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Randi Rhodes says John McCain was treated well in Vietnam

Of all the outrageous things I've heard this election cycle, I think this one makes me the most angry.


Of course he became very friendly with the Vietnamese. They called him the Prince. He was well treated actually. And he was well treated because he traded these propaganda interviews for good treatment. So look, it's a horrible story anyway you cut it, anyway you look at it, any way you you you deal with it.

But, it's not the story Fred Thompson told. Nor is it the story Rudy Giuliani told. Nor is it the story Sarah Palin told. Nor is it the story anybody. Cindy McCain knew to limit herself to 'I think what my husband did in Vietnam was heroic' because she knows the truth too.

There are a lot of things you can attack John McCain on. We all know this; it's why conservatives have so long been angry about his nomination. However, this is simply disgusting.

Let's go over what happened, shall we? After being shot down over Hanoi in Vietnam, he almost drowned in addition to fracturing both arms and his leg. He was pulled from Truc Bach Lake and promptly stabbed with a bayonet in his ankle and groin. His shoulder was also crushed with a rifle butt -- all of this happening as he was being beaten by a violent mob. He received no medical treatment for his injuries and was beaten regularly -- until they discovered who his father was.

Then they were willing to release John McCain. He could go home.

He refused.

And the real torture began. He was subject to rope bindings and regular beatings, breaking his ribs. His teeth were broken off at the gumline. He was kept in solitary confinement and even tried to commit suicide, but was stopped by the guards. All of this happened although he was suffering from a fever and from dysentery.

And to Randi Rhodes this is being treated well? I guess it's all OK with her. He didn't have to listen to really, really loud Christina Aguilera music. Did she perhaps have a few at an Irish pub before making this statement? It fits with tradition: remember her claim that she was mugged (by right-wing extremists, of course) after getting drunk and falling down.

I'm curious if the left-wing establishment (that means you, Obama) will condemn this statement by Randi Rhodes.

They won't defend her. They won't condemn her. No, liberals' favorite tactic when something like this comes out is to pretend it never happened. They'll try to cover it up. They'll try to make it go away. But they won't say how outraged they are or how terrible this is. They're unlikely to try to defend her, either. No, the crickets will be chirping on the left side of the blogosphere on this one. But hey, maybe I'll be wrong. I hope I will be.

I won't hold my breath.

In any case, reaction from the liberal establishment aside, this shouldn't even come up. Like or dislike McCain's policies, slamming his heroic service as a POW for five years in Vietnam is beyond crossing the line. I already knew Randi Rhodes was a pathetic left-wing hack. But she's now sunk to the lowest possible echelon in my mind. Some things are beyond politicization. John McCain's service as a POW is one of them, and Randi Rhodes didn't just politicize it. She insulted it, she debased it, and she disrespected it. And all because she doesn't like his politics.

Sick, vile, disgusting woman.

Hat Tip: Right Wing News


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Comments (35)

Hmmm, maybe she had a few t... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Hmmm, maybe she had a few too many appletinis and cracked her coconut on the asphault again...

Indeed, this was a dumb sta... (Below threshold)

Indeed, this was a dumb statement to make, as it well known fact that McCain was treated poorly in Vietnam. John McCain did find some guards better than others during his imprisonment though. But that's not saying too much. But McCain claims that one guard was a closet Christian who once made a cross in the dirt on Christmas Day when he allowed McCain a little yard time as a sign to McCain.

Hey Paul, why continue afte... (Below threshold)

Hey Paul, why continue after your first sentence? What was the point of adding that little bit about the Christian soldier? Does that someone put an asterisk next to the McCain's story as a POW?

And what an asshat Rhodes is. The moron probably thinks the Hanoi Hilton was an actual hotel.

I've seen these accusations... (Below threshold)

I've seen these accusations that McCain was treated well as a prisoner and the he had done propaganda interviews/movies for the North Vietnamese.

I have yet to see any kind of documented evidence of such. I beleive if they existed the vietnamese government would of been willing to release them (or let them "leak"). I wonder if Jane Fonda would have copies?

After the 3rd would have be... (Below threshold)

After the 3rd would have been good too, Paul.

"But McCain claims that one guard was a closet Christian who once made a cross in the dirt on Christmas Day when he allowed McCain a little yard time as a sign to McCain."

How in the flippin' HELL is that relevant to what Rhodes ran over?

