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Hurricane P0rn Pr0n

The cable news networks are in full death and destruction mode this afternoon over Hurricane Ike. Low-lying Galveston, a 15 ft sea wall and a 20 ft expected surge are making for all manner of reporters in harms way. Below you can see video of Geraldo Rivera getting smacked around by Ike. It's not as good as the beatdown KHOU reporter Brad Woodard and his cameraman took earlier today, but it's still kind of humorous.


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Anytime Geraldo gets smacke... (Below threshold)

Anytime Geraldo gets smacked around counts as high-level entertainment!

IF we're lucky, Jerry will ... (Below threshold)

IF we're lucky, Jerry will drown, or get hit in the head with flying debris. One can only hope.

DJ,Not to be overl... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Not to be overly nitpicky in the middle of Ike (I'm in Houston, too!), but it should be Pr0n in the title.

Stay safe, friend.


My father used to joke at h... (Below threshold)

My father used to joke at hyperbolic weather reports by saying "Chance of END OF THE WORLD!" To bad Geraldo wasn't swept out to sea.

The National Weather Servic... (Below threshold)
Jason Author Profile Page:

The National Weather Service or whatever isn't helping the situation when they scream, "YOU'RE ALL GONNA DIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!" (e.g. their silly screed about people not evacuating facing "certain death").

A good candidate for Knuckl... (Below threshold)

A good candidate for Knucklehead of the Day might be the aggregate of producers, reporters, etc. who believe that we are being given useful information when they stand out in the middle of a hurricane.

Hurricanes are windy. Already knew that.
Hurricanes come with rain. Knew that, too.

Is the wind or rain any different from the last time an idiot stood out and risked getting hit in the head by a flying stop sign. No.

If the rain turns to frogs, or the wind starts to whistle "Dixie", by all means let us know. Otherwise, just show us more cloud pictures from the space station.

Go open an empty safe.... (Below threshold)
Locomotive Breath:

Go open an empty safe.

We had to evacuate from Sou... (Below threshold)

We had to evacuate from South Shore Harbour in League City. This one is going to be big....

I don't usually knit-pick, ... (Below threshold)

I don't usually knit-pick, but it's pr0n, not p0rn.


Isn't Geraldo the one who s... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Isn't Geraldo the one who said something like he wanted to spit on Michelle Malkin?...

Well, Ike just phlegmed all over you, Jerry.

Rance,And these ar... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


And these are the same idiots people who are in the tank for Obama...

Coincidence? I think not.


Sheik,What would a... (Below threshold)


What would a desert dweller like you know about weather in the US of A?

Someone should smack JERALD... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Someone should smack JERALDO RIVERA in the kisser with a park bench

Jason,Galveston is... (Below threshold)


Galveston is 7 feet above sea level, the sea wall is 5 - 8 feet lower than the expected storm serge. You do the math.

Further note: In 1900, a storm surge killed 6000-8000 out of 38000 people who lived on Galveston island. Described by many as the worst disaster in U.S. history.

Crazy seeing the newspeop... (Below threshold)

Crazy seeing the newspeople out there.
Thanks Kevin for the article.

Us too. We are here on the outskirts of the city between Houston and Galveston and are bunkering down. Weird but our area never was listed on the mandatory evac (but is surrounded by the other areas) so we opted to stay since this is a Cat II.
We were surprised to see the storm surge. Especially how quickly Galveston was being affected by the storm surge and Clear Lake Park.

What is strange is the floo... (Below threshold)

What is strange is the flooding that is
not being caused by rain, but by the
Ike is about to be upgraded to a cat 3.

Dan Rather got his s... (Below threshold)

Dan Rather got his start towards fame and fortune with his ride out of a hurricane in the Galveston studios of one of the Houston TV stations.

This is a killer storm depending on where you choose to act stupid. Many years ago, a communications team went to Corpus and I was talking to them as they holed up in an old passenger locomotive. The winds were so strong, the 250Klb. locomotive was actually pushed down the track, freaking out all on board. And me too!

If you haven't seen the aftermath of a tornado or hurricane, you cannot begin to understand what they are all about.

When the surge from Ike reaches peak, the tops of the waves will be higher than the sea wall according to forcasts. This means that water, driven at over 100 MPH, will be hurled against anything that gets in the way, fame and fortune or just stupid, notwithstanding. . .

Jason, I was just chuckling... (Below threshold)

Jason, I was just chuckling earlier in the day when NPR reported that people who disregarded the evacuation order "may face certain death."






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