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Gina Gershon, You're No Sarah Palin

I found this video of has been Gina Gershon parodying Sarah Palin at the Huffington Post while looking into Larry Persily. Why was I looking into Mr. Persily? Well, it seems he is CNN's newest "defeat Sarah Palin" source. CNN quoted Mr. Persily in one of their articles about earmarks and described him this way:

[L]ongtime Alaska journalist and former Palin staffer Larry Persily,

What CNN didn't tell us in their article is that Mr. Persily is also a new contributor at the Huffington Post, one of the most far left, fringe websites that's working overtime to slime Sarah Palin. So, of all the people in Alaska that CNN had to choose from as a source about Sarah Palin, they chose a member of the minority of Alaskans, a mere 14%, who don't like Governor Palin. As Steve Schippert notes below, minority rules at CNN.

So, back to Gina Gershon who tries to be funny but fails.

See more Gina Gershon videos at Funny or Die


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Comments (30)

Why wouldn't most Al... (Below threshold)

Why wouldn't most Alaskans like her? As mayor and as governor she did a hell of a job securing pork barrel earmarks for her constituents, at the expense of the rest of the country.

-2 votes already? Gee, you'... (Below threshold)

-2 votes already? Gee, you're right, she didn't do what I just said she did.

I was really hoping for som... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

I was really hoping for some "funny"...
I love a good political parody, but Gina, that ain't one of 'em...

The one with a Palin lookalike that started henpecking McCain as soon as she was chosen... That one was funny:

Check it out.

I mean, we can certainly laugh at ourselves (and our party) when the funny is there.

What is funny, Gina, is that someone would actually pay attention to Bill Clinton's (alledged) former stress relief tool.

What I really want to know is, what does Matt Damon think about all this?

hyperbolist: "Why wouldn't ... (Below threshold)

hyperbolist: "Why wouldn't most Alaskans like her? As mayor and as governor she did a hell of a job securing pork barrel earmarks for her constituents, at the expense of the rest of the country."

Another obvious lie.

Only US Senators & House members can "secure pork" for one particular locale at the expense of the rest of the country.

In fact, the numbers 1 & 3 "Securers of Pork Barrel Money at the Expense of the Rest of the Country" are none other than Slow Joe Biden (#1!!) and the Obammessiah (#3!!).


You know who came in just about dead last in securing pork barrel money? That's right, John McCain.

You know who cut almost 500 Million in Port Barrel spending in her state? That's right, Governor (I include "Governor" since many lefties "forget" to) Sarah Palin.

I see Hyperbolist is frantically executing his daily Kos-inspired, Alinsky-based, Soros-funded orders.

So, we have the 2 of the 3 worst pork-barrelers in Congress on the Dem side.

We have one of the best (if not the best) defender against pork barrel spending on the Republican side.

We have as our other candidate someone who cut half a billion in pork in her state.

Hyperbolists conclusion: "The Republican ticket likes pork barrel spending!!"

Fascinating, in a Margaret Meade Social Science sort of way.

hyperbolist doubles down on... (Below threshold)

hyperbolist doubles down on the stupid: "Gee, you're right, she didn't do what I just said she did."

That's right, she didn't.

She couldn't.

She's not a US Senator or Representative.

On the state level, she cut pork barrel spending by half a billion.

I guess if my side had 2 of the 3 worst pork barrel spenders on the ticket, I would try to deflect as well.

Except I would do it more competently.

All right, hypergirl - ... (Below threshold)

All right, hypergirl -

What exactly is your point? As governor of Alaska, Palin did what's best for Alaska - I'm sure your fear is that Palin in the executive branch would do what's best for the country.

As a resident of Obamastan, I can tell you that under Obomber's (and other dhimmicrats) leadership, the education system is crap, the roads are crap, taxes are too high and the state will have unfunded liabilities in the hundreds of billions over the rest of my lifetime.