I have read and watched vid... (Below threshold)

I have read and watched video of various leftists and MSM reporters (but I repeat myself) going through waterboarding to 'expose the torture'. Sometimes they do it more than once. I would like to suggest that they go through what McCain went through and then opine as to the nature of torture.

Describing her as white fem... (Below threshold)
Piso Mojado:

Describing her as white female trailer trash is too good, but then again, James Carville could wave a few dollars and she would most likely follow him.

So THERE's the pig with lip... (Below threshold)

So THERE's the pig with lipstick we've heard about...

You can see it can't you? ... (Below threshold)

You can see it can't you? Barack Obama sitting backstage somewhere with his head in his hands as his handlers pull out a laptop to show him yet another youtube video that sinks his base further again into the mire of the fever swamps, whispering "and she thought this would help how?"

But McCain claims that one ... (Below threshold)

But McCain claims that one guard was a closet Christian who once made a cross in the dirt on Christmas Day when he allowed McCain a little yard time as a sign to McCain.

And you point is what, exactly?


These are the people who be... (Below threshold)

These are the people who believe it their birthright to rule the United States! Nuff said.

By bringing up the Christia... (Below threshold)

By bringing up the Christian guard story, Paul attempts to bolster Rhodes by setting up a premise that the Christian guard was just that...a story. By trying to make the guard story a fabrication, Paul is trying to very so carefully to say..."Well, McCain probably told a whopper about the guard, so he was likely fabricating his other recollections." That way, Rhodes is 'correct' that McCain's tales of torture are 'lies', since you supposedly can't completely believe the others.

A perfect example of one's ... (Below threshold)

A perfect example of one's exterior appearance revealing the ugliness housed within.

It's typical of lefties: P... (Below threshold)

It's typical of lefties: Paul wouldn't know honor and love and sacrifice for country if it came up and bit him on his pig ass.

What is cnn doing having th... (Below threshold)

What is cnn doing having that dopey broad on the air anyway. Does anyone over there have a brain?

And Air America is still wo... (Below threshold)

And Air America is still wondering why they failed to attract lots'o'listeners...

Randi Rhodes is perhaps the... (Below threshold)

Randi Rhodes is perhaps the only woman in the world that I would not.

Lugnut, and others here, yo... (Below threshold)

Lugnut, and others here, you do know that Ho Chi Minh was a strong U.S. ally during WWII even though he was a Communist, but only after the U.S. failed to back Vietnamese independence from France in the 1950's and later entered into the Vietnamese civil war in the 1960's, relations suffered between Vietnam and the U.S. But there were still many pockets of citizens in Vietnam who accepted the Christian faith of the French because of previous missionary efforts and many still had some respect for the U.S. despite the war.

Vietnam and the U.S. had a long relationship not totally unlike the history of the U.S. and Britain, characterized by both friendship as well as war.

The closet Christian guard story as told by John McCain was a rare example that helped give McCain some hope and faith during his mostly terrible treatment in Vietnam. The antiAmericanism of some Vietnamese was also tempered by the strong ally relationship of Vietnam earlier in WWII with many famous stories still popular among many in Vietnam. President Johnson even attempted to end the Vietnamese civil war and repair relations by offering the North a massive public works project, but the Ho Chi Minh government rejected any offer short of reunification of their nation.

My own grandfather, Captain John Einarson was a civilian merchant ship captain of the Ipswich and captured by the Japanese in the area near Vietnam during WWII transporting supplies to American, British, Australian and Vietnamese allies and was brutally flogged and mistreated. So maybe I know a little bit about Vietnam for this reason, because of my grandfather's history in the region. He also spent a great deal of time in China as well and my home features many items brought back home from his journeys during the 1930's to 1950's in the region. It was only the spread of Communism in China that cut most Western trade in 1949. But Ho Chi Minh was closer to a George Washington for a Communist, and was more concerned with independence from France than ideological radicalism or conflict with the West. To the contrary he he was quite strongly proWest and Vietnam never really had that good of a relationship with Communist China.

I don't doubt for one moment that as a POW John McCain faced rotten treatment in Vietnam. My grandfather certainly was treated poorly as well by the Japanese and was lucky to survive his imprisonment where there was very little food and illness would kill many prisoners and led to war crimes convictions for many Japanese POW camp officers. Being a POW is never a good thing. It's not like spending the Summer at camp.

Like the Japanese during WW... (Below threshold)

Like the Japanese during WWII, the Vietnamese didn't subscribe to the Geneva Convention and our prisoners were subject to severe and unremitting torture, almost always throughout their incarceration. That is why I have always completely understood John McCain's somewhat extreme attitude toward using torture of any kind, no matter how mild, to obtain intelligence.

