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Good News, Bad News

The good news is that after running within a few percentage points of each other most of the summer in North Carolina, The Survey USA polls shows John McCain has broken out and now holds a 20 point lead over Barack Obama here. The bad news is that this most likely means the Tarheel State won't be seeing a visit from the GOP ticket anytime soon. I guess I'll have to drive to Virginia if I want to see McCain-Palin live. You can follow the state polls on this page at Real Clear Politics.

Update: Speaking of NC, tonight at 8:00 ET I will be on Right Wing News Radio with my fellow North Carolinian, John Hawkins.


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Obama's gonna have a stroke... (Below threshold)

Obama's gonna have a stroke. Speaking of the Chosen One, has he "fired" Gutman yet? Given a strong admonishment? Put him in a corner for 5 minutes? Slapped his hand? Words have meaning you know.

Lorie,I was very h... (Below threshold)


I was very happy to see that poll, but it's one poll and we need to still work hard in North Carolina. Dole is not safe yet either. There are lots that like Obama in the triangle area (all those "wise" professors) and such. Also, triad area will also go democratic as well as Charlotte.

Can anyone clarify somethin... (Below threshold)

Can anyone clarify something for me? Who's running for president of the USA for the Republicans? John Mc Cain or Sarah Palin? It's not very clear to the uninformed viewer of TV. She gives the impression that when she kisses Mc Cain she finds it a bit disgusting. But maybe that's just her cute way.

She gives the impr... (Below threshold)
She gives the impression that when she kisses Mc Cain she finds it a bit disgusting.

And your purpose for making this comment is...? (crickets)

If you are not paying attention to the news, or perhaps just googling John McCain, then it is your right to remain an "uninformed viewer of TV." And perhaps that is just your "cute way." Carry on.

Regarding the post: Thanks for the update, Lorie.

We North Carolinians get it... (Below threshold)

We North Carolinians get it about Obama the no reform, no acheivement, liberal.

What's wrong with the other States?

FWIW we're not expecting a ... (Below threshold)

FWIW we're not expecting a visit here in 'Bama either although there are reports that W may pop in for a campaign stop for Wayne Parker.

good post Lorie,now,if can ... (Below threshold)

good post Lorie,now,if can just get rid of Kay Hagen,all will be right in my world.

Its funny to watch all the ... (Below threshold)

Its funny to watch all the dummies out try and down play Obama's accomplishments! And we wonder why other countries hate our racist butts!! This KKKountry hasn't changed one lick from its racist past! Instead of Hooded Sheets you all now where SUITS and you think we should forget about everything racist that this country has done!! REMEMBER HURRICANE KATRINA!!! RACISM IS ALIVE AND WELL IN THE KKKOUNTRY!! And you better believe we havent forgotten!
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And she became Governor??!!

I understand that Sarah Pal... (Below threshold)

I understand that Sarah Palin will be campaigning in Virginia Beach at Regent University on September 18th.

I just live about 5 minutes away so I'm looking forward to seeing her.

That may actually be the cl... (Below threshold)

That may actually be the closest they come to where I live, but still almost 4 hours away.






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