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Charlie Gibson's Interview with Sarah Palin

It's on right now. From the first few minutes, I can say she's very confident and driven. I have to say, this tape appears to be heavily edited from what I can tell.

I can't tell if this is meant to be a preview or if it's supposed to be the full interview because it's shocking how she was edited mid-sentence. I want to hear everything she said.

The first part of the interview, which was about international relations, is over. From what I can tell she held her own very well about Russia, Georgia, Iran, and Israel, but, as I said, the tape was so horribly edited that I can't tell if her entire answer was included. I hope to God McCain's team independently taped this interview, because Gibson chopped up what she said terribly.

He asked her if she agreed with the Bush doctrine, to which she asked in what regard. The Bush Doctrine can be defined based upon someone's political view. The look on her face and tone in her voice told me she was suspicious of the question, like she was waiting for a gotcha.

Second part is beginning. He's asking her about her comments in her old church, where she said our leaders are sending our troops on a task from God or something from that. He then asked her if we're fighting a Holy war. She said her comments were in reference to a quote to Abraham Lincoln.

And then he asked her her views on God and her son Track.

On the whole, Charlie Gibson seemed really condescending in some places. The way he looked at her was a bit over the top, like she wasn't worth his time.

Commenters at Hot Air are also pissed about the awful editing job. Also some are saying that this wasn't an interview, it was a quiz and they're right. I don't remember in adult life any VP candidate being treated so aggressively as Charlie Gibson treated her. I don't expect softballs by any stretch of the imagination, but she should be treated in the same manner as a man would be treated. Instead, Charlie treated her like she was a bug that he had to squash. Governor Palin was in response aggressive as well.


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I agree. Very chopped up. B... (Below threshold)
C Engskow:

I agree. Very chopped up. Bad editting. I read the pre release transcript so I'm anticipating a misquote by Gibson. Mr. Gibson left out a couple of words when he quoted Mrs. Palin. She was admonishing a church congregation and said, "Pray that our national leaders are sending our troops on a task that is from God." When he quoted her, he left out the admonishment to pray and said her quote began with " Our leaders are sending. . . That totally changes the meaning, thus, he can construe the true meaning of her comments and take the interview in the direction of 'mission from God', aka holy war.

She was not saying that we were fighting a holy war. But, praying for the leaders, that they would send our troops to fight for righteous and noble causes that align with our values. Isn't that what Americans have always done? This infuriates me. If they cannot make their points by using our words, they attempt to create false impressions by omitting words and distorting their true meaning. I had hoped Mr. Gibson would be more honest.

Oh, what a *shock* ABC woul... (Below threshold)

Oh, what a *shock* ABC would bastardize a Palin quote in a teaser... snore.....

For the record here is her quote in its entirity:

"Pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right. Also, for this country, that our leaders, our national leaders, are sending [U.S. soldiers] out on a task that is from God," she exhorted the congregants. "That's what we have to make sure that we're praying for, that there is a plan and that that plan is God's plan."

I thought the interview was... (Below threshold)

I thought the interview was supposed to be on Saturday?

I read an article in USA Today this morning about Palin. It was pretty interesting in describing how she's nothing like the carefully crafted image of what a select few thought a feminist should be. The author ended the article by saying that the "sisterhood has been put on notice".

I couldn't help but think about an old joke:

Palin broke the mold -
then she beat the crap out of the mold-maker.

anyone know where that linc... (Below threshold)

anyone know where that lincoln quote is from? cant seem to find it.
dont understand what the McCain camp was thinking with this gibson interview, the guy always was a dolt. also dont understand why McCain would be doing this columbia u, thing tonight. he should have insisted on somewhere else. why give that place, that has hosted our enemies, have a place in this campaign, especially with a topic like "community service". a little too much like community organizing for my tastes.

did he ask who the prime mi... (Below threshold)

did he ask who the prime minister of zimbabwe is?

How much foreign policy exp... (Below threshold)

How much foreign policy experience did Edwards have? Gore? Mondale? Johnson? Truman? give me a break....

