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Is nothing sacred?

An interesting case of tax law stemming from Japan.

Saying a final goodbye to pets at a funeral is a special moment for owners, but the monks involved must still cough up money in taxes, Japan's top court has ruled.

The Supreme Court ruled against Buddhist monks who argued that Japan's growing trend of pet funerals was a religious activity that should be exempt from taxes, like funerals for humans.

The Jimyoin temple in central Aichi prefecture offers last rites for animals that resemble traditional Buddhist funerals, with bereaved pet owners paying pre-set fees.

"The list of charges spells out prices. By no means does it show the characteristics of religious donations," presiding judge Osamu Tsuno said in his ruling.

"This is a profit making operation that should be regarded as taxable income under the corporate tax law," he said.

Japan's corporate tax law applies to individuals or are monks incorporated in that country? Maybe the court and judges in question have lost their minds. There is certainly enough crazy members of the bench around. Take for instance Broward County where I've given 10-12 judges my Knucklehead award. Remind me never to break the law down there or become a monk in Japan and accept payment in return for praying for deceased pets.


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I think the key here is pre... (Below threshold)
kbiel Author Profile Page:

I think the key here is pre-set fees. If they had instead a suggested donation amount and then accepted those donations, it might be a different story. Anyway, I agree with your greater narrative that corporate and income taxes are onerous and often byzantine.

Someone should ask Al Gore.... (Below threshold)

Someone should ask Al Gore. He's an expert on tax law and Asian monks.

The subject of pet funerals... (Below threshold)

The subject of pet funerals always reminds me of a joke:

A woman asks a Catholic priest at her church if he'll perform a funeral for her deceased poodle. The Priest declines saying the church doesn't do pet funerals. Then the woman asks the priest if the Baptist Church down the street might perform a pet funeral for her dog if she donates $10,000 to the church.

Suddenly the priest changes heart, and tells her, "Why didn't you tell me your dog was Catholic?".

Nothing so funny as a bigot... (Below threshold)

Nothing so funny as a bigoted joke, eh Hooson?
Got any about polacks or micks in your bag of tricks? Any that don't require looking over your shoulder before telling them?
No wonder BryanD feels so comfortable over at blue...

Bad news for the doofuses a... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Bad news for the doofuses at PETA you can no longer exenpt when fido croaks but then PETA consiters pet ownership as slavery becuase they have been brainwashed on mindless crap like FREE WHILLE






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