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Hysterically Hugo

Sure, it's serious business when a head of state kicks out the American ambassador. But you can't read this about Hugo Chavez's latest tirade without laughing out loud. From the Associated Press:

"They're trying to do here what they were doing in Bolivia," Chavez said, accusing Washington of trying to oust him.

"That's enough ... from you, Yankees," Chavez said, using an expletive. Waving his fists in the air, he added: "I hold the government of the United States responsible for being behind all the conspiracies against our nations!"

Holding up a watch to check the time, Chavez declared: "From this moment, the Yankee ambassador in Caracas has 72 hours to leave Venezuela!" He told his foreign minister to recall Venezuela's ambassador to Washington, Bernardo Alvarez, "before they kick him out of there."

The U.S. Embassy said it was aware of Chavez's speech but had not received official notification. Embassy spokeswoman Robin Holzhauer said Ambassador Patrick Duddy is traveling in the United States this week.

If you're not laughing at Happy Hugo's "72 hours to leave Venezuela!" ultimatum to our Ambassador to Venezuela, read that last sentence again.


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Comments (11)

It's o.k. Hugo will let the... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

It's o.k. Hugo will let the ambassador come back after Hugo's fellow traveler, Obama, is in the White House.

Yeah, Hugo's got his finger... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Hugo's got his finger on everything that goes on in his country. If nothing else, he's supplying all the humor in South America.

It is funny, but... traditi... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

It is funny, but... traditionally, expelling a country's ambassador is tantamount to a declaration of war against that country.

Senor Pepe?... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Senor Pepe?

Doesn't that shrimp chavez ... (Below threshold)

Doesn't that shrimp chavez remind you of that little ratty box you keep tripping over in the garage?

So, does this mean we will ... (Below threshold)

So, does this mean we will be seeing more Citgo supplied gas stations switching to another company?

Hugo Chavez is such a dange... (Below threshold)

Hugo Chavez is such a dangerous and mentally unstable guy to be buying oil from. Thank goodness that Condoleezza Rice was courting Libya and Muammar Khaddafi just last week for oil instead. There's a more stable guy for you that hasn't paid to blow up a passenger plane in a few years.

Why dont HUGO go and CHAVEZ... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Why dont HUGO go and CHAVEZ it where the sun dont shine

This is the same Chavez tha... (Below threshold)

This is the same Chavez that thinks the video game "Mercenaries 2" is a US plot to incite a coup to depose him...

Now, 3 days later, but before the ambassador was due back from vacation, Chavez will declare victory. After all, the man is clearly not in VZ territory.

Also, Hooson, if you take Canada out of the mix what shiny happy countries do we buy significant oil from? Like gems in Africa, oil export economies attract kleptocratic regimes like dung attracts flies.

Well, Old "Just Shut... (Below threshold)

Well, Old "Just Shut Up" Chavez has a big problem. It seems that most of the refineries able to process his crude are, uh, in the US.

He is probably poed that he hasn't made headlines lately because of the election up here.

And Paul, did Condi know something? *wink wink*

Yeah, dirtbag, it's the U.S... (Below threshold)

Yeah, dirtbag, it's the U.S.'s fault your are a fanatical paranoid sociopath. Must be our mindbeams and death ray guns.

Viva La Revulsion!






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