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Ike Ate My Homework, and Some of the Neighborhood ...

... but on the whole, we are lucky. Got water back Sunday, and got power back today.

Early thoughts: Mayor White looks real tired, now I can see TV. That explains how dumb he's sounded since Saturday. Not to be mean, but he was better before the storm than after it.

Judge Emmitt is a git. He got defensive and wasted 20 minutes of a press conference last night shoving blame on everyone else for supplies running out and POD schedules not being released. Self-serving politician and just about useless.

FEMA is run by morons. The first deliveries came in Sunday, without announcement or schedule, they were disorderly and ran out before most folks found out about them. FEMA also thought the best way for victims to find out how to get what they needed was to GO ONLINE or CALL. A few problems there, Einstein, beginning with the fact that only 18% of Harris County and even less of Galveston County had any power or phone service at that time, and the ones lucky enough to have cell phones either could not get through because FEMA commandeered cell airwaves, or their cell batteries were dead. FEMA apparently only hires people who have NO direct experience in addressing a real disaster ... morons.

Lakewood Church is a fraud. While many area churches made sure to find their members in need and try to help, once again the richest church in Houston has focused its efforts on ... selling books and tapes!

Houston will be fine in a while, but it will take a while. Very few people died, I am very happy to say, and as usual individual business owners and community leaders (not organizers, thank you God for sparing us the tender attentions of Barack Obama) are doing the most to get things cleaned up and running again, but almost no street lights are working, there's a lot of debris from fences, signs, roofs and other materials in the roads. Just about 70% of Harris County still does not have power, which means no AC or phones or TV, and downtown took a lot of damage to building faces. My own company will be closed through Tuesday for sure, and we have to see after that. Just as well, because my daughter's school is closed all week and I do not think the daycare will be open. I just hope my mechanic opens up this week so I can get my car repaired before I go back to work, since there is no Park n Ride service right now (with no ETA) and I cannot drive my car far as it is, But I can't complain, the car, some windows and a few boards, no roof damage or structural damage at all, which is more than many others can say.



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So glad to hear from you, D... (Below threshold)

So glad to hear from you, DJ! Hope FEMA gets their act together, they sound like a bunch of boneheads.

Prayers to you, DJ, and goo... (Below threshold)

Prayers to you, DJ, and good wishes for a speedy cleanup.

I read H.G. Wells "The War of the Worlds" after a house fire that left us soaked, blackened, cold, and still alive. There's nothing like a great novel about the end of the world as we know it to get you in the candlelight, eating-beef-stew-out-of-a-can mood.

Truly, good luck to you and I hope you're back to normal soon.

Glad to know that you and y... (Below threshold)

Glad to know that you and yours are okay!

Glad you're okay. Sorry abo... (Below threshold)

Glad you're okay. Sorry about your homework; I'll give you until the end of the week to turn it in.

Judging by your report of FEMA's effectiveness, I'm guessing you don't like the Democrats' plan to have FEMA manage nationalized healthcare?

It's bad enough having the ... (Below threshold)

It's bad enough having the 3 ring circus of
FEMA in town, and having to listen to them
pat themselves and each other on the back
because they managed to show up.
Even worse is having to witness a cat fight
between local government and FEMA on television.

FEMA ran the shelters here ... (Below threshold)

FEMA ran the shelters here in Shreveport for Gustav. My husband, a Katrina and Rita veteran shelter worker walked out in disgust. He said there was no use being there if FEMA wasn't going to release the supplies they had to the evacuees.

Needless to say he hasn't been back for Ike. I hope the pallet of kosher meat that they were saving for Jewish refugees is still edible.

I say let's contract out emergency supply service to WalMart.

