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Rangle Need Wrangling

As a general rule, I don't follow the antics of the various and sundry Congresscritters. There are too damned many of them, and most of them are usually safe to ignore.

Every now and then, though, one of them manages to garner enough attention to catch my interest, and reaffirm my belief that a philosophy of "voting against the incumbent" is probably the safest practice one can make.

Case in point: Congressman Charles Rangel (D-NY).

Rangel is the chairman of the incredibly powerful Ways And Means Committee in the House. That is the committee that writes the tax laws.

Well, Mr. Rangel seems a bit underqualified for that position, because he's been accused of violating tax laws -- as well as other regulations -- right and left.

In New York City, rent-controlled apartments are rare prizes. As such, they are tightly controlled -- no one is supposed to have more than one, and they can only use them to live in.

Somehow, Rangel managed to snag four of them, in the same building. He combined three of them into his home, and uses the fourth as a campaign office.

Also, Rangel owns a villa in the Dominican Republic. He rents it out during the year, but he never bothered to report the income. One would think that the guy who is in charge of writing the tax code would know better, but you know you can't expect law MAKERS to follow the same laws they expect us to obey.

Rangel is also taking heat for going on a trip to Antigua and Barbuda, letting lobbyists pick up his tab for him.

Rangel had been undergoing divorce proceedings. On the same day he came clean about the villa, he also pulled those plans. I'm sure that that was a wild coincidence -- the chance that his wife of 42 years might be freed to talk about his shenanigans was most likely the furthest thing from his mind.

You know, when the Democrats took control of Congress back in 2006, Speaker Pelosi promised us "the most ethical Congress in history." She has the authority to remove Rangel from his position of power.

I'm betting she won't.


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Comments (18)

I'm betting she won't.</... (Below threshold)

I'm betting she won't.

You'd win the bet. Despite calls for Charlie to step down from his chairmanship, a spokesman for Pelosi is on record saying that it ain't happening.

Way to clean things up Nancy.

As of an hour ago: <a href=... (Below threshold)
Guess it all depends on wha... (Below threshold)

Guess it all depends on what your definition of 'ethical' is.

Sure seems party-dependent, doesn't it?

Gotta give Nancy credit, sh... (Below threshold)

Gotta give Nancy credit, she also promised the 'most transparet' congress ever. Alot of the crap going on among Democrats sure has been transparent. Jefferson is still there, Rangle is still there, Murtha is still there; evidently 'ethics' only applies to Republicans.

The man in charge of tax le... (Below threshold)

The man in charge of tax legislation is telling us peons what we have to pay...Yet HE doesn't think the laws he makes applies to him or at the worst...they are too complicated to figure out.

Like that'll endear him to the voters who need to sweat out a 1099 every year.

One note - his wife could s... (Below threshold)

One note - his wife could still testify, if she wanted to - but it would be much harder to legally COMPEL her to testify.

Generally, you can't compel testimony against a spouse.

I'm guessing (the now recon... (Below threshold)
kbiel Author Profile Page:

I'm guessing (the now reconfirmed) Mrs. Rangel is sporting a new mink coat, some nice new jewelry, a brand new luxury car, and/or a new post-nup agreement since she can still talk. The law recognizes that a spouse can not be compelled to divulge things told to them in confidence by their spouse, but it does not prevent them from doing so of their own free will.

Charlie will go the same wa... (Below threshold)

Charlie will go the same way as William Jefferson.

The top tax guy in the House doesn't understand the tax laws?


Yup, just another "regular ... (Below threshold)

Yup, just another "regular people" Democrat, guarding the interests of the "regular people".

(Anyone want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?)

It's been a few hours... wh... (Below threshold)
SCSIwuzzy Author Profile Page:

It's been a few hours... where are the blues to play their usual game of distract and defend?

Could it be that even they know there is no defense of Chuckles?

Hey, victims of racism are ... (Below threshold)

Hey, victims of racism are incapable of raci-- I mean tax evasion!

"Rangel's lawyer, Lanny Dav... (Below threshold)

"Rangel's lawyer, Lanny Davis, said the move shows Rangel "has nothing to hide and does not believe he has done anything intentionally wrong."

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, as demonstrated constantly by the Democrats in office that violate them all the time.

It's been a few ho... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
It's been a few hours... where are the blues to play their usual game of distract and defend?

I think they decided to girlcott Wizbang.

Well, the msm will go after... (Below threshold)

Well, the msm will go after this rangle fella and expose his shenanigans all over the nightly news and in the papers--front page spread!! And then the Moon will fall out of the sky....

Rangel's lawyer, Lanny Davi... (Below threshold)

Rangel's lawyer, Lanny Davis....

is that The Lanny Davis? Former (and still part-time) shill for Hillary and now so far in the tank for Obama (Party unity doncha know?) he needs a snorkel to sleep at night?

The law doesn't say she ... (Below threshold)

The law doesn't say she can't testify agin him, it says she can't be compelled to do so.

Rangel a crook? In Pelosi'... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

Rangel a crook? In Pelosi's honest Congress. Tell me it so!

Culture of corruption. . .<... (Below threshold)

Culture of corruption. . .






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