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9/11: Seven Years Later - 8:46AM

At this very moment, seven years ago, American Airlines Flight 11, with 92 people on board, crashed into 1 World Trade Center (the North Tower).


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7 years ago in Germany, a s... (Below threshold)

7 years ago in Germany, a shopkeeper told me about the three planes. She was crying. I thought she must have misunderstood. I turned on a TV in my hotel room, and even only speaking a few words of German, understood that we were the ones that had misunderstood for way too long.

I had the day off work. My ... (Below threshold)

I had the day off work. My wife got me out of bed to see the news on TV.

I will never forget that da... (Below threshold)

I will never forget that day, I was on my way home to Miami Beach from Kendall, southern Miami...

"As long as their is air in my lungs and blood in my veins", to quote Churchill I will fight against those Islamo Fascist thugs...Barack Hussein Obama's friends.


Can we leave the spewing of... (Below threshold)

Can we leave the spewing of propaganda out of these comments please?

I remember hearing it on the radio driving to work. I stood in the lobby where someone has set up a small TV. After an hour or so, I drove home to my GF at the time with some friends from work and just watched the TV, hoping to make sense of it. Eventually we just turned the TV off and talked.

I will indeed never forget that day.

Peter, God bless y... (Below threshold)


God bless you. You're presence is missed here.






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