Here we go again. FEMA suck... (Below threshold)

Here we go again. FEMA sucks because it didn't babysit a bunch of bedwetters without the brains to get out when told to get out. What fool would stay during a hurricane, or return after a hurricane and not have enough food and water to last a week or more? Hell I can walk in the storage/utility room of most homes and have several gallons of clean water available immediately. Ever think of the 'water heater' sitting there full of clean water? Turn off the in/out valves before the storm and use the drain to get it out. I have a 55 gallon heater which should last a couple of days, that is if you have a brain. and enough canned good to last several days. Maybe beans, potatoes, tomatoes, fruit and such with crackers isn't good enough for some but it fills the belly. I'm so tired of the belly aching from dummies i'll never contribute another dime to any charity other than for crippled children.

FEMA sucks because it's a g... (Below threshold)

FEMA sucks because it's a group of bureaucrats. Chertoff and a few at the top can get canned. But the rest of them can't, no matter how bad they perform. In fact, they'll get in more trouble from the rest of the bureaucrats in FEMA if they don't keep up the paperwork, the diversity training, etc. To the Federal bureaucracy, those are things that impact individual bureaucrat's careers. Not silly stuff like fixing problems.

Glad you got water and powe... (Below threshold)

Glad you got water and power back, DJ!

Ironically, at the worst time possible for my husband and I to do so, we have to start house-hunting in Harris County next week...

Right now, the biggest prob... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Right now, the biggest problem getting supplies is all the idiots who've decided they needed to drive on Houston roads.

DJ, you have my prayers and... (Below threshold)

DJ, you have my prayers and best wishes for a complete recovery for your community.

In 1962, we were in Canada on vacation during the Columbus Day storm and came back home from dining in great restaurants and living in nice hotels to having no electricity for a week back home and cooking hot meals in the fireplace. Being on vacation was sure a lot more fun than a cold home with no electricity for an entire 8 days. Our Cherry tree also broke and damaged the neighbor's home, so we had a little liability issue as well.

I'm thankful you and Maggie... (Below threshold)

I'm thankful you and Maggie made it through relatively unscathed. I must quibble with one point, though, old friend:

FEMA is run by morons.

Not at all. FEMA is a federal bureaucracy, which by definition brings together a diverse group of people of varying intelligence and talent and conforms their productivity to approximate that of an equal number of morons. Shame on anyone who relies upon these gallant bureaucrats to ride to the rescue in any more effective fashion than The Three Stooges might.

As Ronald Reagan noted, the nine most frightening words in the English language are, "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help!"

as usual individual business owners and community leaders are doing the most to get things cleaned up and running again

Local individuals taking care of local needs, without guidance from Washington? Go figure.

I have to agree with scrapi... (Below threshold)

I have to agree with scrapiron.

I grew up in south florida in the 50-60's and no one looked for help. My dad had a coleman lantern, flashlights and candles for light and a coleman stove to cook with, my mom cleaned out the bathtubs with bleach and we filled them with water once the storm built up (plenty of warning).

Two or three days before the storm we'd load up with supplies and food that didn't require refrigeration.

Just common sense really, mom would do the wash a day before the storm hit so we'd have plenty of clean clothes.

Everyone took a shower just before the storm got serious and we toughed it out. It really was no big deal if you didn't live near the beach. (we lived 10 miles inland) because its water damage not wind where the danger lies.

Bring everything indoors, tape up the windows while opening them slightly on one side to relieve air pressure and wait the dam thing out.

Three or four days after the storm power would usually be back up. Nowadays my Dad has a gasoline generator but then we'd 'camp out'...

In 63 we had hurricane Donna's eye go right over the house. The only caveat is that back then almost any 'modern' house was made of cinder blocks. Building stick-built houses in hurricane country is just plain stupid.

Shame on you for knocking L... (Below threshold)

Shame on you for knocking Lakewood Church. They helped with Katrina and I am sure they will help now! Give them time, they have a mess with their building and I just bet they have people out helping already. Touch not God's anointed and do his prophets no harm. You scare me with your arrogance and pride and judgemental attitude. Who made you God? Are you without sin? I will pray for you. Repent and you will shut the door you just opened to the enemy in your life.

