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Miracle of miracles! One of the 60 states identified!

Remember the 60 states? He's been to 57 states, with one left to go, and that doesn't include Hawaii and Alaska. Here's a refresher:

Well, Obama has finally identified one of them for us. I give you... New Pennsylvania!


I see a steel worker for Obama here. You use a lot of steel when you make... put... put bridge together! And if people tell you that we can't do it, you just remember that we are spending $10 billion a month in Iraq, when the Iraqis have $79 billion in surplus that they have parked in a New York bank account and are getting interest for. And I don't think that makes much sense, I think we should spend some of that money right here in New Pennsylvania!

It should probably go without saying, but there is no city called New Pennsylvania. My first thought was, maybe that's the city he's speaking in. But no. He was in New Philadelphia, OH.

Liberals will like to brush this off as Obama just misspeaking. No big deal, right? But for the past eight years, they've castigated Bush for every fumble he's ever made in any speech he's ever given. If McCain slips up, it's because he's old and senile. Yet when Barack Obama does it, he's just misspeaking.

I also kind of raised an eyebrow at this mysterious $79 billion surplus Iraq supposedly has hiding out in New York bank accounts. Any facts to back that up? Unlikely.

Hat Tip: JackM. at Ace of Spades


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Thanks for getting the numb... (Below threshold)

Thanks for getting the number of states The One thinks there are correct. Most people key in on Him saying 57 and claim Obama thinks there are 57 states. However, you got the quote and math right. Makes my nitpicking heart warm.

You asked:<... (Below threshold)

You asked:


It is 79 billion with a b. Where it is, is subject to who knows.

You can always tell when Mr... (Below threshold)

You can always tell when Mr Bullshit isn't using a teleprompter.

> I also kind of raised ... (Below threshold)

> I also kind of raised an eyebrow at this mysterious $79 billion surplus Iraq supposedly has hiding out in New York bank accounts.

There are issues with the Iraqi legislature deciding where to spend the money and HOW to spend it without it all fiddling away in graft and corruption. Also, much of it wasn't available until recently.

Put it another way, they don't have the fiscal infrastructure to spend the money yet.

I'm starting to think these... (Below threshold)

I'm starting to think these aren't slip ups, and that he needs a refresher in US History. My five year old niece knows the states better than BHO.

Based on the <a href="http:... (Below threshold)

Based on the GAO report cited nearly $10 billion of the estimated surplus is held by the Development Fund for Iraq at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The rest of the money is at the Central Bank of Iraq and in Iraqi commercial banks.

If it smells like a lie, looks like a lie, walks like a lie and uttered by ObamaMessiah....

Maybe O plans to rename the... (Below threshold)

Maybe O plans to rename the city, like he re-fashioned the Presidential seal. It will be a new town in "Obamohio."

Wait a minute, I hav... (Below threshold)

Wait a minute, I have been thinking about this piece Cassy.

Look, I think this is silly. Over the course of making countless speeches, public statements and just bloviating as politicians will do, they all will make verbal mistakes, usually unintentional.

Heck, I have seen McCain do it and of course, the howling pack of Liberals pounce on him. So because the Obama side has a bunch of howling mad lunatics on dailykos and other sites, should the McCain camp do a bad immitation of that kind of behavior?

Cassy, I have read many of your other pieces and I have liked them. On this one though, I think it is a bit beneath you. And frankly Cassy, you just aren't up to the level of nasty those other folks can spew.

I disagree...the New Pennsy... (Below threshold)

I disagree...the New Pennsylvania thing, yeah, that's just humor...but the thing about the secret iraq money in ny banks, that's newsworthy.

Larry,"Lighten up,... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:


"Lighten up, Francis."

Larry:I am also will... (Below threshold)

I am also willing to do a little forgiveness when it comes to the long campaigns. How many Springfields are there anyway?

But in Barry's case I think not. I think he knows little about US geography, history, economics, and the way things work. They aren't very important to him. I believe he thinks defense spending over and above the bare minimum for self survival is a waste. He can reason with Putin and straighten things out. Iran and North Korea will be easily dispatched through the proper debates in the UN. He is, for an otherwise very bright guy, incredibly and dangerously naive.

