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Hate Speech, Or Embracing Diversity?

It's often said about great speakers that they could read the phone book, and their audiences would be rapt. Well, I'm going to try something similar to that here. I'm going to post a page from my local phone book:


The other day, I needed a phone number, flipped the book open to that page -- and I burst out laughing.

How quickly will the (presumably unintended) humor appear to you folks?


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Comments (14)

Oh, man...that's BAD! HA!<... (Below threshold)

Oh, man...that's BAD! HA!

Earth Waste? Is that like t... (Below threshold)

Earth Waste? Is that like the Earth First! a$$holes in reverse?

Forgive my brief wallow in ... (Below threshold)

Forgive my brief wallow in crudeness...but depending on your pronounciation, it sorta works for all kinds of people, too.

Now I see it, LOL... (Below threshold)

Now I see it, LOL

Oh, that just bites!... (Below threshold)

Oh, that just bites!

I saw it, but at first I th... (Below threshold)

I saw it, but at first I thought the humor was that you're still using a printed phone book. :)

*SNORT*You can't m... (Below threshold)


You can't make up something like that!

The only thing that would have made it better would be if Eastman's Pharmacy was Eastman's . . . no, not gonna go there. SO not going to go there . . .

Is it that the page covers ... (Below threshold)

Is it that the page covers (EXTREMELY OFFCOLOR CONTENT) "Dyk---Eat"

and just what does a Dyke eat?!?!

Or after another 30 seconds... (Below threshold)

Or after another 30 seconds of thought... an alternate pronunciation of "Dyk"... that rhymes with "lick".

A PHONEBOOK??? Please don't... (Below threshold)

A PHONEBOOK??? Please don't tell me you also have a rolodex. I can't take it.............

...and yes, you pig - I saw it right away. PIG WITH OR WITHOUT LIPSTICK!!!


lol! Took me all of 3 seco... (Below threshold)

lol! Took me all of 3 seconds, but another 10 or so to see the alternate pronunciation...

Any wonder <a href="http:... (Below threshold)

Any wonder this guy became a criminal?

Of course, he went by "Richie" rather than the more obvious nickname.

LOL. Though that'... (Below threshold)


Though that's probably not an accident. It wouldn't be that hard for someone laying out the page to adjust the sizes enough to change the names on top and bottom.

For a brief moment I though... (Below threshold)

For a brief moment I thought you were a fan of English soap operas (Eastenders ...?).

*sigh* I suppose it was too much to hope for.






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