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The Politics Of Hope? Empty Words

The newest McCain/Palin ad, Fact Check, is out. In 30 seconds it does a good job of reminding voters how are Barack Obama and his minions are trying to destroy Sarah Palin.


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I hear they're reading all ... (Below threshold)

I hear they're reading all the newspaper archives out there. Actually, all they have to find are a couple moonbat left women/men, convince them to make stuff up (had sexual relations with Gov. Palin, saw Gov. Palin kick puppies, etc.) and keep the attacks coming until election day. Who has time to verify and follow up on each one? There are plenty of leftists up there that this can be done with.

It's a great ad. Obama will... (Below threshold)

It's a great ad. Obama will spend half of next week explaining his "investigation."

The wolves needed to be mor... (Below threshold)

The wolves needed to be more vicious.

The ad referenced the Walls... (Below threshold)

The ad referenced the Wallstrret Journal 09/09/08.


What a weird ad.... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

What a weird ad.

Barack Obama and his min... (Below threshold)

Barack Obama and his minions are trying to destroy Sarah Palin

Boo hoo hoo. McCain picks an undistinguished, unqualified nobody to be vice-president entirely for craven political purposes, then hides her for 2 weeks from any and all questions so people can't see how ignorant and radical she is. Meantime, the erstwhile VP recites the same cornpone lies Bush's speechwriter wrote for her at the convention. And then you're shocked that the reviews are turning sour. Here's the thing: the American people will only swallow so much BS and McBush has exceeded his quota. Now it's all coming crashing down: the entire BushCo selfish, greedy, anti-American enterprise. With luck and justice, all those hideous monsters -- Cheney, Wolfowotiz, Yoo, Bush, Addington et al -- will soon be doing serious time in the fedpen. The McSame-Palin Comedy Act? Watch for it on DVD or in the Catskills.

wbonneThank you fo... (Below threshold)


Thank you for sharing your opinion. You know what they say about opinions, and you certainly have the other one. If you really believe all the stuff you spewed, please seek help from a mental professional. Oh and in case you haven't gotten the word, it is foaming at the mouth attack dogs like you who are costing Obama the election. But that's ok, keep up the good work, Rev. Wright would be proud.

Great Ad - shame it's a cro... (Below threshold)

Great Ad - shame it's a crock.

There is not and was not any team of oppo researchers sent to Alaska. John Fund (the author of the discredited report in the WSJ - the sole source of these claims) was unable to say where or how he heard about this, nor was he able to specify who these Dem oppo researchers were. Both the Obama camp and the DNC have denied it. Still - who cares about the truth? Certainly not McCain-Palin...

I agree with Adrian Browne.... (Below threshold)

I agree with Adrian Browne. I think it's a slightly weird, off key kind of add and I don't know if it really fits with the McCain campaign. Palin is regarded by all but the most blinkered Obamatron as a tough and capable pol. Seriously, you don't rise to power in Alaska the way she did without being able to handle yourself in a rhetorical knife fight or two. As VP she has to be able to handle her role as attack dog and from what we've seen she does it quite well. She also doesn't seem to have a problem taking the body blows that come with the job either. Pitbull in Lipstick, right?

Yet now they're attacking Obama for attacking Palin. I can see them attacking Obama for specific smears his campaign has pushed, even the unintentional gaffes like the "lipstick on a pig" comment. That, at least, makes tactical sense. However this add fails for me because it doesn't feel right for Palin or the role she's played so far. She's not some shrinking violet, she's not a frail woman who needs protecting. She's the wolf.

Clearly Palin has gotten inside Obama's head and he's spent the better part of a week directly attacking her instead of McCian - net plus for McCain/Palin because by attacking Palin Obama elevates her and lowers his own stature - again all but the koolaid drinking Obamatron will understand this. When he attacks her he invites people to compare him to her, and in that way he damages himself because they are quite comparable in both charisma and experience, and she's just the VP candidate.

