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Islamic terror strikes in India

While we've been obsessing over the election and nursing our collective Palin fever, Islamic terrorists have found better things to do with their time than discuss Sarah Palin's hairdo or who insulted who first. There's a whole world out there beyond the election, and it would be good to pay attention to what's going on. Like this latest instance of Islamic terror:

A series of bombs exploded at a park and crowded shopping areas across India's capital Saturday evening, killing at least 18 people and wounding dozens. Muslim extremists claimed to be behind the latest in a recent wave of attacks that has killed more than 100.

The bombs were clearly timed for maximum bloodshed and panic. Placed in jammed shopping districts, the explosives began to go off just before sundown -- prime time for weekend shoppers in crowded, chaotic New Delhi -- sending thousands fleeing in fear.

Home Minister Shivraj Patil said at least 18 people died in five explosions, but some media reports put the death toll as high as 25. Mayor Arti Mehra said at least 61 more suffered wounds.

''It's a very cowardly act of violence,'' Mehra told reporters near the scene of two of the explosions, in the M-Block market of the upscale Greater Kailash neighborhood. ''They want to break the spirit of Delhi. They have tried this in other places before and they have not succeeded and they will not succeed here. They will not scare us.''

Just who the attackers are remains unclear.

Emphasis added, with a dollop of derision on top. Because I think the AP answered their own question in this next paragraph:
A number of Indian media outlets received an e-mail sent just before the blasts warning that India was about to receive ''the Message of Death.''

''In the name of Allah, Indian Mujahideen strikes back once more. ... Do whatever you can. Stop us if you can,'' said the message.

Just one more instance of extremism in the religion of peace.

The rest of the article goes on to outline the many instances of Islamic violence perpetrated against innocents in India over the past year. Yet somehow, the attackers are unknown to the AP.


Back in the real world, this is just another example to show us that the threat of Islamic terror is not just going to disappear on its own... no matter how hard we pray to the Obamamessiah.

Hat Tip: Little Green Footballs


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Comments (17)

I'm sure Obama can negotiat... (Below threshold)

I'm sure Obama can negotiate this away, you know, in his time between lowering sea levels and visiting states admitted after '68.

Does anyone have the name o... (Below threshold)

Does anyone have the name of the muslim terrorist yet? Can we account for the whereabout of Barack hussein today?

Has anyone noticed l... (Below threshold)

Has anyone noticed lately from the Hate Bush crowd that we haven't been hit by terrorists since 9/11? I mean for domestic policy, Bush is not at home. But for taking care of security, it would seem that he has been doing his job.

Iraq has acted as a lightning rod where those who would otherwise have been lining up to shot people in our Malls, have instead lined up to go to their version of Paradise closer to their home.

Yes, the identity of the te... (Below threshold)

Yes, the identity of the terrorists remains clear, although Cassy Fiano has provided the helpful identifier "Muslim." According to Wikipedia, India has about 1.3 billion people. Of those, 13.4 percent are Muslim -- about 174 million people ... a rather large pool of suspects, as even the intrepid Inspector Fiano may acknowledge.

Without more specificity, yes, the AP can with truth (and a dollop of caution) say the attackers are "unknown."

When I read about any terro... (Below threshold)

When I read about any terrorists act, mass murder, or child rape overseas I don't ask who. I know its an Islamist doing the Doctrine of Islam.

Scrapiron,The assu... (Below threshold)


The assumption that it is an Islamist is a sensible and correct one. However, my interest is in which individual is involved, as if it has ties to Barack it would be very important at this time.

Just who the attac... (Below threshold)
Just who the attackers are remains unclear.

Oh, I dunno, it sounds like Lutherans to me. Curse them and their evil potluck suppers.

Oh, I dunno, it so... (Below threshold)
Oh, I dunno, it sounds like Lutherans to me.

Garrison Keillor?

Thats not suprising since i... (Below threshold)

Thats not suprising since intelligent reports have indicated that foreign Islamic terrorists are learning about explosives in Iraq. Iraq has become the training ground for terrorists all over the world.

The ingenious Dave seems to... (Below threshold)

The ingenious Dave seems to know who the attackers are. But that's not surprising since intelligent reports have indicated that Dave doesn't know what he's talking about.

Never seen an "intelligent"... (Below threshold)

Never seen an "intelligent" report, Dave, though I've seen many highly classified documents. You are correct, Dave, that foreign terrorists have been learning about explosives in Iraq, and that has been their last class. Son, SGT FastLaneFlash, has his CIB with confirmed kills in Iraq during two tours. He could tell you a bit about the schooling provided at taxpayer expense for jihadists in Iraq. The Coalition of The Willing have graduated so many virgin-seekers, they are having trouble putting together a freshman class for the coming year. New classes are opening in the Spring in Afghanistan for any transfer students.

If they keep on learning ab... (Below threshold)

If they keep on learning about IEDs as they have, pretty soon it won't be Paradise w/72 virgins - it'll be a Motel 6 with a pair of blowup dolls, and all that'll be on the buffet downstairs is grits, toast and bacon 24/7.

But on the good side, it'll be low-fat bacon.

Well, to be fair, there's t... (Below threshold)

Well, to be fair, there's the possibility the Indian Mujahadeen are lying, and just taking credit for someone else's work.

Note I didn't say it was probable.

twolaneflash: glad someone ... (Below threshold)

twolaneflash: glad someone caught that misspelling. I copy/pasted part of Dave's response and corrected the punctuation on one word and the spelling of another and totally missed the third :)

In defense of Cassy on this... (Below threshold)

In defense of Cassy on this one point:

"Just who the attackers are remains unclear."

Interestingly enough, even the AP decided it was dumb as it's now been edited out of the article. As a matter of fact the entire article has been rewritten as of 6:13am and every reporting outfit reflects the changes. Rather than write a second article with new information, they rewrite the original as if they had it right all along.

Oyster:That's SOP ... (Below threshold)


That's SOP for the AP. Historically, you would simply re-edit the article and move it under the same name so editors at the client paper would know to pull their existing article and replace it with the new one.

JamesH: and the first thin... (Below threshold)

JamesH: and the first thing I did was buy the local rag of a paper this morning to see if they had this article and, Bingo! The exact original article sans that one line.

In fact, out of curiosity, I bought the paper 5 out of 7 days this week to see if anything had changed there. Nope. Same ol' crap. Yesterday, of 19 articles published in section A, 15 were AP articles. I once saw them publish an AP article 3 days after it hit the Internet and 2 days after it was completely debunked.

Then what did they wrap up this Sunday's section A edition with? Two full pages (taken from the WaPo) of Cindy McCain's drug issue complete with a 1/3 page sized photo of Cindy making a speech with a wide enough angle to show the teleprompter and from a top angle to show the spot marked on the stage for a speaker to stand.

I'm ashamed my 5 days of purchases are now in theirs, the WaPo's and AP's coffers.






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