Gibson is a handmaiden of Al Qaeda.

Sarah Palin Interview Grade... (Below threshold)

Sarah Palin Interview Grade A+

That is, Grade A+ for Sarah... (Below threshold)

That is, Grade A+ for Sarah, not Charlie!

Maybe she was using the Lin... (Below threshold)

Maybe she was using the Lincoln quote to stick it to these guys:

Here's the money quote:

Lincoln was not concerned "whether God is on our side; [but whether we are] on God's side," whereas Bush believes he was chosen by God to lead the country into Iraq.


So neither you nor Palin ar... (Below threshold)

So neither you nor Palin are familiar with the Bush Doctrine...try the google and get back to us Kim.

Just watched the clips from... (Below threshold)

Just watched the clips from the interview. I thought Palin did a pretty good job but I wonder why the McCain campaign would ever agree to this format.

Gibson had his notes in front of him which, surely,included the definition of the Bush Doctrine and when Palin gave her answer Gibson simply read from the text book....which gave the impression of a condescending professor (with the prof glasses on the nose) talking down to a student. I don't know, maybe this is a good thing for Palin.

Why do politicians let themselves be boxed in like this by the media? McCain's people need to do this smarter. Next time hold the interview at an unstaged setting....no interview notes for the interviewer. LIVE.

To James:<a href="... (Below threshold)
No, jp2, obviously you have... (Below threshold)

No, jp2, obviously you haven't been eating enough of your own cooking. The Bush Doctrine has many definitons over at HuffPo and Kos.

Pertaining to foreign polic... (Below threshold)

Pertaining to foreign policy, was she asked when she hoped diplomatic relations between Washington and Juneau could be established?

Charlie sounded like a head... (Below threshold)

Charlie sounded like a headmaster grilling a 14-year-old ditz whom he suspected of skipping World Politics class and going to the mall instead. Good grief. His attitude seemed to be 1) she wasn't worth his time, and he had barely deigned to interview her in the first place 2) she didn't have the sense God gave a turnip and it was his job to demonstrate it. She did pretty well. Her answers were solid, her demeanor was just rather defensive, but that's probably because--given what we know of her--she likely wanted to punch him in the gut for his inexcusable attitude. I give her a 7 out of 10. I give him a big, fat, sneering zero.

I imagine that will happen ... (Below threshold)

I imagine that will happen sometime before your head and your ass sever relations, Herman.

the reason these interviews... (Below threshold)

the reason these interviews are so aggressive is that in this race and in typical races for the president/VP, we are given months to vet the opinions and policies of the candidates...this woman was introduced to us a week ago...2 MONTHS BEFORE THE ELECTION...there is no time for tiptoeing around the big issues with someone who could potentially become the so-called leader of the free world!

Herman, I think your attemp... (Below threshold)

Herman, I think your attempt at snideness is actually funny if you consider the current attitude of Washington insiders and the new Mrs. Smith who is about to descend upon them.

More like Mr and Mrs Smith ... (Below threshold)

More like Mr and Mrs Smith than Mrs Smith Goes to Washington.

For true experts, it is ent... (Below threshold)

For true experts, it is entirely possible to give an intellectually aggressive interview without being an a-hole about it. Had Charlie even had incisive questions, with spectacular follow-up, he at least would have come off better. But his questions were canned spam, served with a heaping side of snot. No thanks.

ekshears: "the reason these... (Below threshold)

ekshears: "the reason these interviews are so aggressive is that in this race and in typical races for the president/VP, we are given months to vet the opinions and policies of the candidates."

Uh, ekshears baby, we're STILL waiting for the FIRST aggressive questioning of Obama by the MSM regarding his relationship with Bill Ayers, the precise nature of the Obama's role with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, why Obama voted in favor of 932 Million in earmarks in just a few years, etc.

Ekshears, what I think you REALLY meant to say was there is only a few months for the MSM to undermine...er...vet this particular CONSERVATIVE since the MSM does not "vet" liberals at all, regardless of how many months they've been around.

