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9-11 Seven years later- In memory of Ken Marino

This is a re-post of something I wrote on 9-11's fifth anniversary. marino_kenny.jpg

Ken Marino, age 40 was a NYC firefigther who died on 9-11. He was the only person I knew that died that fateful day. See Ken and I shared a passion for a table sports game in addition to playing in tournaments where other players of Strat-O-Matic Baseball competed against one another.. We probably met a few times at the ones in Newark New Jersey. Including this one here, which Ken won and I also played in. I just don't remember much or anything else from tournaments Ken and I both played in. We probably faced off against each other at least once in Newark, but Star Tournaments records are sketchy prior to 1999.

Four months after Ken's death, I competed in the Star Tournaments' National Championship in Las Vegas. Advancing to the quarter-finals, I played against Mike Cohen and Eric Wayne who co-managed a team. Both players knew Ken, and Mike was a very close friend of his. As we played our seven game series, Mike and Eric talked some of their lost friend. Since 2002 Startournaments gives the annual Ken Marino award for sportsmanship. RIP Ken and god bless your wife and children.

Where was I on 9-11 and what did I do that day? My day started like any other. I got up, ate breakfast, drank coffee, put out the garbage and puttered around the house.(Go online) I frequently turn CNBC early in the morning, and I did so that day. CNBC was soon showing images of the WTC on fire. My wife Leonita had left for work, as her day begins at 9 a.m. and so I called her. I probably turned the television off while we talked for I didn't see the second plane crash live like millions of others did. The rest of the day was spent mostly glued to the television.

God bless all the families and loved ones of those who died on September 11th, 2001.


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That's sad Bill. I barely k... (Below threshold)

That's sad Bill. I barely know anyone on the east coast myself, but I did have one aunt in the Pentagon when the plane hit. Thankfully she escaped uninjured, which is good because I really love my aunt. My thoughts go out to Mr. Marino's family and loved ones today.






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