Why would ANYONE like Obomber?

apd: "What exactly is your ... (Below threshold)

apd: "What exactly is your point? As governor of Alaska, Palin did what's best for Alaska.."

apd, Gov Palin could not secure funds via the Federal Government, only US Senators and House Members can.

2 of 3 worst Pork Barrelers: Slow Joe Biden and Community Activist (er, Organizer) Obama.

She was never in favour of ... (Below threshold)

She was never in favour of the bridge to nowhere!!!! Never, ever!!!!!!

Your infatuation with the Palinmessiah is disturbing.

A couple of my favorite por... (Below threshold)

A couple of my favorite pork barrel spending stories this election cycle include Sen Obama steering $1,000,000 to his wifes hospital system and the hospital turning right around and, within months, giving Michelle a "hard earned" $150,000+ raise!! That took her salary over the $300,000, for "PR" work!!

Well, I'd say her PR efforts certainly paid off, would'nt you Hyperbolist?

Another great story is Slow Joe's son (THE LOBBYIST) lobbying Obama for a nice tidy little sum for his clients, Obama paying off and Joe rewarded with a spot on the ticket.


We should replace the troll... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

We should replace the trolls around here more often. This one's getting boring.

hyperbolist the whack job: ... (Below threshold)

hyperbolist the whack job: "She was never in favour of the bridge to nowhere!!!! Never, ever!!!!!!"

"Candidate for Gov" Sarah Palin did campaign on a platform which included support for the bridge.

Absolutely true.

After her election, upon reviewing all of the state requirements and needs, after having spoken with the engineers involved with the design on the bridge, and realizing how much money the State of Alaska would need to add to complete the bridge, Sarah Palin said "no thanks."

The State did keep the $40 odd Million dollars the feds provided and used them for other transportation requirements.

So Hyperbolist, if you had simply said that, you would be on solid ground.

But that's not what Soros pays you for, is it?

Hypo's obsession with scree... (Below threshold)

Hypo's obsession with screeching about a candidate for vice-president, while the opposing candidate for president is spiraling into the ground at supersonic speed, is comedic.

Hey, did you guys know that... (Below threshold)

Hey, did you guys know that while Gov Sarah Palin of Alaska was cutting almost $500 Million dollars in pork barrel spending, and while John McCain was opposing every single pork spending bill offered up in the senate, Slow Joe Biden was LEADING THE SENATE in pork barrel spending, Obama was third and was actually averaging almost ONE MILLION DOLLARS A DAY in pork barrel spending during his INCREDDIBLY SHORT TERM as the JUNIOR senator from Illinois.

It just brings a tear to my eye to hear Hyperbolist railing against those terrible Republican pork barrel spenders on the Republican ticket. Why, he IS for fiscal responsibility.....on the Republican side.....which he won't credit them for.....and is happy to lie about his Dem pals.....including the Obammessiah.

You know, its funny. Given Biden's long, long, long history of plaigarism and lying about his "achievements" I'm surprised that Biden wasn't following Obama's lead on spending.

BTW, did you know Biden received 5 (yes 5!!!) student deferrments during Vietnam??

I guess he had "better things to do"....like faking a history of asthma in high school to get out of military service after his 5 deferrments was up. Strange though, since he had no trouble playing high school football and he had never mentioned this asthma "condition" before.

No wonder the Dems are after McCain and Palin, they've got an asthma faker for one candidate and a guy who "seriously thought about joining the military", seriously. He just never mentioned it before. Or in his memoirs (he already has 2!!). Maybe it will be in 3rd memoir!

hyperbolist,<blockquo... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


She was never in favour of the bridge to nowhere!!!! Never, ever!!!!!!

Yes she was, but changed her position on it. Yes, that's a flip-flop. Obama was for the bridge to nowhere and I assume he still is; either that or he flip-flopped. Biden was also for the bridge to nowhere and I assume he still is; either that or he flip-flopped.

Now what was your point again?