Nice try though. I'm sure you're very "concerned" about that whole McCain vetting process for the good of the nation.....yeah, right, pull the other one.

You're only upset that your side is reduced to lying about Sarah Palin since there are no "smoking guns" in her background that you can use to say, "See, she's just like the caricature of conservative women we lefties have been putting forward lo these many years."

if palin did okay, she is a... (Below threshold)

if palin did okay, she is a winner because expectations were again out of sight by the msm. she made no major flubs which is what the press was just waiting to jump on.

i say job well done.

Rachel: "...........served ... (Below threshold)

Rachel: "...........served with a heaping side of snot. No thanks."

You mean, served with a heaping side of purposeful misquotes.

ya i was disapointed in gib... (Below threshold)

ya i was disapointed in gibson, having seen him recently interview obama and not being nearly as pointed trying to repeat questions as to make palin seem to be avoiding the question.

i think that she was offended, but was able to keep her head none the less.

i wish that they would interview one question at a time, and move on after an answer, let the public decide if she was ducking it or not, its what they did in the obama interview.

having a history of interviewing ww2 survivors i know that the best interview tactic to get teh most information is to allow the interviewee to run the interview, not only are they more likely to tell a story in full, but they are more likely to become comfortable and trip on their words should they be lying or stretching truths.

i think it was a bad example of how palin will react and has reacted as a person facing issues. given the chance to directly face issues she may not have thought of she still came up with a thoughtful answer if not a completed statement.

i think if a presidential candidate or vice presidential candidate can appear this true in the midst of a badly worded and badly edited interviewer and interviewing tactics we can expect this to be the "worst" of sarah palin.

that being said i dont see how anyone can feel they dont know her.

Charlie sounded li... (Below threshold)
Charlie sounded like a headmaster grilling a 14-year-old ditz whom he suspected of skipping World Politics class and going to the mall instead. Good grief.

He was probably just pissed he had to travel all the way to Alaska to behave like the usual douche-bag he's known for being.

The question about the Bush... (Below threshold)
Proud kaffir:

The question about the Bush Doctine- a doctrine defined loosely by the media, never by Bush- was a "got you" question. She did well in asking for clarification and not stepping onto the trap. Incidentally, the Bush Doctrine was originally that states that support terrorism should be held as responsible as the terrorists themselves- something Gibson seems to have forgotton.

The question about entering Pakistan was also a minefield. We already are making incursions into Pakistan with protests from the Pakistani Government. We are however doing so with as little fanfare as possible. Technically the incursions are classified even if already reported.

Palin gave the only response that could be given even if it appeared to be a dodge. You don't want to aggravate a sensitive operation by angering the Pakistanis and also don't want to undercut our own military operations.

From what I have read, I believe she carried herself well.

also drago, i commend your ... (Below threshold)

also drago, i commend your use of the word lo

10-4 on the Bush Doctrine, ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

10-4 on the Bush Doctrine, kaffir. It is that we will treat terrorists and the states the sponsor them as one and the same. Gibson gaffed his own question.

Not that Bush is following the Bush Doctrine. Iran is still the world's largest state sponsor of terror and they've suffered no reprecussions.

Her answer on Pakistan was fine because the reality is "it depends." We'll do what must to ensure America stays safe is the right answer.

Um, I have to say that if P... (Below threshold)
Sarah from the south:

Um, I have to say that if Palin comes off as a bit under-informed it's not because of media bias. They've done their best to buy all this lipstick/bulldog crap, but at some point they have to ask her questions! What, do you want Gibson to ask her what her favorite flavor of ice cream is? I agree that Gibson isn't the world's most intellectual interviewer, in fact he's kind of a softy. Any snottiness that came through may be genuine shock over her blatantly contradicting her own quotes. Can't wait to see the whole thing.

