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Fantastic Idea, Could Be Better

Well, in a rather surprising move, the campaigns of both John McCain and Barack Obama have announced that the two candidates will suspend any and all politicking on September 11, and instead will make a joint appearance at the site where the World Trade Center towers once stood.

I don't know why this comes across as surprising. Both men have shown that they can, on occasion, be very classy and put principle ahead of politics.

But as great as an idea as it is, there is no idea that can not be made even a little better.

While Obama and McCain are in New York, what will their running mates be doing?

I'd like to see former small town mayor Sarah Palin attend the ceremonies in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where the passengers of Flight 93 turned on their hijackers and brought the plane down hundreds of miles from its intended target, saving who knows how many lives on the ground.

And I'd like to see career Washington insider Joe Biden speak at the Pentagon, where the symbol of American power was attacked.

(OK, that last one's a bit of a stretch, in an ideal world, I'd have Obama at Ground Zero, McCain at the Pentagon, Palin in Pennsylvania, and Biden on the Mall, between Capitol Hill and the White House, the presumptive targets of Flight 93, but since we're already locked into McCain and Obama in New York, one makes do with what one has.to work with what one has.)

It would be a great day for all four candidates to set aside partisanship and unite (albeit in three different places) for the common national good.

Even without my adaptation, I think that this idea says a great deal about us as a nation. And I think it says a good thing.


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Seems to me that using grou... (Below threshold)

Seems to me that using ground zero as a backdrop for a joint political rally cheapens it. How bout a day without politics at all, and make it about the victims.

I don't need Barack Obama telling me how tragic it all was (vote for me!) and how much he deplores the attacks (Ain't I pretty?) and when annointed, er, elected he will bring our troops home (It's all Bush's fault!) and base a lasting peace (I didn't vote for this war!) on reasoning with those poor terrorists (I'll stop the war!). Please spare me that.

The only thing that concern... (Below threshold)

The only thing that concerns me is the two factions in this country who have a tendency to feed off each other like a snake eating its own tail; the overly demonstrative anti-war lunatics and the media. Particularly groups like Code-Pink and the Olbermanns and Mahers. They're too prone to shouting "Exploitation!" while they exploit the opportunity to be disruptive and to get pot shots in while the mic is hot.

I'll tune them out, but some won't be able to resist the temptation to pay attention to them.

I concur with the spirit of... (Below threshold)

I concur with the spirit of your remarks, however, this is not Israel, for example, where both parties on the issue of national security are very similar. (both Labor and Likud,Kadima, etc)

Sure there are nuances amongst them but I think this puts Mullah Obama on the same moral plain as McCain, and that is repugnant.

I am sorry, but I still remember the post Sept 11 remarks of Barry, of Wright, of Ayers.

During Lincoln or FDR's times, these people would have been tried for perfidy.

I like the Palin idea, though, of her being in Pennsylvania.

I'm not judging here, just ... (Below threshold)

I'm not judging here, just observing. The point the author is making is about honoring 9/11 in a non-political way. The first 3 comments get into the politics of it by criticizing dems, the left or the media.

Jay - gulp - I completely agree with your point.

To be fair, my criticisms a... (Below threshold)

To be fair, my criticisms are in regards to the likelihood of it being politicized when it shouldn't be and serve as a warning to ignore it.

And JFO, let me say that I ... (Below threshold)

And JFO, let me say that I really appreciate your attempts lately to use a civil tone when showing up here and addressing things with substantial commentary. I still disagree with you thoroughly, but wanted to let you know that your efforts are appreciated.

It is a good thing Obama jo... (Below threshold)

It is a good thing Obama joined in. Otherwise Olbermann would again have his fake outrage.

I do not trust Obama's peop... (Below threshold)

I do not trust Obama's people, but if it succeeds it is nice. But since Obama went after Palin's minor child, they have no decency. ww

Along with several others, ... (Below threshold)

Along with several others, I agree that this is a great idea in principle.

However, as usual it costs Obama nothing to take the high road. His staffers on CNN and NBC will carry on the fight just fine without him. Now, if he can get them to cease and desist for the day I will heartily salute him and them.

EVERYONE (even the left) kn... (Below threshold)

EVERYONE (even the left) knows that national security is a winning issue for Republicans. Why give the Democrats a shared stage?

Did the Dems ask McCain to join them and the Martin Luther King family to honor him in a joint, non-political way?

By the way, I too like Sara... (Below threshold)

By the way, I too like Sarah Palin in Pennsylvania, McCain at the Pentagon, Rudy and President Bush at the site of the WTC, and Obama with those celebrating in Saudi Arabia.

nehemiahYou needed... (Below threshold)


You needed to warn me. I got yogurt, granola and Oregon strawberries all over my keyboard and screen!!!

A joint appearance is comme... (Below threshold)

A joint appearance is commendable--I'll leave it up to others to dtermine who will be there as a political advantage and who will be there as an honest gesture of tribute.

I am pretty confident that ... (Below threshold)
Moonbat Detective:

I am pretty confident that Obama and McCain will remain idle for 9/11; however, it is Hussein's surrogates that I worry about. The strategy on Hussein's team is for a surrogate to smear while Hussein deplores the action, even though it is already out there. I will wager that we will hear a moonbat Hussein sycophant rant something untrue/unpatriotic/both and then Hussein will denounce "wholeheartedly" that same statement.

I am certain both will feel... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

I am certain both will feel sorrow in their hearts for the loss of fellow countrymen.
The difference is one looks to the future and sees how we might best prevent a similar incident while the other looks to the past and sees a nation that brought such a tragedy upon itself.

Also, Keith Olbermann might get all angry and junk for remembering the victims of 9/11 without his permission..






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