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Ike and the Weekend

Ike and the Weekend

Every now and then, Life likes to look at my carefully planned schedule, rip it into shreds and laugh in my face. But .. at least there are often exciting and interesting events when that happens. I had planned to continue my series of articles on polls, especially building towards a decent and reasonably readable guide on how to find a good one. But Life, well Life had other ideas. First of all, there's my real world, where I have a ton of work and a couple courses as I work towards my MBA, and the professors and my boss would really appreciate it if I did what they tell me. Also, my wife and daughter have this funny idea that I should spend some time with my family. Come to that, so do my dogs. The dogs have a simple tool - if I ignore them, they dig up the internet cable.

And then there was Ike.

Look, I am not particularly afraid of a little wind, and a nice bit of rain would mean I did not have to spend that hour watering my lawn every day for a while. But ... 20 foot tide swells and 120 mph winds, OK that means taping and boarding up the house, bringing in every loose object within a quarter-mile, and checking the list to make sure we have everything. Of course we don't. There's always something else you need, and so off we go to get ice, extra dog food, and more bottled water. Then we will check the list again, although most of the stores are closed tomorrow.

See you Monday, if the waters subside by then ...


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Comments (18)

Be safe, DJ.... (Below threshold)

Be safe, DJ.

I'm with you DJ. My family ... (Below threshold)

I'm with you DJ. My family and I are hunkered and ready, even though I am going into work for a bit. (hospital) Stay safe. ww

DJ, WildWillie, you guys be... (Below threshold)

DJ, WildWillie, you guys be safe, we got lucky here in Corpus, would have loved the storm to have gone to a less populated area but it was not to be. My prayers are with all of you guys in the path of the storm. DJ, don't forget storm games to pass the time.

DJ and WW, be safe. Hope t... (Below threshold)

DJ and WW, be safe. Hope the winds slow down a bit before making landfall.

See you on the flip side.

Good luck and don't do anyt... (Below threshold)

Good luck and don't do anything heroic (i.e., stupid).

We "weathered" Charley, Frances, and Jeanne in 2004, so I know y'all can do it.


I'll put you and all others... (Below threshold)

I'll put you and all others affected in my prayers today. Best to you both.

You and other friends/famil... (Below threshold)

You and other friends/family in the area are in our prayers.

Thank you to all. ww... (Below threshold)

Thank you to all. ww

We'll be praying for you an... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

We'll be praying for you and everyone in east Texas.

(My wife's family is in Lufkin. They won't get it as bad as those of you near the coast, but it can still be bad--Rita blew a tree through my father-in-law's roof.)

Still sunny in my neck of t... (Below threshold)

Still sunny in my neck of the woods in west Houston. That will change shortly. Everything is closed. The only thing left to do is surf blogs until the power inevitably goes out.
Oh, we had to venture out this morning for gas and feminine products. So much for the list.
This is Kelly signing off for now.

Stay safe. I hope Ike fizzl... (Below threshold)

Stay safe. I hope Ike fizzles

See you Monday, DJ. In the... (Below threshold)

See you Monday, DJ. In the meantime, be safe over there.

Here's another one prepping... (Below threshold)

Here's another one prepping to hunker down.
We are fortunate to be some distance from the
coast, so we're not worried about the surge.
What is worrisome is the folks who have decided
to 'ride' it out regardless of the warnings.
There has already been 72 rescued over on High
Island, who changed their minds after the fact.
Thank goodness for the Coast Guard.
Now we're being warned Galveston Island is
going to be submerged, as a part of the gulf
for about 12 hours after the surge hits.
Ike is a monster storm, and too many are not
taking this seriously.
Hope we don't have too many Darwins awarded!

Fox News reporting that som... (Below threshold)

Fox News reporting that some 20,000 have
decided to ride out the storm on the island
of Galveston.

Stay safe, DJ.... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Stay safe, DJ.

Well, my family and I are a... (Below threshold)

Well, my family and I are as ready to ride out IKE as we will ever be. It has been an exhausting week but here we are. This is the boring part. Waiting. The the rollercoaster ride begins at midnight and will last for some time. The we assess the damage and move on.

I do hope I can get my FEMA card quickly. ;) ww

Good luck and stay dry, Tex... (Below threshold)

Good luck and stay dry, Texans. You might want to invest in some individual flood protectors, if the stores are still open:


Dear Conservative Texans,</... (Below threshold)

Dear Conservative Texans,

I know, I know, you believe in the supernatural, so feel free to view Hurricane Ike as divine punishment for coming up with George W. Bush in the first place. Remember how harsh you were during Katrina toward its victims, and how it was Chimpy who put a horse-show lawyer in charge in FEMA cause he didn't give a damn about federal disaster relief? Well, now you'll have a lesson in "Katrina-Empathy."

notiz=You have gone way over the line with this one.






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