I agree that Gibson i... (Below threshold)

I agree that Gibson isn't the world's most intellectual interviewer,

....agreed, we're still looking for "the world's most intellectual interviewer" to interview Obama. It's been two years now, Sarah, how much longer? Any suggestions?

I recommend William Buckley....from the grave, Obama might have a chance.

Agree with most of the obse... (Below threshold)

Agree with most of the observations about CG demeanor. And as odd as this may seem, the 'what-is-wrong-with-this-picture' factor for me was that he was not wearing a suit.

A blazer is always a sign of informality. And I don't recall a single interview that he has conducted with the other candidates - the men - when he was not wearing a suit. It is just a basic sign of respect.

I recommend William Buckley... (Below threshold)

I recommend William Buckley....

^ that is the most brilliant thing ive seen anyone say in a long time.

but i dont share your sentiment about obama, he would be a deer in the headlights talking about how valid his argument is when compared to logical situations.

buckley would be the first to equate his stance on abortion and constitutional interpretation to that of the extremist views of the kkk. from that point on obama would have his goose cooked.

Her first major mistake, no... (Below threshold)

Her first major mistake, not giving the interview but giving it to the slime balls at ABC. I didn't watch it because I never, ever watch anything on ABC and only the local news on NBC. If ABC,CBS and CNN went down the tube tomorrow I wouldn't know it until I read it on a blog. There are some sick puppies running what they call news networks.

Wow ... talk about setting ... (Below threshold)

Wow ... talk about setting the bar low.

Wow ... talk about setting ... (Below threshold)

Wow ... talk about setting the bar low.

lol, when obama can barely clear the low bar you set for him, and palin clears it with leaps and bounds, perhaps you should not try and make that point.

<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)


I like this recording of the interview. (10:31 minutes)

I say, "Way to go!" "Great Job, Gov. Palin!"

He couldn't shake her. I give her an A!

Let's see the O answer some of those foreign policy questions. He would take 10 time longer to give his answer, without really saying anything.

Hey, she beat him over the ... (Below threshold)

Hey, she beat him over the head quoting Lincoln. If the MSM had been honestly researching things they would have pointed that out before she had to, but that does not fit the gotcha profile.

The "Bush Doctrine" has als... (Below threshold)
Proud kaffir:

The "Bush Doctrine" has also been defined as spreading democracy to totalitarian regimes, especially Islamic Regimes, which will then lead to a decrease in extremist religious violence (i.e Islamic terrorism).

Here is a recent New York Sun article discussing the "Bush Doctrine" as it relates to Pakistan's elections.

The "Bush Doctrine" is so vague, encompasing so many different angles that most people usually add a descriptor when discussing it (i.e Bush Doctrine of Pre-emptive war.)

For Gibson to act as if the Doctrine is only oneelement shows him to be ignorant, not Palin.

Typo:one element</... (Below threshold)
Proud kaffir:


one element

"We cannot repeat the Cold ... (Below threshold)

"We cannot repeat the Cold War. We are thankful that, under Reagan, we won the Cold War, without a shot fired, also. We've learned lessons from that in our relationship with Russia, previously the Soviet Union."


Brilliant! Let's put her in office now.

Looks like they edited Char... (Below threshold)
mcg Author Profile Page:

Looks like they edited Charlie's "exact words" statement out on the West Coast.

I'm waiting for Charlie to ... (Below threshold)
William F Naegele:

I'm waiting for Charlie to get into The Obama's face and ask him why he thinks he's qualified to be president..

jp2-So ne... (Below threshold)


So neither you nor Palin are familiar with the Bush Doctrine...try the google and get back to us Kim.

You aren't either, jp2, otherwise you would be able to expound rather than tell everyone else to google what you are supposedly "familiar" with. I understand you are just hanging out to annoy and display ignorance, however.

In non-lulz news, she also ... (Below threshold)

In non-lulz news, she also said war may be necessary against Russia.

Anyone on this site convinced of her craziness at this point?

Anyone on this sit... (Below threshold)
Anyone on this site convinced of her craziness at this point?