DJ, I'm SO glad you came th... (Below threshold)

DJ, I'm SO glad you came through OK.

Hmm... first it was Paul and Katrina, now you... something makes me wonder if hurricanes have it in for us Wizbangers. Glad I'm up here in New Hampshire, relatively safe from those things...

newton, two words for you:

"Buyer's market."


Lakewood Church is a fraud.... (Below threshold)

Lakewood Church is a fraud. While many area churches made sure to find their members in need and try to help, once again the richest church in Houston has focused its efforts on ... selling books and tapes! -- from DJ.

Shame on you for knocking Lakewood Church.
Touch not God's anointed and do his prophets no harm. You scare me with your arrogance and pride and judgemental attitude. Who made you God? -- dyann.

Wow, that was a creepy little exchange.

DJ, make sure you "touch not God's anointed" I guess here it's Lakewood Church.

What a candid little moment... (Below threshold)

What a candid little moment where the religious right realizes how sick and wrong it really is. LOL
notiz=Consider this a backhanded slap of Ike

Like they say, if you can't... (Below threshold)
Clear Lake Resident:

Like they say, if you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen. Sorry your air conditioner isn't working right now, but if you noticed this was a major storm. MILLIONS of people need help. Millions of people have lost utilities and we are all stressed.

You are the moron, what did you expect, a magic wand to fix everything in 24-hours? White, Perry, Emmitt, and FEMA are trying to provide as much help as possible. Please stop trying to make Texans look like a bunch of needed rednecks. We are truly blessed to be alive.

It's always times like thes... (Below threshold)

It's always times like these that we find out what people are made of. Glad you're okay, Deej, and I hope you get back to normal soon.

Great to have you back, and... (Below threshold)

Great to have you back, and glad the family is ok.

We also (in Massachusetts & Maine) filled the tubs, got the candles out... once or twice we even taped the windows. Great plan. I guess not living in the bathtub of New Orleans will make those things work. However, when the house is actually knocked OFF it's foundation as the flood waters come through, I'm guessing the best laid plans...suck at that point.

Those who don't get out confound me too, especially in a flood zone - but I've never had to leave my house behind during a storm, so I don't feel at liberty to throw stones. After some of the stories that came out of Katrina about "Life in the Shelters", I'm not entirely sure if that would be more appealing than hanging out in my attic and watching the fridge float away - I read that someplace in the last few days...

With regard to Lakewood Church - it's early, and I haven't had time to actually look into the story - but if they are even giving the IMPRESSION that selling tapes is important right now - to people without working CD players, by the way - as a Christian I'm ticked off. The body of Christians should be out following any and all disasters with gloves, a smile and a bible, and that is what I have seen over the years for the most part.

When I lived in NC and we w... (Below threshold)
just me:

When I lived in NC and we were hit by Fran and a few years later Floyd I didn't have power for a week both times.

I honestly don't remember FEMA doing much at all-or course maybe they were advertising on TV. I remember Clinton came and checked things out from a helicopter.

I really think we need to stop thinking of FEMA as some kind of national savior in times like this-it is way too top heavy anyway-for the most part the help post hurricane was from friends, neighbors and area churches.

Dj,Glad to hear yo... (Below threshold)


Glad to hear you, your family, and your home came out relatively unscathed. How high is gas near your home at the stations that are open?



Candy, (#20)... (Below threshold)

Candy, (#20)

Lakewood is the home church of the (in?)famous Joel Osteen. A quick check of their web page has a link for donations re: Ike.

Unfortunately, given what I know of Osteen, I'm not that surprised by what DJ said.

DJ- I'm glad everyone is ok! You guys continue to be in our prayers.

"that selling tapes is impo... (Below threshold)

"that selling tapes is important right now - to people without working CD players"

It has been pointed out to me that tapes do not work in CD players. For the OCD blogger who left the sarcastic message on my cell regarding this error, I would ask that you refrain from giving me crap concerning errors made BEFORE I'VE HAD MY COFFEE.







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