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Tom Brady Out for Remainder of Season

According to sources close to Brady, he's out for the remainder of the season with a torn ACL:

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is expected to miss the rest of the 2008 season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, according to a source familiar with the injury.

While New England coach Bill Belichick said in his postgame press conference that he had no update on the status of Brady's injury, two sources indicated it involved serious damage to the knee.

"It's bad," a team source said. "We're going to have to play without him."

Brady was hurt as he stepped up in the pocket to make a throw to wideout Randy Moss. Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard, who was on the ground, lunged forward and struck Brady's leg, which buckled as he released the ball.

Ouch! Well, it looks like the Patriots aren't going to do much this season.


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Comments (4)

Well, Gisele Bundchen can n... (Below threshold)

Well, Gisele Bundchen can nurse him for a couple of months, I am sure he will enjoy that...

Now he'll have time to impr... (Below threshold)

Now he'll have time to impregnate Gisele and leave her for another hot young thing before she gives birth.

Well, you never like to see... (Below threshold)

Well, you never like to see a guy get hurt. We'll see what the Pats are made of now. Best wishes to Tom for a full recovery, and see ya next year.

Tom gets to be fussed over by Giselle Bundchen, you know. He'll be fine.

"Well, it looks like the Pa... (Below threshold)

"Well, it looks like the Patriots aren't going to do much this season."

Well NOT 16-0!! ..but should still take the division, make the playoffs, and THEN we'll see...
This is one of the BEST teams in football, and it wasn't a ONE man team. Brady IS the BEST QB and that will hurt, but don't count this team out....






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