Nope. Just your desperate need for attention.

I'd suggest y'all read t... (Below threshold)

I'd suggest y'all read the transcript of the interview, instead of watching the video, which looks as though it was edited with a chainsaw.

Sarah finessed Gibson's "gotchas" with consummate skill---the lady hit another one out of the park, believe it.

"She's too inexperienced. S... (Below threshold)

"She's too inexperienced. She can't be ready for an interview by a network anchor; she was only a local sportscaster, and not for long."

And another leftist myth/wish falls!

Seems to me the "Bush Doctrine" question is as good an encapsulation of the interview as any:

CG throws out a question to which there can only be a wrong answer.

SP tries for a clarification.

CG condescendingly "explains" what the BD is (as he chooses to see it).

SP gives a straight-forward reply without letting herself get trapped. She shows that she knows what she's doing, that she has facts, as well as resolve and intelligence.

CG repeats the question, perhaps to give the audience the perception that she dodged. (Hoo! I can hear Obama if anyone would ask him a question like that: "That's above my paygrade.")

Palin gained a bit more respect from me tonight because she didn't deck the guy!

I agree with A+ for Palin and "You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Go study and come back when you're really ready" for Gibson.

Excellent idea, irongrampa.... (Below threshold)

Excellent idea, irongrampa. Maybe part of it will get posted here as well with a link to the rest.

if you dont beleive that wa... (Below threshold)

if you dont beleive that war against an invading nation is necessary to keep on the diplomatic table then you are the type of person who would have allowed a nuclear bomb from korea.

whether she feels its truly necessary or not a president must keep aggressive negotiations on the table at all times.

to say "obey us but we wont ever hold you accountable in a violent manner"

is like telling a rabid dog to not bite you.

In non-lulz news, ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
In non-lulz news, she also said war may be necessary against Russia.

Bullies push until someone pushes back. Palin is demonstrating courage, exactly the kind of courage President Kennedy displayed when he kicked the Russian missiles out of Cuba. By talking tough Palin may be preventing the very thing you fear, jp2.

KimTake a quick lo... (Below threshold)


Take a quick look at Gibson & Obama then compare the STAGING -- while Gibson does the same "peer over the glasses" schtick with Barry, these are significant differences:

1. the men have some distance and a table between them
2 the long shots (fully body) emphasize their relative "equaliness"
3. closeups of Barry are always 3/4
4. shots of Gibson over Barry's shoulder keep their heads at relatively the same height

Now, with the short segments of Palin:

1. Gibson and Palin are placed much closer together, no table between. Emphasizes Gibson's size as more "dominate" over Palin
2. the "full body shots" are closer in, again emphasizing Palin as "the little woman"
3. Close ups of Palin's are more full face or profile, not as many 3/4.
4. Shots of Gibson over Palin's shoulder show her head barely to Gibson's chin, like a little girl being lectured by daddy

The staging speaks volumes to ABC's motivations.

chuckie gibby is a liberal ... (Below threshold)

chuckie gibby is a liberal democratic msm shill!! Jeez..I thought we all new that by now!! Ever since he lost all that weight...oh wait, that was al roker...sorry...

Wow, I am watching NIGHTLI... (Below threshold)

Wow, I am watching NIGHTLINE and they have another edit of the same interview. She kicked ass. The evening news version was a hatchet job..

Failin' Palin grabbed hold ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Failin' Palin grabbed hold of the steering wheel on the Straight Talk Express and is driving it over the cliff. You can hear John McCain yelliing,

I knew I should have gone with --------------------------------------------------------->


Nightline version was much ... (Below threshold)
C Engskow:

Nightline version was much easier to watch. Due to the earlier edition's editing, Gov. Palin's responses were chopped up and disjointed. The interview shown tonight on Nightline showed her to be articulate and straightforward in her answers. Gibson still annoyed me with his condescending attitude and intentional misquotes, but she held her own. After the fact, I can see why she 'measured her words', as I just heard MSNBC news flash report: "Sarah Palin said war with Russia may be necessary". MSM is disgusting and detestable!

