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Video: John McCain Handed over to Americans

This is really fascinating. Hot Air has posted on their site video that a Swedish TV just released of John McCain being handed over to the Americans at the end of the Vietnam war. It apparently has been until now stored deep in the bowels of the station's vault. It's interesting that it was released on this day, September 11th.


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Interesting. You can see h... (Below threshold)

Interesting. You can see how 'well' he was treated by how 'easily' he is able to get off the bus.

I see that McCain has a not... (Below threshold)

I see that McCain has a noticeable limp, perhaps from being so well treated by the North Vietnamese.

I never thought I would say... (Below threshold)

I never thought I would say this... but thank you Sweden!

The man over his left shoul... (Below threshold)

The man over his left shoulder in most of the video is the same man whom he recognized in his presidental nomination speech.

Like the Vietnamese are idi... (Below threshold)

Like the Vietnamese are idiots. Of course they are going to clean them up, fix them up and make it look like the prisoners were well treated as much as possible. The Vietnamese gave them their Red Cross packages a couple of months before their release also. That doesn't negate all the years that they mistreated the prisoners and stole their Red Cross packages.

Before his POW years, McCai... (Below threshold)

Before his POW years, McCain's hair was rather dark. And look at this now.

The extreme stress he endured speaks loudly from the white mane and limp walk he left that prison with than any words.

After his release, McCain u... (Below threshold)

After his release, McCain underwent three operations and other treatment for his injuries, spending three months at the Naval Regional Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida.

This is sad:

Unbeknownst to them, each year that Jack McCain was CINCPAC, he paid a Christmastime visit to the American troops in South Vietnam serving closest to the DMZ; he would stand alone and look north, to be as close to his son as he could get.

Thankfully, nobody has yet ... (Below threshold)

Thankfully, nobody has yet posted here any of the tasteless allegations floating around that McCain survived POW with pretty easy treatment by making propaganda videos.

Whatever one chooses to believe about suitability for the Office of President, there is indisputably only one candidate in the race who is a genuine war hero, and that's John S. McCain.

And while on that hero note: Notice McCain's clumsy exit from the bus and his limp. But notice also his stiff, erect walk and his smart salutes; this guy was "GI" all the way AND heroic enough to be sharp despite his injuries, disabilities, and pain. Gets MY respect!






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