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9/11: Seven Years Later - 9:03 AM

At this very moment, seven years ago, United Airlines Flight 175, with 65 people on board, crashed into 2 World Trade Center (the South Tower).


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"This is a terrorist attack... (Below threshold)

"This is a terrorist attack" I told my wife, "two planes cannot be an accident."
We went out filled up the van and all of our gasoline cans and bought a ton of canned food and water.

The principal of our children's school called and asked if we could come and have lunch with the kids. So we brought some snacks and sat down at a table with our three youngest children and many of their friends and spent an hour talking about everything but the obvious.

I remember seeing the secon... (Below threshold)

I remember seeing the second one hit the trade center and thinking (while in a sort of silent shock) "Ah. So this is how it happens."

I never, ever want to feel the fear and horror I felt that day. But I never want to forget it either.

I am very busy preparing my... (Below threshold)

I am very busy preparing my hospital for Hurricane Ike. I live in Houston. But I do have 9/11 etched on my mind vividly. I can never forget that day. So many innocent people died and millions were afraid for their lives. ww

WildWillie, Corpus... (Below threshold)


Corpus Christi here, looks like we dodged the bullet but I'm praying for you guys up there, be safe.

9/11 was once a happy occasion for me, it happens to be my birthday, but now it's a memorial day. I now try to celebrate either the day before or the day after. On this day I pray for comfort for the families and friends of the victims of that fateful day.






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