I'm waiting for Ch... (Below threshold)
I'm waiting for Charlie to get into The Obama's face and ask him why he thinks he's qualified to be president..

They just need to run the video from his senate win in 2004. Obama can shoot it over in an e-mail along with Biden's remark that he wasn't Obama's best choice for veep running mate.

Oh for God's sake. I just ... (Below threshold)

Oh for God's sake. I just watched the interview. She didn't drink anybody's milkshake, but she sure as hell knows enough to sit in on all the POTUS meetings. Gibson wasn't as bad as I'd heard.

She understands that ENERGY IS National Security for Pete's sake. She gets that.

She was fine, more than fine. She has a nasally voice but who cares. She's definitely smart enough to be where she is.

Help ABC along, buy them a ... (Below threshold)

Help ABC along, buy them a couple of new shovels. They're busy burying any credibility they 'may have' ever had. They are in the SNAFU stage of broadcasting.

Palin attempted to use the ... (Below threshold)

Palin attempted to use the bob and weave, but Gibson did a good job of asking her to explain her own words. A "task from God" and "God's plan" is NOT a call to pray for our troops. It says that the US is called to fight this war by God. That is saying that she knows God will and that is BS.

Anyone who listens objectively to her answers would quickly and easily conclude that she is NOT qualified to be the VP. McCain's selection of her was NOT putting the country first. It was putting political advantage first and that is dangerous and irresponsible.

Why are there conspiracy th... (Below threshold)

Why are there conspiracy theorists out there? What is this MSM crap? The Illuminati should be pleased. Are all Sarah Palin supporters bad spellers and idiots?

Why are there cons... (Below threshold)
Why are there conspiracy theorists out there? What is this MSM crap? The Illuminati should be pleased. Are all Sarah Palin supporters bad spellers and idiots?

Three questions with no substance. What a surprise. See, I can do that too, without asking half-as*ed questions. Read the transcript like the rest of us, and you'll know what we mean by "editing".

I hope to God McC... (Below threshold)
I hope to God McCain's team independently taped this interview

I have never understood why conservatives don't do that everytime they're interviewed by a typically hostile leftist from the body-count media.

For the love of God, why should these vultures be able to continue to molest our side in the editing room and, all we can do is cry foul?

What we saw was ABC's best ... (Below threshold)

What we saw was ABC's best shot at slowing Palin's momentum. You lead with the best story, and their best would be "dirt". I think Palin did well.

I don't think I have ever seen this much media head to Alaska. How many are in Delaware?

Funny ABC spends this much time on the "chance" she may become president, and do not dig as deep with Obama, when his experience is more in question.

Hey ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN - better resort to the "Rather" trick and just make up some stories. Journalism as a profession is dead anyway, so might as well jump to the next act.

If her momentum continues into October, this race is over.

I wonder why the McCain ... (Below threshold)

I wonder why the McCain campaign would ever agree to this format.
Why do politicians let themselves be boxed in like this by the media? McCain's people need to do this smarter. Next time hold the interview at an unstaged setting....no interview notes for the interviewer. LIVE.

As I noted in the following thread, this format was imposed by the McCain camp. They refused to allow her to do a live or uncut interview, and required that it be taped over two days. A taped interview is a much more favorable format for the interviewee. The question isn't why the McCain camp agreed to this format, it's why ABC did.

I encourage your desire to push for Palin to do a live interview.

This was not a hard interv... (Below threshold)

This was not a hard interview. Charlie is a dolt tossing Palin soft ball questions that should have been seen a mile away.

Some of you are offended that the media is asking about her experience and positions. Get over it. That is the job of the press. If you want a press that isn't hostile go live in North Korea.

Gibson sure wasn't the shar... (Below threshold)

Gibson sure wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed!

He sounded more like a father quizzing a daughter who came in from a date at 6 in the morning!!!

