTW, like my best friend asked, does B.Hussein Obama even know where the bathrooms are in the Senate building????

Sounds like Sarah has fille... (Below threshold)

Sounds like Sarah has filled the enthusiasm gap.

Colorado Springs is already... (Below threshold)
daniel rotter:

Colorado Springs is already deep red. Big deal. What's next, the headline "Biden Wows 'Em Everywhere He Goes," to a speech he gives in Boston?

"...Obama bin Biden..."

Stay classy, right-wingers.

Oooh, Daniel Rotter, this i... (Below threshold)

Oooh, Daniel Rotter, this is two comments I've read from you now. I gotta tell ya - your commentary has been so hard hitting and so groundbreaking, that I'm going to have to rethink EVERYTHING!

Okay, I'm just kidding.

"Okay, I'm just kidding".</... (Below threshold)
daniel rotter:

"Okay, I'm just kidding".

Gee, "Oyster," those last four words of your post really crushed my spirits after reading the first parargraph; after all, I really care about getting your approval regarding my posts here.

Okay, I'm just kidding.

LOL, going to a liberal sta... (Below threshold)

LOL, going to a liberal state and city to campaign would be dumb for them. They aren't trying to win stupid liberal votes. They might actually piss them off and motivate them to put down the bong and donate their dope money to Obama.

Going to a swing state to a friendly location to jazz them up and raise turnout of their core voters, well that's just plain smart. They need Colorado, they don't need votes in California. Besides, they will give it back to the Mexicans after the election anyway. LOL

"They aren't trying to win ... (Below threshold)
daniel rotter:

"They aren't trying to win stupid liberal votes. They might actually piss them off and motivate them to put down the bong and donate their dope money to Obama".

And ALDS (Anti-Liberal Derangement Syndrome) claims another victim!

"They need Colorado, they don't need votes in California".

You're absolutely right, "Ray"; after all, everybody knows that Colorado has more electoral votes than California (rolls eyes).






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