As to Ms. Rhodes, there is no excuse for her existence, let alone employment by any respectable or even quasi respectable news organization, ever. She is ignorant, mean-spirited (her substitute for wit - and a poor one at that), and she takes vicious hate speech to a new low.

The Leftwing loons do not understand AT ALL that this is one area where they should not go in terms of Senator John McCain. They truly believe that the American public is as deluded, demented and soulless as they are. Let them rave on - in a very short time they will awaken to the shock of finding out that once again their anti-American paranoid schizophrenia has been rejected by the vast majority of Americans. Sadly, they will not understand WHY - again!

"I am b hussein obama and I... (Below threshold)

"I am b hussein obama and I approved this party's self destruction".

If Ms.Rhodes thinks McCain ... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

If Ms.Rhodes thinks McCain was "treated well" during his stint as a POW, I fear that she may have had some gentlemen friends who treated her quite horrendously!

Randi....prime example of w... (Below threshold)

Randi....prime example of what a serious fall can do to the brain of a chronic alcoholic.

Paul, thanks for the histor... (Below threshold)

Paul, thanks for the history lesson, but what in the hell does that have to do with John McCain's treatment as a POW and what the dispicable Rhodes said about it?

Why don't we put her in a P... (Below threshold)

Why don't we put her in a POW camp and ask her how well she was treated!!!

JLawson - "How in the f... (Below threshold)

JLawson - "How in the flippin' HELL is that relevant to what Rhodes ran over?"

Guess you didn't catch the meaning of hooson adding that line.

It was his virtual "fist bump" saying to Randi Rhodes well, I agree in part, McCain's time in a hell hole wasn't all bad.

Randi Rhodes should spend a month or so in a Hanoi Hilton simulator.

Randi Rhodes is completely ... (Below threshold)

Randi Rhodes is completely divorced from reality. The left used to tolerate McCain when he opposed the President, now that he is making Obamam look bad they hate him.

Appalling.... (Below threshold)


I would volunteer to treat ... (Below threshold)

I would volunteer to treat this twit Rhodes with the (EXACT) "WELL TREATMENT" she thinks McCain received.
I hope she looks forward to NOT being able to lift her arms over her head.

MSM putting these human waste products on TV...jeeeeez

Paul, instead of writing us... (Below threshold)

Paul, instead of writing us and using your long winded prose to "enlighten" us, write Randy Rhodes and tell her to issue an apology to the war hero.

Let's see, if 9 out of ten soldiers beat the crap out of you with sticks, but only one uses his hand instead, he must be better? The treatment nicer? ww

"remember her claim that... (Below threshold)

"remember her claim that she was mugged (by right-wing extremists, of course) after getting drunk and falling down."

In all fairness, she didn't claim that. It was a different idiot on Air America. But I can understand why you'd confuse them.

As for the rest, Rhodes is a soulless woman. Foul mouthed, ill tempered, not a well mannered or sincere bone in her body, she's brash, trashy and amoral. That a certain segment of our society takes her seriously at all is alarming.

It must be difficult to be ... (Below threshold)

It must be difficult to be Randi right now...

Never mind, it must always be difficult to be Randi. Wherever she goes, she's still with her!

Hooson,Must you be... (Below threshold)


Must you be so damned insufferable?

randi roahds is one of the ... (Below threshold)

randi roahds is one of the most hate filled people I have ever heard. It took less than 5 minutes of listening for me to "learn" that the American military is responsible for "millions" of innocents being murdered in Iraq and the palestinian territory.

Just a sick evil traitor to her own country. A country that should disown her, if the Constitution were still in affect today that is.

I'd love to see how she does in downtown Gaza

Those of you advocating tha... (Below threshold)

Those of you advocating that Randi Rhodes spend some time in the Hanoi Hilton: have some compassion, what'd the Vietnamese guards do to deserve such cruelty?

Vietnam Veterans Against Jo... (Below threshold)

Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain Vietnam

Veterans Against John McCain was formed to dispel the myth of "Straight talkin', principled, maverick war hero" - We have professional television ...


Documentations backs Randi Rhodes' statements.
McCain gave an propaganda interview for Radio Cuba two weeks after he was shot down

Also see and read about McCains first wife Carol McCain. John McCain left her because her injuries were then his. He whored around until he lucked up Cindy McCain.






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