Thanks for the info Brian. ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the info Brian. I would add that LIVE wasn't my only request. No reporter notes is important also, as well as an unstaged setting.

This isn't the first time I've diagreed with McCain.

Roger: "If you want a press... (Below threshold)

Roger: "If you want a press that isn't hostile go live in North Korea."

Or simply be a liberal Democrat in the US.

I find it interesting that the lefties here still cannot bring themselves to admit that Gibson misquoted Palin in Charlies question regarding her prayer.

BTW, after 19 months on the campaign trail, where is Obama's answer as to what the Bush Doctrine is and what elements and to what degree he agree's with those elements and where those elements might require implementation?

I must have missed that hard hitting interview.

If you want to REALLY be an... (Below threshold)

If you want to REALLY be annoyed with this interview, go to ABC and read the transcripts from Charlie's interviews with Obama. Interview with Governor Palin: Charlie the prosecuting attorney badgering the EEVIL defendent into confessing. Interviews with Obama: Best friends sitting over a nice cup of coffee to chat about current events. Blatantly biased, blatantly unprofessional. On the bright side: PALIN ATE CHARLIE FOR LUNCH. She was never once pushed back on her (high) heels. And I noticed she wasn't constantly saying "uuuuuuhhhh" like Obama does. If I had a nickle for every time Obama said "uuuuuuuuhhhh" I'd be a millionaire. And they say Bush is inarticulate. WOW!

You lefty loons don't get i... (Below threshold)

You lefty loons don't get it. Obama is running against Palin and as long as he does this, people will conclude the Obama is not ready to be president. I am loving this. Obama should have changes the dialogue to McCain a week ago, but he started this train and it can't stop. She does have more experience then Obama. That is just a fact. So the left keeps saying she doesn't have the experience, then they will also conclude Obama doesn't but McCain does. I am loving this. ww

Adrian Browne:The ... (Below threshold)

Adrian Browne:

The ONLY reason you push the Leiberman meme is that you know full well McCain would have lost support from conservatives. Because you know that's the ONLY way to absolutely ensure a win for Obama.

As it stands, it's not a foregone conclusion that Obama will be in the Whitehouse. And that upsets you, you officious prick.

What a train wreck that was... (Below threshold)

What a train wreck that was. Mrs. Palin sure had me fooled. If she can't get through an interview with "Easy Charlie", how is she going to do with a true dick like Putin.

What a mess...

My 16 year old son knows mo... (Below threshold)

My 16 year old son knows more about foreign affairs, including what the Bush doctrine is, and what it represents. While Palin is quoting good old Abe, here's another one:

Abraham Lincoln said "Allow the president to invade a neighboring nation, whenever he shall deem it necessary to repel an invasion, and you allow him to do so whenever he may choose to say he deems it necessary for such a purpose - and you allow him to make war a pleasure."

That pretty much sums up the Bush Doctrine and why many think it is dangerous. If Palin did not know what it was or never heard of it, just say "I'm sorry Charley, I don't know what that is.", instead of pretending she knew what he was asking. Palin shows that she is not interested in learning and thinks "she knows it all."

My son put it this way: "Momm just because I took one flying lesson, I would not answer yes, if the teacher asked me if I was ready to fly solo. I might crash the plane.

I could go on and on, but the interview speaks for itself.

Palin is not ready to be VP of the United States - don't confuse overconfidence with knowledge and wisdom. Palin has neither. Palin might have slipped through the cracks (like a Quayle) if she was not the VP of McCain who is 72 years old but that is not the case.

The media and political experts can spin this any way they want. The average American is not as uneducated as they think.

I am happy that everyone saw this interview.
She won't have to worry, or study anymore.
She will not be the next VP of the US :)

hey robin...lemmee guess, y... (Below threshold)

hey robin...lemmee guess, you watch the view and get yer news from matt lauer. Go back to sleep!!