So why does Obama do it? Because frankly Biden has proven to be absolutely useless at this sort of thing. Obama is now basically carrying his whole ticket while Biden is a dead weight. This add doesn't add to Obama's burden, if anything it's an unnecessary distraction. Simply not an effective add IMO.

She's too fragile to handle... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

She's too fragile to handle gossip but is ready to be the Commander-in-Chief or . . . something.

At any rate, it's too far out of the mainstream -- smells "off."

You say John Fund's article... (Below threshold)

You say John Fund's article is discredited yet I see no evidence of that. He does not list his sources but that's hardly the same as saying he can't say how or where he heard this - that's an outright fabrication on your part Kapow.

Now a DNC spokesman says that they sent no one to Alaska to do any oppo research on Palin. You can cite that as "proof" that Fund is wrong or discredited but that's a thin reed to build a bridge on but I'm betting this person was fibbing. Campaign's have political opperatives specifically so they can tell whoppers to the press and protect the candidate and his/her campaign. Do you really think that a Presidential campaign is going to leave oppo research on the other side's VP candidate to the locals? If that's the dog you're betting on I've got news for you son, he ain't gonna hunt.

kapow - "There is not a... (Below threshold)

kapow - "There is not and was not any team of oppo researchers sent to Alaska. John Fund (the author of the discredited report in the WSJ - the sole source of these claims)"

Surely you can point to where this has been discredited, apart from the DNC and Obama of course.

Some retards might want to ... (Below threshold)

Some retards might want to puff and blow over whether Fund's story was 100% true, or whether it was really only 28 oppo researchers sent to Alaska ...

... but everyone with eyes and ears can see the *daily* - almost *hourly* - barrage of panicky attacks from every Democratic creature from maggots like Bob Shrum to B. Hussein Obambi himself.

At some point, everyone is going to wonder why this woman has every Democrat in the pueblo cross-eyed, pants-wetting with fury.

I mean, for fukk's sake, I wish Democrats everywhere could work up this much anger at Osama bin Laden.

Looks like they're firing u... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Looks like they're firing up the collider at CERN... Will they witness miniature black holes?

If the deperate, despondant lefty's are this aggravated with over a month and a half to go (represented by the increase of nonsensicle rantings on this, and other pages), do you guys think the insanity will continue in a linear fashion, or will they go exponentially apoplectic as November nears?

I'm hoping for the exponential insanity, as I'm hoping to witness a singularity, out of which nothing can escape... not even stupidity.

All you lefties, if you wou... (Below threshold)

All you lefties, if you would do something for me, continue to put her down and make mention of McCain's age and his cancer. Please keep it up. It is saving the republicans millions in campaign ads. ww

kapow, where are you?... (Below threshold)

kapow, where are you?

What no proof? No links other than to the DNC and Obama camp?

Come-on, surely you've had ample time to pass thru Dkos and media splatters for a response.

What a weird ad.... (Below threshold)

What a weird ad.

Yeah, well they're talking about some weird stuff.

Do you realize how dumb Obama is going to look when those 30 lawyers come up empty handed? Damn! There goes their 'she wasn't vetted' argument.

Barry's getting to be a bigger joke than Kerry. And I didn't think that possible.

Lots of people didn't get t... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Lots of people didn't get the Paris Hiltion and Moses ads at first, but they proved to be very effective at stripping away Obama's ridicules celebrity status. This is another good ad as it keeps Obama on the defensive. He can hardly deny that his campaign sent a bunch of lawyers to Alaska to "investigate" Palin? McCain is making sure Obama is being branded as just another practitioner of Chicago machine dirty politics. As Obama's nice guy image is chipped away he'll continue to drop in the polls.

<a href="http://abcnews.go.... (Below threshold)
George Author Profile Page:

Obama said, ""We can be a party that tries to beat the other side by practicing the same do-anything, say-anything, divisive politics that has stood in the way of progress, or we can be a party that puts an end to it."

Well, it is clear which option he chose.






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