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"What About Your School? It's Defective! It's A Pack Of Useless Lies!"

Several years ago, I somehow got signed up for something called the "Education Forum." I never bothered to unsubscribe, so I still get their crap every now and then.

And now I wonder how I might have gotten tipped off to an e-mail sent by a teacher in a Maine public school system to every other person with a school district e-mail account.

Yup, this is the sort of thing being passed around by a public school e-mail system:

From: Jane X Sent: Fri 9/5/2008 5:48 AM To: all Subject: FW: on Palin and special ed


I am passing this on as it is a big issue for many. This email is from a former XX student, Janet X. Janet lives in X, XX with her world renowned sculpturist husband, Archie XX. They have an autistic son for whom janet has fought many fights to obtain the proper services. So please read the article before you made your educated decision about the election. I am pretty sure most are on the same page, but knowledge is key!

Thank you,

Dear friends and family,

As you all know I have spent the last 17 years advocating DAILY for my autistic son. It is an uphill, ongoing battle. I have a pair of antique boxer gloves sitting in my bathroom so that I am reminded daily of the fight I have for my son. I am on the board of an all volunteer fundraising group who has raised over 1.5 million dollars for our counties children with special needs so that we can give back what has been given to us. (visit xxx.org for more information on this amazing group of moms)

NO woman who is pregnant thinks they'll have a child with special challenges but if that is the gift you are given than you advocate daily for your miracle child.

This information below hits home BIG TIME. It frightens me more than any other political issue right now. Please read this with an open mind. Makes my heart so sad...

See attached article from 09/03/08 -


Sarah Palin Slashed Special Needs Education by 62%

For those of you who seem so enamored with Gov. Sarah Palin, it might be worth noting that she oversees the budget for the Department of Education and EarlyDevelopment Special Schools in Alaska.

These funds provide supplementary educational services to students with severe disabling conditions and the Alaska Challenge Youth Academy. The resident school where the child would normally be placed does not have the resources to provide an adequate educational program. Without the supplementary services the child's needs would not be met by the local school district in most cases.

The following programs are included within this component:

Special Education Service Agency (SESA)

The Annual budget for 2007, which preceded Gov. Palin was $8,265,300.


The Annual budget for 2008, enacted by Gov. Palin is $3,156,000.


The Annual budget for 2009, enacted by Gov. Palin is $3,156,000.


This is a cut in special needs services to children in Alaska of 5,109,300 , or 62%.

So, as the Alaska State Budget description states, "Without the supplementary services the child's needs would not be met by the local school district in most cases."

Did 62% of all of the special needs children in Alaska stop having needs once Gov. Palin took office?

Before we get so excited about Gov. Palin bring her "Reformer" agenda to Washington, perhaps we should get to know a little more about what exactly that means to our children, and the opportunities that she would "Reform".

(Some identifying details redacted)

I can not believe how disgusted I am.

First up, note that the source for this is the Daily Kos. I could spend a few hundred words on the reliability of that source alone, and very well might -- I have "The Protocols Of The Daily Kos" half-written in my head already. Remember, this is the same site that openly proclaimed that Sarah Palin's youngest child was secretly her eldest daughter's son, and Governor Palin had faked her own pregnancy to cover for the child.

Next, the story has already been thoroughly and utterly and completely debunked. Further, the Weekly Standard's source was none other than that Bible of the educational industry, Education Week.

Note that under Governor Palin's plan, Alaska not only "tidied up" their budgeting process by moving programs around so they made more logical sense to be together, but arranged for the state's spending on special needs students to go from $26,900 per student per year to $73,840 -- almost TRIPLING it.

That is the truth, "jane," you overeducated moron. And if you'd bothered to read the comments in the article you quoted, you'd have seen that the author had already been corrected, numerous times, with the actual facts of Palin's record cited.

But that didn't matter to you, did it, "jane?" Someone said something bad about someone you want desperately to hate, and you ran with it and spread it far and wide to god knows how many people -- even though the proof that it was all a lie and a crock of shit was right there in the article you cited.

I find myself not surprised that "jane" works in public education. No one that stupid and inept could survive in this world without the double security of a union and a government contract.

But "jane's" astonishing stupidity is dwarfed by two other flaws -- her utter lack of propriety and sheer, naked partisanship. She chose to use her position as a public employee to blast her hyper-partisan screed to every single member of her school district she could. She used public money, machines, and systems to hype her political agenda and spread false propaganda to attack a public figure standing for election this November.