Oh My Gosh!!Biden ... (Below threshold)

Oh My Gosh!!

Biden received 5 student deferrments, THEN used a weak-ass "high school" asthma claim (which he asserted when he was in his late 20's!!!

And yet he voted for the Iraq War Resolution!!


Meanwhile, Sarah Palin was shooting Moose at age 13!!

Well, I think that says it all, doesn't it?

Hyper... you're learned not... (Below threshold)

Hyper... you're learned nothing over the past few days have you?

You've already run away from your last attempt at meme pushing, what makes you think this one will get past the stink test?

BTW, who are you voting from? Oops... I forgot you can't, you're very much like the asswipe on the MTV awards, all talk but can't act on it.

Did Gina claim that Obama o... (Below threshold)
Bob McGrail:

Did Gina claim that Obama only attended one undergraduate institution? Occidental College and Columbia University amount to two colleges.

There is nothing sweeter than watching a hack flub things up while she denigrates the intellectual capacity of another.

Ahh yes Gershon ...isn't he... (Below threshold)

Ahh yes Gershon ...isn't her defining roll in life doing lesbian scenes in movies or something?

She's NOT funny of course, but easy on the eyes. She is also just as leftarded as the rest of tinseltown.

I guess that's what the "Or... (Below threshold)

I guess that's what the "Or Die" part of "Funny Or Die" looks like.

Knight: "Ahh yes Gershon ..... (Below threshold)

Knight: "Ahh yes Gershon ...isn't her defining roll in life doing lesbian scenes in movies or something?"

Not that there's anything wrong with that....

Hyperbolist is ill. He has... (Below threshold)

Hyperbolist is ill. He has Palinitis. It is debilitating to liberals. There is no cure. It will cause a near-lethal episode on November 5th.

Who can blame a third-rate actress like Gina Gershon for trying to attention-whore her flagging career by buffooning a photo-shopped slime-attempt at Governor Sarah Palin? Is that all Hollywood liberals can bring? Faux humor based on faux information and faux images. The joke is on Obama.

"Not that there's an... (Below threshold)

"Not that there's anything wrong with that...."

Of course not...
Let there be NO mis-interpretations.

Thank You Drago

MeThinks hyper should clean... (Below threshold)

MeThinks hyper should clean his own Canadian house before opining on ours.

On the other hand he may agree with her. In which case, they can both screw themselves with the nearest Seal Club.

Speaking of worthless brain... (Below threshold)

Speaking of worthless brainless "stars" maybe Pamela Anderson was referring to some of hollyweird's carpet munchers rather than Gov. Palin.

On the other hand my benefit of the doubt meter has been pegged out the last few days so maybe she really did mean to tell Gov. Palin to "suck it."

It's also safe to say Anderson won't be on any moose hunting trips in the foreseeable future.

Lucky moose!

Gotta love them dopey liber... (Below threshold)

Gotta love them dopey liberals from tinseltown parading out another 11th-rate skank like gershon to try to demean Gov Palin--driving more voters to her. Speaking of 11th-rate, the next thing you know matt damon will be losing his mind in public about her too...

Ends with Ted Nugent's "Cat... (Below threshold)
Just John:

Ends with Ted Nugent's "Cat scratch fever".

That's gotta sting when Par... (Below threshold)

That's gotta sting when Paris Hilton's political video is 12 times funnier.

Uh, Gina? Can you please... (Below threshold)

Uh, Gina? Can you please put your clothes back on?

So Sarah Palin took 6 years... (Below threshold)
Jay Stevens:

So Sarah Palin took 6 years at 5 schools to get her degree. So what? So did I - night school while in U. S. Army.

We all can't be Equal Opportunity diversity applicants.

"We all can't be Equal Oppo... (Below threshold)
Jay Stevens:

"We all can't be Equal Opportunity diversity applicants."

Edit: "We all are not Equal Opportunity diversity applicants."






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