Put out fire with gasoline,... (Below threshold)
ed davis:

Put out fire with gasoline, Cassie!

I am tired of people with a public voice bitching and moaning about what the leftist progrssive liberals are doing on tv, in magazines, etc etc. Great American? Fuck that. What a JOKE!

Until there is "equal time" (?) per this supposed fairness doctrine the left brings up, the GLOVES SHOULD COME OFF! If The Great American and, yes, even the Great El Rushbo put forth any effort, they could at LEAST push for and get a fuckin' interview on GMA or some other shitbag show that gets underestimated as far as oublic opinion goes.

If they cannot get on mainstream tv, they need to quit bitching about those who do get those priceless moments. Cuz all they do, really, is preach to the choir. We all know that the media forms public opinion. If ya wanna be a "Great American", quit bragging about the sixty dollar ribeye and get in the fucking trenches already!


I think he was Stoned in h... (Below threshold)

I think he was Stoned in his hiigh school History/Geo class that day,when they were teaching how many states are in the union.

ed davis, get a hold of you... (Below threshold)

ed davis, get a hold of yourself, man.

Like some, I think the money is indeed an important issue. Any money that Iraq has/had/will have has a long and sometimes painful, sometimes sordid, history.

Obama can have all the gaffes he wants, and the har-hars and the guffaws on both sides over speech gaffes is really just background noise. I think we're better than that, but hey, sometimes it's just plain funny. The shear number of gaffes by Obama is indicative of a certain level of carelessness though.

What is really a problem is the intentional misrepresentation of sensitive and divisive issues by people who know full well that we, the normal everyday working individual, who has more to do than campaign, cannot take the time out of our busy lives to get well versed on every issue the world is faced with.

Obama's soundbite about $79b dollars was a cynical ploy to piss people off. You know why? Because he knows full well the story behind that money and he deliberately used it, no purposefully boiled it down to the point where it's a flat out lie, to gain votes.

First, the $79b is not a fixed amount. Part of it is an "expected" surplus they'll have due to the rising cost of fuel. And even that number has been adjusted because the price of oil is coming down.

Second, it's not all in NY. The bulk of it is in Iraq.

Third, Iraq is not the only oil producing country which has had problems in managing the sudden influx in cash from oil prices. At least the Iraqis are taking steps to avoid corruption.

Fourth, he ignores the plans in the works to use the money to implement their own, even bigger, reconstruction programs.

And last, but not least, those who are angry about it are in essence thinking that we should "take those profits". (Where have I heard THAT before?)

Yeah? And then what? Leave Iraq to flounder, not have the resources to rebuild their own country? So some partisan hack can look back and bitch about how we destroyed Iraq and left them destitute?

Oyster, well said, it once ... (Below threshold)

Oyster, well said, it once was "all about oil" when deriding Bush over the war.

Not, from many indications it's all about plundering Iraqi's budget by the very same people.

Obama's party set the stand... (Below threshold)

Obama's party set the standard for public speaking, now he has to live with it. ww

I'm starting to think th... (Below threshold)

I'm starting to think these aren't slip ups, and that he needs a refresher in US History. My five year old niece knows the states better than BHO.

Which makes me wonder just how baddly he'd do if he ever went on "Are you smarter than a 5th grader."

Ponder that one for a quick smile. :)

Hi Oyster.Yeah, I ... (Below threshold)
ed davis:

Hi Oyster.

Yeah, I need chill pills and an ability to write! I was trying to put my two cents in but failed miserably at it.

Conservative activists need to rebut all this crap the left and its media machine keep dishing out. And they need to use the left's tactics against them.Especially the super famous ones with large audiences.

Liberal leftist propaganda (for lack of a better word)is everywhere to the point that I have to make an effort to avoid it. Conservative thought seems to be the opposite, that it has to be sought after and found rather than avoided.

Fight fire with fire is what I am trying to say.
It seems like the left has the gloves off and conservatives don't. Classy, yes. But will it win the fight?

Did that make any sense? It feels like the meds are working.

ObamaMessiah, you have been... (Below threshold)

ObamaMessiah, you have been campaigning so hard to save us from the wicked Republicans that you're not getting enough sleep and are therefore prone to forget the names of the towns that you venture to.

Please don't be too harsh on yourself, ObamaMessiah.






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