Basically it doesn't matter... (Below threshold)

Basically it doesn't matter to me whether you support Republicans or Democrats, whether you are conservative or liberal. In the end I vote the way I want and respect you to do the same. What gets me is that it wasn't an interview as much as it was a witch hunt.... but then again what is to be expected from the liberal minded press who have ultimate control of the situation. It was embarrasing for Charlie Gibson. I thought Palin held her own in spite of the aggressive attack.

My son put it this... (Below threshold)
My son put it this way: "Momm just because I took one flying lesson, I would not answer yes, if the teacher asked me if I was ready to fly solo. I might crash the plane.

Which of course has nothing to do with the interview. Funny how the interview "speaks volumes", but you can't even paraphrase one page of it. The example you used speaks volumes of how little you understood what Palin actually said. There is still time to go back and read the transcript.

I don't think many of you k... (Below threshold)

I don't think many of you know what the Bush Doctrine is. It's up to whomever's interpretation. By my interpretation it says we can protect the United States and it's citizens, no matter what; without anyone's permission and without provocation. Sarah Palin answered the question just like that. Don't twist her words. Gibson tried to trip her and couldn't. And, didn't in today's interview.

Gibson stated that 70% of A... (Below threshold)

Gibson stated that 70% of Americans favored the banning of semi-automatic firearms. That's a lie. I haven't been polled. Evidently those polled don't even know what a semi-automatic weapon is. I might believe that for automatic weapons but not semi-automatics. You can shoot a revolver just about as fast as a semi. You can shoot a lever action rifle just about as fast as a semi. Gibson is lying or confused.

Major backfire here. Charli... (Below threshold)
John S:

Major backfire here. Charlie just cost Bambi another million votes.

Wow.....I thought the inter... (Below threshold)

Wow.....I thought the interview was good. I was going to vote for Mccain, but after seeing that interview, she is a Idiot....Her answers were spotty and questionable. She seemed week and obtuse. I think whoever said " she looked strong." Wow I would hate to see what she looks like weak. My guess, she will get her but kicked by Biden.

Gibson (adoringly) to Obama... (Below threshold)
Jeanne Broadway:

Gibson (adoringly) to Obama: "So when did God anoint you the chosen one".

Gibson (with scorn) to Sarah: "What do you mean you don't know what Putin had for breakfast, and you think you're ready to lead this country".

How dare you Gibson, you are supposed to report the news NOT make it up as you go.

Give me a break!!! Why are ... (Below threshold)
Kandice Goodman:

Give me a break!!! Why are people attacking Charlie Gibson because he asked her questions that were obviously to difficult for her to answer. All this talk about the media needs to give her a break and leave her alone. PLEASE!!! If, she wants to be left alone take the "Bridge to Nowhere" back to alaska!!!

I think she did extraordina... (Below threshold)
Vicky T:

I think she did extraordinarily well considering the smug, pompous supercilious manner of the misogynist interviewing her. My problem was not that the media was asking her questions, it was with Mr. Gibson's treatment of Governor Palin. The more the left tries to tear Palin down, the more support she is going to get. She has a lot more executive experience than other nominees for President (past and present). Enough already, let's get down to business and hear about the gentlemen running for President. The debates will be a good indicator of who I will want to vote for in November. These biased interviews are worthless.

Wow.....I thought ... (Below threshold)
Wow.....I thought the interview was good. I was going to vote for Mccain, but after seeing that interview, she is a Idiot

You thought the interview was "good", but she's an idiot. Dishonesty with dots. Clever.

If, she wants to b... (Below threshold)
If, she wants to be left alone take the "Bridge to Nowhere" back to alaska!!!

Well nobody here said that, and she certainly never said she wants to be left alone. It would be really great if you actually read the post and the comments.

I don't think many of the c... (Below threshold)

I don't think many of the comments are about the same interview with Sarah Palin. She is totally unqualified to be a heart beat away from being President. Her "Bridge to nowhere" answer just talked in a circle and the question of what would be changed from the Bush policies to fix the economy were the same old same old with no solution. Bush to represented himself as a maverick and Washington outsider and we now know what a total disaster that has been.






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