If that isn't a violation of some law or regulation or term of her contract, I'll eat my shorts. Or a whole bowl of peas. I'm not certain which would be worse, but I'm betting on the peas.

This "jane" has absolutely no business in a public school system, or any other position of trust and authority. The last thing we need is school teachers using their positions of trust and authority.to push flagrant lies to promote their political agenda.

Unfortunately, our schools are filled with "janes" who see it not only acceptable, but their moral duty to act as she did.

When I look back and realize that I am a product of the public education system, I find myself doubting my own agnosticism, because I can't believe I was so lucky as to not fall under the influences of the "janes" of this world.

And those who might not recognize the title, check out one of the finest angry songs ever recorded. And I am especially impressed by the angel/devil motif of the two female backup singers.


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Comments (13)

Is it too much to hope that... (Below threshold)

Is it too much to hope that this is the week the Daily Kos started to fall apart?

Excellent post Jay. You alm... (Below threshold)

Excellent post Jay. You almost always say it very clear and with a lot of wisdom.
There is a huge quantity of hate in our world: if it isn't between the Palestinians and Jews, then it's between the Moslems and supposed "Christians", or The Patriots and the Jets, or the Democrats and the Republicans, or just directed against George Bush cause it's popular.
It's so easy to let hate run wild and even fuel the fire intentionally as this person is so obviously doing.
Hate starts with some little fact and then distorts it and reshapes it into a knife to stick in someone's back.
Only love which comes from the Creator can overcome hate. Hate is inherent in the heart of sinful man, but the love of God can blow it away with the breath of kindness.
He who doesn't love his brother who he has seen does not love God who he does not see. I believe God's judgment will be especially severe for the hate-mongers among us.

If this had happened in my ... (Below threshold)

If this had happened in my PA school District, that teacher would be in very serious trouble. We have a strict work-related-only policy about the emails we send.

In the immortal words of Da... (Below threshold)

In the immortal words of Dan Ackroyd to Jane Curtain from the SNL Point-Counterpoint skit: "Jane, you ignorant slut."

I have to wonder if "Jane" ... (Below threshold)

I have to wonder if "Jane" (who, I suspect, is probably a real person) actually wrote this email, or if it is yet another attempt at "astroturfing" by the Obama campaign, through the minions of Daily KOS.

Well as the mom of an autis... (Below threshold)
just me:

Well as the mom of an autistic child, the letter is unconvincing. This voter is still voting for the McCain/Palin ticket.

I do have to laugh a bit though at all the whining from the left about Palin's "mean" speech, when they have spent the last week in the gutter.

Thanks for that, Jay.... (Below threshold)

Thanks for that, Jay.

Governor Palin has been on the national stage for about two weeks and the avalanche of hatred and lies generated in that time is astounding. Its seems that every bad thing the left says about the right is just a projection of what is bad in them. Prejudice, sexism, bias and elitism have all come out in the lefts attacks on Sarah. If these attacks work it will be a very dark day for Democracy.

When I get emails like that... (Below threshold)

When I get emails like that, I like to hit the 'respond to all' and then lower the boom. Really makes the original sender look like a freaking idiot.

Mike, I have the unexpurgat... (Below threshold)

Mike, I have the unexpurgated e-mail, that clearly identifies Jane as a teacher, and the school district in which she teaches.

And I'm keeping that one around, just in case.


I have "The Protoc... (Below threshold)
I have "The Protocols Of The Daily Kos" half-written in my head already.

FYI, that title is used regularly by Charles Johnson over at LGF whenever someone tips him to some particularly vile anti-semitic diary entry over on the Kos site.

JT,Please Oh Pleas... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Please Oh Please either contact the schoold district where she works or post the info so someone else can.

This nonsense needs to be shot down with extreme prejudics.

If anyone identified 'Jane'... (Below threshold)

If anyone identified 'Jane' she would be looking for a job by Friday and McDonalds is full up. I think it's just another lie by another lying democrat, is there any other kind of democrat. Years ago the party was made up of good people, now it's made up of graduates of school systems with 'Jane' type teachers.

Not nice, Jay... You pull m... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Not nice, Jay... You pull me in with the awesome Mr.Loaf, then let me sift through Palin Derangement Syndrome crap. I remember when politics was more gentlemanly-like...

But that was long ago, and it was far away... ;)






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